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If you were in the media and entertainment industry, you would have come across the word OTT app. Most people search for the term OTT because of its huge impact on the video streaming industry. In the past few years, the OTT industry is on the rise as more and more people subscribe to this platform to watch more videos online. This blog will help you understand why you should create an OTT app for your business and how can you create it. 

Nowadays, most people watch videos on mobile. Excellent user interface and user experience have urged users to watch videos on mobile. The change of habit from people using desktops to mobile has made many businesses consider apps for their business growth. The number of users watching videos on mobile is set to only increase in upcoming years. 

What is an OTT app?

OTT apps or over-the-top applications distribute video content to mobile, tablets,destop and smart tv through the internet rather than traditional cable or satellite networks. OTT has become more popular because it gives the flexibility to users to watch videos anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. It is noted that 65% of video streaming is done on mobile and TV apps.

Benefits of OTT app 

The monetization model will help increase revenue. 

Building an OTT app that supports Different monetization models will help generate revenue. With a different payment plan, there is the probability to double up the revenue. 

Flexibility to watch 

Building an ott app working well across all platforms and devices will give the users the flexibility to watch the video at any time and from anywhere.

Complete control over the content

With their ott app, platform owners have complete control over the content, this allows content creators to decide which type of users can access the content may be based on geographical location. 

Social media integration to extend the reach.

Sharing video clips and trailers on social media channels will help other users to know about the ott app. Letting users make comments and share reviews about video content on social media platforms will also help in reaching a broader audience.

Analytics to know about users 

OTT app coming with analytics features will help get insights into user behavior like the number of users, user location, average engagement time, and other users’ behavioral patterns. With the data in hand, platform owners can make a better marketing plan to show improved results in the future.

Smooth delivery of video content 

OTT App tied up with global CDN ensures that video content reaches end-users without issues. It delivers a buffer-free experience without any deterioration in video quality. 

Live streaming helps to connect with people. 

Livestreaming has been an effective method to get connected with the audience. Interactive features like live chat will also help platform owners get feedback from users to provide improved services in the future. 

Reduce subscription churn with OTT apps

Users are likely to consume video content across different platforms and devices. So users expect the ott app to work well across all platforms and devices. With the OTT app, users have the option to watch on different devices. This makes users stay subscribed for a more extended period, reducing subscription churn.

OTT app attracts more users 

With the OTT app, platform owners not only increase the user engagement and user experience of existing customers but also attract new users to the platform. This enables users to watch video content on mobile, smart tv, and desktops.

OTT apps used in various industries include:

Content creators and broadcasters use this OTT app to allow users to stream through their video library and increase their user base by providing a seamless viewing experience.


The power of media content delivery gives the broadcaster the freedom to publish the content worldwide, like any news event or live event.

Content creators

 Individual content creators can use the OTT app to showcase its video content library to users it may be movies, reality events, or seminars.

Educational Sector 

 Schools, colleges, and any individual tutors are conducting online classes through OTT apps that give more improved performance among students due to more interactive learning and other assessment like online quizzes and Q&A sessions are conducted as well.

Health & Fitness sector 

Fitness coaches and gym owners have started an online fitness platform with OTT App. Building an OTT app has helped them build a larger audience base with all workout videos on one platform. In this pandemic, many health practitioners share health tips and advice for the users to be fit and healthy using OTT apps.

Sports Sector 

Sports activities are live telecasted through mobile internet connectivity, can be done through their own OTT app, and users can also watch replays after a live sporting event.

Businesses and Organizations

 OTT apps have been by businesses to showcase their product or service to customers and have some direct communication with customers. It is also used for conducting online training sessions and webinars.

Religious events 

Due to this pandemic, many users are stuck at home. Religious propagators can spread their spiritual values through online lectures and live events. They can conduct vocational streaming courses online and run fundraising campaigns through online live streaming. 

How to build an OTT app for your business 

With an OTT platform provider, it is possible to create an OTT app with powerful functionalities and launch an OTT app instantly, with everything covered at cheaper costs.

