activation Peacock TV can be used as an online streaming service. It allows users access tv activation in order to stream shows from NBC over the internet.

  • Peacock is an American streaming service that streams video over the top. It is managed and operated by the Television and Streaming division at NBCUniversal. This division is a subsidiary to Comcast.

  • The company’s headquarters is located in 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, New York, United States.

  • The name refers to the NBC logo. The service launched on 15 July 2020. The service showcases content from NBCUniversal studios as well as third-party content providers such as news, films and sports programming.

  • Peacock is an absolutely free service. Peacock is available as an ad-supported or free version with restricted content.

  • Premium tiers also offer access to a wider range of content and more WWE Network and NBC Sports content.

How To Activate Peacock TV via

To enable Peacock Television:, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the

  • Install and download the Peacock TV app

  • Open the Peacock TV App and launch it.

  • After you have launched the Peacock TV App log in to the app.

  • After authenticating, you will be given an activation code on the screen.

  • Go to website, and enter the code for activation.

  • Now you can start your Peacock App from your smart TV.


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