custom pillow boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes

Last night my family was invited to my son’s friend’s birthday party. The event was a success. Everyone was happy, and when the cake was about to be cut, all the guests placed their gifts on the table in front of the birthday boy. I was really nostalgic. But what amazed me the most was that the way my generation presented gifts was not the way we see it today. Forty is a long way off and I have seen a revolution in the gift wrapping industry over the past two decades. One distinctive gift box that I saw at the event and that I still can’t forget is the Custom Pillow Boxes with ears. As an experienced packaging designer, I felt a desire to learn more about this charismatic style of packaging. That’s why today we’re going to talk about custom-made pillows with ears. The Versatile Uses Of Custom Pillow Boxes Across Various IndustriesWhat exactly is a handle box?

When we read the word “handle”, we immediately think of a box with carrying handles on the top or front. If you created the same image, then you and I are in the same boat. Now the question is, what kind of packaging can we use the handle boxes for? The answer to the above-mentioned question is not complicated. Boxes with handles are generally used for small products such as gifts, jewelry, candy, rings, soap and other small goodies.

Boxes with handles

I believe you are here to read about pillow shaped manipulative wraps. This is what we will discuss now. I’m sure you know about pillow boxes in general, but handle pillow boxes have handles added to the package. The handles are placed in a place where the product can be transported in the box. But it is not a simple box. There are many types of handles and that is what we will discuss now.

Boxes with ribbon handles

The pillow pack comes in different sizes to match the products. They can be customized to meet exact goals related to designing, printing, logo customization and accessories. Sometimes people request pillow cases for products as small as one ring. For such products, packaging with a bow is not trendy. They only come without handles. However, for medium-sized products such as gifts or long hair extensions, ribbon pillow boxes are common. Custom packaging of pillows with ribbons is suitable in the following ways. It enhances the beauty and aesthetic aspects of the box
This makes the product easy to carry
Colorful handle bands influence customers when they are looking for pillow gift boxes.
It is cheap. Tape mounts on the pillow box will not make it more expensive. Instead, these are the most economical add-ons you can get on a custom package.

Custom cardboard pillow boxes with handles

Cardboard is the leading material used in the custom packaging industry. Its smooth surface allows for exclusive printing. You can also give the cardboard any shape. It can be curved to give you custom pillow boxes. It can be shaped into six corners and you get hexagonal boxes. Simply put, cardboard can be used to achieve any style of packaging one wants for their product. The decoration of the box is something unique. Everyone wants it in their box. It allows you to integrate accessories such as Spot UV, laminations such as gloss, and exclusive printing and design.

Holders on cardboard pillow boxes are a must!

When it comes to cardboard pillow boxes, handles are a must. These handles, which are usually located at the top, are made of cardboard and are also highly flexible. Since cardboard has a higher tensile strength, the material that makes it easier for you to carry the product inside the cardboard pillow box is also highly durable. You can add charm to your product with boxes with handles. They affect the way your product is perceived. They help your brand through the box. So don’t miss out on the brand power of cardboard pillow boxes with handles.

COWER Kraft pillow boxes with threaded handles

Kraft is a packaging material known primarily for its ecological aspects. It is made entirely of wood pulp, which is 100% organic. What makes Kraft a reliable material for the packaging industry is not only its environmental aspects, but it is also flexible and provides optimal security to the encapsulated product. COWER Kraft pillow boxes have fibers around them. These boxes are made entirely of Kraft. The thread on these boxes act as handles. These can also be used to wrap the box and you can wear the box on a pillow at the same time. Now that we have discussed the types of these pillow boxes, let’s discuss the productive aspects of these boxes along with the benefits of premium accessories.

Do custom pillow boxes secure the product?

Businesses generally use custom packaging because it helps them give their product a unique look. Without its own packaging, one feels that there is nothing unique about the brand. That’s why people use these boxes to separate their brand, their products and their vision from the best. But wait… Are these boxes solid? Do they provide optimal protection for the product? Custom kraft and cardboard boxes are sturdy
They have higher tensile strength
The tear resistance of cardboard is much higher
These materials are flexible and can withstand shipping and handling pressures
These materials protect the product from high pressure, moisture, temperature and humidity.
That’s all for today. I’m really sleepy and if I continued to write I would become more nostalgic and it’s not good to be nostalgic in these long cold winter nights. I hope you enjoyed reading about packing ear cushions. Hi!!

The basics of pillow packing boxes

Brown and plain pillow cases are standard. Packaging companies add branding and logos to make pillow packaging stand out. They look more professional this way. Depending on the product’s target market, you can customize the packaging with different colors, fonts, patterns and graphics. You can also customize them for special occasions. For illustration, wedding pillow boxes will feature a wedding theme.
Sneak Peek through Windows

Pillow boxes also come with a window cutout feature. The front window allows people to see the product without having to open it. The window consists of various die-cut shapes. This makes the packaging more elegant and beautiful. When people see for themselves what you are selling, they will be more inclined to buy it. For example, customers like to see jewelry before buying. So a custom window box fulfills their desire to look at the product before making a decision.

Made of quality materials

The choice of material for pillow boxes is always up to the customer. Kraft and cardboard have sufficient strength and durability for the safe transfer and delivery of your products. Pillow boxes made of kraft or cardboard protect the product from internal and external damage. These boxes are incredibly suitable for all types of products, from food to jewelry, with a fantastic trendy look. Sellers also love placing pillow boxes on the first shelf because of their pleasing and distinctive shape.

Easy to transfer

It is important to choose a package that is easy to hold. Retail stores also prefer these kinds of boxes. Custom pillowcases can have handles. The boxes are easy to carry thanks to the top handle. If necessary, some packaging companies use tape strapping.



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