The time you spend to create video content and the money you spend to acquire the copyright to distribute the video content in the OTT app will help you generate income via the OTT app. 

Select a Proper Streaming topic 

Before launching an OTT app, choose a topic about what type of video content will be available to the audience, like movies, reality shows, live sporting events, etc. Choose a 

monetization model: SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD for generating revenue using the OTT app.

Multiple device compatibility 

Make sure that the OTT platform support all devices and platforms. Users like to stream video content on different devices as they wish. You can gain more users if the OTT app works fine across mobile, smart TV, tablets, and Desktop.

Personalizing content and enhancing the streaming experience 

Personalizing video content according to each user’s needs may be based on location and users’ liking. When it comes to location, pushing up, the localized content will make users watch content. If the users like horror movies, showing up a list of horror movies in the recommended section urges them to watch the video content. Users always want new and engaging content to make them connected with the OTT app as long as possible.

Organizing video content 

Organizing video content on different categories and different topics will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. Like segregating movies based on genres like horror, romantic, action and comedy, etc. Include a search bar as it makes things easier for users to find desired video content by typing in keywords. Effective UX /UI design makes users navigate across apps easily.

Analyze your user behavior 

With analytics tools and data, go through user activities in the OTT app. With information related to user behavior, you can get some insight and make plans accordingly to attract more users to OTT app in the upcoming days. 

Important features to be included in the OTT app. 

When launching an OTT app, it should be ensured that it’s unique and should stand apart from competitors. Along with it, there is a list of important features to consider when building an OTT platform :

Easier app onboarding 

Allow users to complete the registration and login process easily. Add social login options, helping users login to Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Search bar

Users can find the content easily by typing in the keyword of desired video content. 

Multiple language support 

Try to include video content in various languages, making it easier to attract users worldwide. Allowing users to stream videos in regional languages will increase the user base across the border.

Different playlist 

Video categories under different playlists like featured list, most viewed, most liked, and continue watching feature. This key playlist will urge users to start watching videos without making them wonder what video content to watch once they enter the OTT platform.

Different payment gateway 

This option gives the flexibility for users to make the payment according to their desired payment method it may be through Stripe or Paypal etc. Users can use UPI, debit card or net banking to make the payment process easier.

Social media integration 

Adding social share buttons on the OTT app will allow users to share reviews and comments about the old video content and OTT app across different social media platforms. Many social media users will come to know about OTT, thereby increasing brand awareness and will also result in adding more users to the platform.

Push notifications

Push notifications are pop-up messages that help users notify about new video releases, product updates, and new offers about subscription plans. Notification is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing strategies to increase user engagement.


Adding subtitles in video content will also attract users who are deaf. It is noted that most people watch the video on mute and with subtitles in busy environments like traveling by bus. For example, if video content language in English and subtitles is available in French, it attracts French users to watch video content, thereby increasing user engagement.

Adaptive bitrate streaming 

This ensures to provide a seamless video streaming experience to users without any buffering.

Video Content Management System 

Allow platform owners to upload, manage and distribute video effortlessly with a single click using a video content management system. 

Different monetization models 

Generate revenue with your video content by monetizing it with different models like SVOD, AVOD and TVOD.

Customization Options

Customize the app and video player to increase the platform owner’s brand image and make the OTT app stand apart. 

Content delivery networks

OTT app partnered with Global CDN to help video content be delivered to end-users without issues. During live streaming, CDN ensures faster delivery of video content with low latency.

Security measures:

Security features like DRM, SSO, and AES encryption ensure the platform owners’ safer protection of user data and safe delivery of video content to users to prevent it from unauthorized access.

With all the feature lists mentioned above, it is necessary to include them in the OTT app. It is better to choose an OTT platform provider that includes all features mentioned above in OTT app to help gain a higher return from the investment made.


We believe you would be clear on how to create an OTT app for your business at this point. Make your OTT business a successful one with its set of essential steps & features mentioned above. If it’s not working, try to go through analytics and tweak some changes in video content. Sketching out a new marketing plan will help in achieving the desired goal.


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