Online shopping : Amazon v/s Flipkart

10Online shopping has completely transformed the way people shop. The various e-commerce platforms have helped people shop more efficiently and easily. We surely don’t need to highlight the benefits we have had since the emergence of online shopping platforms. The majority of the time, you get to maximize savings with online shopping and this is the major reason for its popularity. When we talk about online shopping, Amazon & Flipkart are the two main names that come to our minds. These two are simply the best ones in India, this Amazon v/s Flipkart article will help you know more about them.

Amazon v/s Flipkart

10These are two of the largest e-commerce websites in India. Amazon is an international company that operates in all the major countries in the world and India. It is no doubt the best e-commerce website in the world. Amazon is a U.S based technology company founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994. It operates in more than 10 countries and is one of the top 5 companies around the globe

On the other hand, Flipkart is a local brand, operating only in India. There is a great rivalry between both these brands in the country. Flipkart has established itself very quickly in India and has been strong since then. In 2007 Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal founded the company. The company’s headquarters are located in Bangalore and are the top Indian e-commerce website.

An overview

In 2013, Amazon also stepped into the country and started competing with Flipkart. The growth rate of the former is quite fast as it is a global brand with lots of technologies and innovative marketing ideas. Much to your surprise, Flipkart founders have worked in Amazon as employees and later found a platform similar to Amazon. This directly shows the reputation and brand value of the latter. According to the surveys conducted in the country between both the companies. Amazon offers a better user experience and services but Flipkart is trusted by people in terms of its products. Hence, both the companies are good and trusted by the Indians equally.


Product collection

When it comes to products available, both companies have a wide range of products – electronics, apparel, cosmetics, books, health, groceries, and a lot more. Amazon is a global brand and so probably has an edge over Flipkart in terms of products. Otherwise, both are too close to call. They have a large variety of products so that customers get to choose according to their requirements.



Both the companies are marketplaces where a large number of sellers and buyers come in contact to buy and sell products. Amazon has many sellers who sell a much larger variety of products compared to Flipkart. Whereas, Flipkart’s own seller WS retail has amazing feedback and reviews from users.


User Interface

The front-end user interface for both Amazon & Flipkart is almost the same but the latter has an edge when it comes to the user interface at the time of buying, checking out, and making payment. Flipkart’s user interface is much simplified than Amazon and customers find it easier to use. The reason behind this is that Amazon is a global company and its user interface is the same for all the countries. To make it a bit more convenient, they could have made some necessary changes as Indians are not that tech-savvy as compared to people of other countries and hence some people might find it difficult at times to operate it.



Amazon & Flipkart both offer many features that help customers to shop easily. Only for a short time when the pandemic was at its peak, did they discontinue their COD (Cash on Delivery) option but now both the companies have started it again. The COD option is simple and convenient, especially for people who do not prefer online payments. Other payment options like debit card, credit card, UPI, Paytm are also available so customers can easily make payment with whichever option they are satisfied with. Both of them also offer options like one or two-day delivery for some extra charges. Amazon gives additional benefits to the prime video members. Flipkart has a ‘Flipkart First’ service that provides free shipping at Rs. 500 for the whole year. All such features help customers get extra benefits along with increasing the brand value of the firm.


Customer Services

Amazon overshadows the customer services category as the support staff is much quicker to address the issues of the customers. The staff tries to solve the problems of their customers at the earliest and are very polite while talking. Whereas, Flipkart staff lacks punctuality and they sometimes try to avoid the issues of their customers. All such behavior encourages negative reviews from customers, eventually leading to the loss of the firm.



Both companies have their courier services for shipping the orders of their customers. Amazon’s courier service is known as ATS (Amazon Transportation Services). Flipkart has an E-kart for shipping the products of their customers. Both companies ensure timely delivery of products. So, it is more of an individual perspective and choice. Amazon offers safer fast delivery to people with prime membership. In short, both have good and reliable courier services. Customers need not worry about the shipping of their products as they are safe.



Prices vary from time to time on both these websites. Both Amazon & Flipkart organize sales a couple of times a year and during those times the prices are low. Usually, prices vary from product to product, some products may be of low prices on Amazon some may be high, and vice versa. You should check the prices on both sites before actually buying the product.


Discounts & offers

When it comes to discounts & offers, both companies offer them from time to time. Customers should check the offers on both of them before ordering the product.


Every company has its return policies that vary from one company to another. Similarly, both Amazon & Flipkart has their return policies. When it comes to quick returns and refunds, Amazon is probably a step ahead. The returns are more flexible in Amazon in comparison to Flipkart.



Amazon and Flipkart are two of the most trusted and reputed e-commerce companies. Flipkart was on the top before Amazon entered the Indian e-commerce Market in 2013. Now, both the companies are competitors fighting every day to be the best. In most categories, both the firms are neck to neck, we still think Amazon has a bit of an edge in some departments like customer services. Otherwise, both offer good quality products at reasonable prices and fast delivery. We think we have made you more familiar with the difference between two of your favorite shopping websites.


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