Offset Printing and Packaging:

Offset printing and packaging is an offshoot of the offset printing process. Instead of being a printer who produces a product by hand, the offset printing and packaging department creates custom designs for clients. Once a design is chosen, it goes to a set of computer-aided printers who in turn reproduce the design on a custom carton with opaque or clear coating. The carton is then sent to a printing company or warehouse where it is manufactured to deliver the goods to the customer.

The most common product that is packed and shipped using this methodology is food. It is a very economical choice as the material requirements are minimal and the turnaround time is relatively fast. Cartons may also be printed with custom logos. Many companies also package pens, umbrellas, mugs, towels, and other everyday items.

Packaging can be managed by the client themselves or by the company that manages the printing, design, and production. The client has complete control over the content of the carton through the addition of color, size, graphics, and foil stamping. They can determine if they want full color, sepia, foil stamping, or even spot color. Cartons are easily created using a pre-designed template provided by the printing and packaging company. The client can choose a weight for their product and then choose the thickness and color of the cardboard from a palette provided by the offset printing and packaging company.

Quality Assessment Tool :

An important part of the whole process is the quality assessment tool like Qualitative Control Behind Quality Pass. This is a software package that can determine the quality of the final product. The software package is based on Qualitative Analysis 4.0. The tool like Qualitative Control Behind Quality Pass detects flaws on the paper, card or package that would affect the acceptance of the product by consumers and increases the chance of success when it comes to selling it.

It can also indicate areas where the company needs improvement in terms of the way it advertises its products. Offset printing and packaging companies are able to provide high-quality, economical packaging solutions for the customers. Depending on the requirements of the client, different types of cartons with different thicknesses and densities can be utilized. A customer may require a low density, perforated heavy duty carton for small runs of product or even a new press manufactured specifically for producing large-format cartons.

If the customer requires a very specific color for their product then it is possible to request a custom color of your choice from the offset printing and packaging company. Whether you require a standard sheet of paper, an unusual shaped card, or a completely customized sheet of paper all the material can be produced to your specific specifications. When it comes to new presses there are two types available. The first is a fully automatic machine that produces one plate at a time and transfers the print directly from the computer screen to the required target surface.

Semi-Automatic System:

The second type of new press is a semi-automatic system that produces one plate at a time whilst simultaneously switching the work feed between the computer screen and the printer. In either case, color control is achieved by the use of an automatic color control grid which allows the printer to accurately reproduce the required colors with just the click of a button. Some of the offset printing in Manchester companies also offer a complete service for the design and manufacture of marketing packages.

In this case, they will create a completely graphic package to include the artwork, the text, and the color in the right order. This offers a greater reassurance to both the customer and the company that the final output will be of the highest quality. By using the tools like Quali Tronic color view technology companies can ensure that the image produced is of the highest quality with little or no extra cost involved. This in turn ensures that they will be able to offer a consistent and reliable service to their customers.

Qualitronic color view technology is only available on the PC. So if you are looking for a way in which you can gain even greater reassurance about the results of your next marketing campaign, then make sure that you choose a printer that is PC compatible. Even though a PC is the most common form of computer, it is not the only one that can support the color control tools that are essential to get a top-end and consistent result. If you want the highest quality and the best results, choose a printing company that is PC compatible, and one which uses tools such as color view. This can mean the difference between having a product produced to the highest standard and still seeing elements of it that may be of lower quality.


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