Myths About Neon Signs

There are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the Internet, and from the companies promoting LED products and are delivering wrong information about Neon. They don’t work with the neon products, so they don’t know the facts clearly. We can’t dispute on this that, Personalized neon signs are classic.

Just like you can’t resist the beauty of Neon, here are the myths and misconceptions which you need to resist. 

Neon lights and LED neon lights are the same thing

FACT: The neon signs were first introduced in 1910 and are entirely handcrafted. The quality and the finishing of the neon sign depends on the person molding the glass tubes into the shape over a hot flame. Whereas, the LED signs are made with the help of machine. Those are the combination of a lot of bulbs with the plastic or acrylic. Further, the machine cuts the plastic to the shape from a computer programme and goes through some hands for the complete structure.

These LED company sell their products in the name of neon lights, and people sometimes get fooled. They don’t mention anywhere on their websites or makes this information look difficult if written. So, before you buy a neon, make sure what you are buying. A real Neon sign or a LED sign in the name of LED neon sign.

Neon Signs have toxic gases and harmful chemicals

FACT: The manufacturers of LED products sometimes use scare tactics to promote their products by saying neon signs contain dangerous gases. The truth is, Neon lights contain only two gases, Neon and Argon, or a combination of both. These gases are even present in the air we breathe in. 

While it is true that some old argon tubes contain traces of mercury vapor, however, repeated exposure to mercury over a long period of time is what causes real harm. In addition, fluorescent lights also contain mercury traces. Also, Blue light emitted by LED lights can harm your eyes, increasing your risk of developing diseases such as cataracts. 

So, the excess of anything will harm you and someone would only be exposed to the mercury vapor when the Neon tube breaks.

Neon signs are not environment friendly

It is not true. Every component of LED neon sign is recyclable. Neon signs consume more energy than LED signs to run, they are not as costly to run as some sources make out. Most internal neon signs use less than 100 watts of illumination.

Apart from the cost of running a really large neon sign if you talk about the small neon signs, they consume less power than of LED sign. 

Neon Sign are dangerous to touch

Nowadays, neon lighting serves as an excellent alternative to other types of lighting. In addition, due to recent regulatory requirements, neon signs should have additional safety features such as earth fault interruption and overvoltage protection.

The majority of neon signs are powered by self-calibrating converters that only draw as much electricity as is absolutely necessary to power the sign, reducing the risk of electric shock.

LED Signs are brighter than the Neon signs

The truth is, LED signs are shines brighter than Neon sign to begin with. The brightness of the LED fades away with the time, whereas the brightness of neon signs stays young for a longer time. The LED signs are made of the collection of tiny LED bulbs, so if a bulb fuses the brightness reduces on its own. Further, you need to replace the whole sign.

Neon tubes are filled with the gases which covers the whole 360 degrees of the sign and therefore emits the light properly. They can be seen and admired from any angle.

A fireman’s switch is required for the installation of a Neon Sign:

It’s not required by the laws or as a necessity. Some highly sophisticated places like in museum or in exhibition, they might set a rule to have fireman’s switch, but it is not required until your neon is not producing more than 100 watts of illumination. 

Neon tubes get very hot

Definitely not! They are that safe that you can put them in the nursery. They get Luke warm, but would not burn you. A Neon sign if manufactured properly and supplied with the correct size of transformer for the amount of neon tubes, then the tube should not get hot. 

Neon signs are fragile and don’t last as long as other lighted sign:

Many neon sign critics point out that neon signs lack durability and longevity, but these claims are based more on personal distaste than on actual evidence. 

The reality is that any light can fail if not properly maintained, and some luminaires are not designed to do this. It is actually possible to make neon signs more resilient by annealing the glass, which helps to ensure that stress fractures are minimized. 

Further, it has been stated that neon signs only last between 20,000 and 30,000 hours. This is not the case for properly made signs. In fact, there have been many cases where well-crafted neon signs have been operated 24 hrs for upwards of ten years.

Neon has reddish-orange glow

Yes, Neon gas emits a reddish-orange glow to the Custom Neon Sign. On the other hand, neon signage often comes in other vibrant colors. A combination of different substances like mercury, phosphor, and argon can accomplish that. There are neon tubes that do not contain neon. As an alternative, they contain argon, which is another inert gas. Another advantage of neon lights is their ability to produce color and contrast, unlike other colorless or white lights.

LED neon signs can never be outdated. Logo Neon Signs have been a popular option for marketing, and a custom Neon Sign for home decor are in trend. The utility of neon lights is always accompanied by its power to attract people. The myths around the internet and misconceptions about the building or neon sign has confused many people.

The online neon sign makers are the best option to get your Personalized neon sign in India. Delivery for a Custom neon signs in Pune is available now. There are a lot of advantages to put the neon sign and one can’t resist themselves to enter into the shop having a neon sign. So, if you are someone who wants to buy a neon sign, and are carried away with the myths than this blog must help you to make your decision. Start thinking about the design on your NEON SIGN.


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