hairline surgery- New Approach to Hair Loss Treatment: Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering, sometimes known as forehead reduction or scalp advancement, is a procedure that enables you to advance your hairline in front of the head at a specific distance. It will depend on the factors like pre-operative hairline height, preference of the patient, and scalp laxity. In most cases, the procedure takes place during facial feminization surgery.

Hairline surgery is one of the new hair loss treatments for the following people;

  • Men who have thicker hairlines and do not have a hair loss history.
  • Women who have higher hairlines and large foreheads.
  • People whose forehead skin is flexible.

Generally, women are regarded to be the best hairline lowering candidates than men.

Types of hairline lowering procedures

Hairline lowering procedures are always available in different types. The process entails Forehead reduction through hairline surgery advancement or hair grafting. The types include;

Surgical Hairline advancement

It is a procedure that involves surgery around the forehead area. The surgeon removes a skin part next to the hairline, and the thickness ranges from two to three centimeters. After removing the excess skin, the surgeon uses stitches to close the other part as it was.
You are then likely to obtain a lowered hairline. The surgery leads to a scar on the affected area. However, you may decide to hide the scar by undergoing a hair grafting procedure. There is usually a recyclable scalp behind the skin, and it prevents scarring through the attachment of skin with muscles below it.

Grafting hair

It is a type of hair lowering procedure that you can use to replace surgical hairline advancement. The surgeon inserts the grafted hair in front of the hairline. You can use this treatment as an independent procedure sometimes to reduce the forehead area. To do this, the surgeon will increase the layers of hair located above the natural hairline.
The good part about the treatment is that it does not involve any surgery. You can differentiate the types of hairline lowering procedures by weighing their prices and the needs of the patients.

What do you do before going for hairline lowering?

There are some practices that you need to avoid before going for hairline lowering. For example;

1. You should stop taking the anti-inflammatory drugs for at least one week before going for hairline surgery. It is because the medicines might interfere with the healing from hairline lowering.
2. You need to consult your surgeon on what you should eat. It will help in the strengthening of the immune system, thus preparing you for hairline surgery.
3. You should avoid eating salty foods or taking alcohol since they might cause swelling and retention in the affected area.
4. Your doctor will guide you on the precautions to take before the procedure. You can also do your research online, and it will prevent you from the risk of infections or blood clots.

What you need to do after hairline lowering

1. After undergoing the surgery process, you should not wash the area for at least two days.
2. It is usually advisable not to lift heavy objects after the surgery.
3. Do not involve yourself in complex activities or other forms of exercise such as going to the gym, running, swimming for at least two weeks after the hairline surgery.
4. Never smoke or drink alcohol one week before and after the hairline surgery, and it is likely to reduce your healing process.
5. You should apply ice on the burning or swelling areas due to the surgery process. Also, you may use medications that the doctor prescribes to relieve the pain. You may also request after-care services and instructions from your doctor.

The surgery session usually takes two hours, and you can recover in seven to ten days.

The best diet to use after hairline lowering

  • You need to take a lot of nutrients before and after the hairline surgery process. It will help in facilitating a faster recovery process. The doctors always recommend a high intake of vitamin C supplements.
  • Try to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • Never take any anti-inflammatory drugs since they will automatically lead to bleeding.

Advantages of hairline lowering

It leads to instant results.

Hairline surgery brings about instant results with a faster treatment procedure and less recovery time. The results may last up to two years to overcome hair transplant procedures. You may also decide to use it together with a brow lift to help you smoothen the forehead wrinkles.


The hairline procedure can help you reduce your forehead size, thus giving you your desired look. You will be able to have the best appearance and balance on your face.

Less time for the recovery process

Hairline surgery is usually available on an outpatient basis, and it takes less time for you to recover, and you can go back to your daily routine after a week or less. It is why many people prefer it to other hair loss treatment procedures or surgeries.

Hidden scar

Although hairline lowering surgery causes scars on the forehead, they are usually invisible since they are hidden behind the hairline. No one can notice that you have a scar unless your hair is wet, and it is because the hair regrows in front and through it.

It is cheaper

The cost of hairline lowering is relatively cheaper as compared to other surgeries. It is because there are always no after-care costs. However, the price may be higher, especially if you go for two phases. However, you will have the best results of up to six centimeters thickness. The general cost is about $7,000.

Disadvantages of hairline lowering

1. You may suffer from swelling and bruising after the hairline surgery.
2. There may be a risk of contracting various infections and complications. However, many patients do not experience these.
3. You may experience numbness on the scalp and forehead area after hairline surgery.
4. Most people experience temporary or permanent hair loss from the scalp.
5. You are likely to have a red scar immediately after the treatment procedure, and the spot may stay for almost nine months before becoming undetectable.
6. Hairline surgery leads to reduced mobility in the forehead area. The mobile problem may either be permanent or temporary, depending on the patients.

Summing up

Hairline lowering is an essential procedure as it helps in reducing the forehead on various patients. It can give you the desired look of your forehead within a shorter period. However, it would help if you took precautions like not drinking or smoking to speed up your recovery time.


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