Neon Signs In The Bedroom

Bedroom redesigning is a critical element of villa renovation and typically the most focused room in the house. People opt for simple, contemporary designs or select looks that stand out. Whatever you choose for your bedroom, it should reflect you as a person and feel pleasant to the eyes. Neon signs in the bedroom are gaining popularity. Yet, it’s a debate if neon signs are a good choice for the bedroom.

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs or lights are basically tubes filled with rarefied neon to give a glowy look. They glow in the dark and have been used for advertising purposes – who isn’t aware of the neon-lit casinos in Vegas!

Apart from being used for advertising, neon signs have become a part of home interior design. While they are the most favorite for teenage bedrooms and study rooms, couples also find it a cool element in the bedroom.

History of Neon Signs

Neon signs were first used in the 20th century after the invention of neon tube lighting in 1910. They have been used for advertisement purposes from 1917 to the 1960s and then in the 1980s. Yet, they have never been out of fashion. Recently, some brands have re-introduced neon signs with phrases and designs to go with your bedroom and living room decor.

Features of Neon Light Signs

Though Interior design Dubai Companies think that neon lights are a great option for your bedroom, here are the features of neon lights to help you decide if neon signs in bedrooms are a yay or nay.

Constant Temperature

Neon signs have neon light that allows them to glow, but the best part is their constant temperature. Don’t worry about the heat emitted by neon signs as they do not overheat. They go up to as much as 40 degrees Celsius.


To make gorgeous designs, neon is sometimes fused with other materials like glass and plastic due to low heating temperature. This feature plays the main part in having choices to select from.

Temperature Insensitive

By temperature insensitive, we mean that it is not affected by the temperature of the surroundings, unlike fluorescent lights. So, either you live in a hot region or a snowy area, neon signs are for everyone!

Uniform Color

The color of the sign is equally distributed, which saves from any black areas. The uniform coloration gives a beautiful glow and color that lights up your room instantly.

Instant Lighting

Talking of instant lighting, what’s better than not having to wait for your light to be lit? Nothing else! You do not have to wait for your neon signs to light as they glow instantly.


Neon signs are absolutely safe with no chances of circuits and burnout. You can place them anywhere in your room without worrying about electric safety.

Multiple Choices

In 2021, the number of choices for neon signs is uncountable. From numbers to alphabets and quotations, you can find all kinds of designs for villa renovation and get them customized too.

One Time Investment

Do you know how often do you have to buy a neon sign? Probably once in your life until you’re bored with it. A good quality neon sign lasts for up to 15 years if handled properly.

Why Choose Neon Signs For Bedroom?

Here are a few reasons to consider if you are thinking of getting a neon sign for your bedroom.

Neon signs are a subtle source of light and can be the right substitute for a light lamp. Depending on the color of your neon sign, it can also help to enhance the look of your bedroom interior.

They do not consume as much power as a bulb or a fluorescent light, making them energy and cost-efficient. You can keep it lit all night long without having to worry about the cost.

The chances of short-circuit are rare with a neon sign as they do not take that much energy.


The art of painting is a great way to give a room a finishing touch. It fills in the empty space and catches your attention every time you pass it. You can give your home a modern feel by using neon wall art. There are many options to choose from to match your existing decor.

The addition of neon wall art to a room can make it stand out. It adds a sense of humor and uniqueness that will bring a little bit more fun to your space. You can have so much fun creating your piece of art with so many colors.


Neon can be used in your home to create light and a unique design. If you are having trouble finding a floor or table lamp you love for your living room, a neon sign can help!

Neon lighting can be used for two purposes. It can add something decorative to a room and light up a dark corner or wall.


A neon sign can be a great focal point for a room with simple furniture or a neutral color scheme. A focal point can make a room feel complete.

It doesn’t matter if it’s above the bed or above the fireplace, or anywhere else that needs a little more detail. You can go bold and big or subtle depending on your personal taste.


A neon sign can add a sense of fun to your home when government guidelines allow us to socialize like we used to. You can create the perfect atmosphere for Sunday brunch or evening drinks with themed neon signs.

This neon sign can be a conversation starter for your guests and make the event a little more special.


To create a welcoming and warm atmosphere in children’s bedrooms, you can use neon in your house. A neon sign can add a wow factor to a child’s room, whether you are planning on having a baby or looking for something special.

To make your nursery or bedroom feel more like a sanctuary, you can include a name, nursery rhyme or shape.


Neon signs are a suitable bedroom design element for villa renovation if you are looking for a subtle light source that beautifies your room. Connect to Exotic Interior Studio to select the right kind of neon sign for your bedroom.

Go Neon!



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