Popsical is modernising home karaoke.

Our tendencies to consume media have been steadily taken over by web-based features such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Spotify, and a large number of other similar services.
On-demand, often known as on-request, is the newest term in the world of media consumption. Do you need to catch up on your favorite show? No problem, watch it all in one sitting on Netflix tonight (or some other services). What do you think of the new music by your favorite artist? You can hear it right now on Spotify (or your favoured music streaming platform). What do you think about getting together with some friends to sing karaoke?

We’d like to introduce you to Popsical, a streaming Karaoke system.

Founded in 2016 by three individuals with a passion for karaoke, with the intention of bringing the karaoke experience into the streaming era. Popsical gives you the opportunity to sing along to your favorite song without requiring you to always update your karaoke collection.

Karaoke on demand has a new favorite in the form of Popsical Karaoke. All that is required is a membership to Popsical and downloads of its mobile apps. You are now able to sing in the privacy of your own home for as long and as often as you like. Popsical has got you covered in every way.

One of the distinctive selling aspects of Popsical was its ability to turn any standard home television set into a contemporary karaoke machine.

When you open the Popsical box, you will find a lithium-particle battery-powered remote UHF microphone along with a second remote battery-powered UHF microphone. It takes up little space and works well in a variety of different arrangements found in living rooms.

Simply connect it and turn it on.

Setting everything up is simple. Simply connect the Popsical gadget to your television, turn it on, then link it to the speakers you already have in your home (an internal TV speaker is ok too). The Popsical system includes AUX and RCA inputs. This indicates that it is truly up to you to come to a conclusion regarding how you want your complete karaoke experience to be. It is compatible with the speakers that are built into the TV, as well as sound bars and other modern sound frameworks.

In addition, Popsical features an AI (artificial intelligence) judge who will rate your singing and provide feedback on how you may improve.

As of the time that this article was written, Popsical’s cloud-based karaoke system is capable of storing up to 230 thousand songs in 14 different languages. If you are interested in singing English or Chinese Karaoke, you should be able to locate your preferred song in their extensive cloud library.

The Popsical device allows for many mobile phones to interface with it, which means that you won’t have to struggle to use just one phone to enter the next song into the device. Everyone can use their mobile device to choose the song they want to listen to. In a similar vein, select your melody while taking as much time as you feel is required.

The cost of the subscription is acceptable

A monthly or annual cost is required to access the Popsical cloud collection of tunes, just like with any other streaming service. In any event, Popsical’s membership requirements are quite adaptable to different situations. You have the option of purchasing a membership that renews on a monthly basis, much like any other subscription-based service, for the price of $10.99 per month, or you can pay $4.99 for a one-day pass. There is an additional plan available, which allows you to sing for free for up to fifteen minutes (determined by the length of the song).

The decision to purchase a month-to-month membership is a simple one for frequent users. In any regard, we strongly advise that you subscribe to the monthly plan if you anticipate using the service more frequently than three times each month (assuming each session is longer than 15-min). In that case, the one-day pass plus the gratis session that is included each day might be sufficient.

The good news is that the subscription is determined not by the number of users but rather by the device itself. If necessary, your companions can use the same one-day pass that you have purchased for both of you.

In addition to their standard 30-day return policy for customers, Popsical is now providing a one-year restricted one-for-one trade guarantee.

For folks who are interested in karaoke singing or simply wish to own a contemporary karaoke system, the Popsical Remix II is an appealing choice that can be purchased for $559.

If you are in Malaysia, you may get Popsical via the Popsical Malaysia official reseller Lovetubuy either online or at the Lovetubuy retail location Futureworld. Both of these options are available through the Lovetubuy brand.

More Information Regarding the Popsical Companion App

Are you aware that there is a mobile app for the Popsical Karaoke? Both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Playstore are locations where the Popsical Karaoke Mobile App can be obtained. This application may be downloaded onto your mobile device for free, and it is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. The Popsical Karaoke App is a mobile application that allows you to control your Popsical Karaoke system by acting as a remote for the device.

After downloading the app, you will need to “pair” or “connect” your Popsical gadget to the app. So that it can communicate with it. Before you can pair the app with your device. You need to make sure that both your phone and the Popsical device are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. You can do this by going into the settings on both devices and selecting the network option. Check to see if there are any obstructions between your mobile device and the Popsicle maker after that. It is possible for impediments such as walls, cupboards, and other large furniture to pose problems when connecting or pairing the two devices.

After you have successfully paired the devices, you will be able to use the Popsical app to take control of the device once it has been successfully paired. You just need to sign in to your Popsical account, and you’ll be good to go!

If this is your first time using Popsical, you can create and configure your account through the Popsical website. You can log in using your Email address or Facebook account. After that, you will be prompted to enter the Party Code. It will be displayed on the screen of the TV, into the app, and that will be it.

The Popsical app can be paired with the Popsical hardware device.

• Launch the Popsical app. Continue logging in with Facebook, or use email to register for or log into Popsical.
• While on the Home screen. Tap the ‘device’ button, which can be found in the bottom-left corner of the display.

Popsical Apps 3
• To pair with Popsical, use the “Pair with Popsical” button.
Popsical Apps 2
• Enter the six-digit “Party Code” that is displayed in the upper right corner of the television screen.

Popsical Apps
That wraps it up! Your Popsical gadget and mobile are now paired, and you can use your mobile to control your Popsical device. Once you have successfully paired your devices. You have access to the Playqueue through a floating icon near the bottom menu.

After Installing the App

After installing and pairing the remote app, you are now able to search for songs within their library. It currently has over 200,000 songs and is continually being updated. You can search for music based on the genre it belongs to. Find specific songs by typing their names into the search bar. Browse previously compiled playlists and add songs to the queue from there. If you change your mind about a song in the middle of playing it. You can immediately add songs to or delete songs from the play queue too.

Using the remote-control feature of the app, you can adjust the maximum volume of the device. Navigate through the app itself, skip tracks in the queue, or return to previous tracks; if you want to sing a song more than once. Other than that, the app’s remote-control feature also allows you to skip tracks in the queue. You may pause the music whenever you need. And if you absolutely have to, you can even do so in the middle of a song. Using the Popsical app, you may make a playlist on many devices at the same time. This feature is available for free.

Now, the unique feature of the Popsical Karaoke device is that it allows you to regulate the tempo, pitch, and other sound effects that are accessible through the app. The Popsical device gives you complete control over the sound so you can make it exactly how you want it. The Popsical Software is currently the best karaoke app available due to the high level of customisation it offers in addition to its user-friendly UI.

A Rundown of the Popsical Mobile App’s Feature Set

  1. Start a karaoke session on the Popsical device by adding songs to the Play Queue before you begin singing. (There is no video playback functionality in this app; you can only watch videos on your Popsical device.)
  2. Set master volume
  3. Use the Popsical TV app to navigate.
  4. Start and stop playing a song.
  5. Proceed to the next track.
  6. Return to the song that came before.
  7. Adjust the speed and the pitch.

The Popsical Mobile App is designed to be incredibly user-friendly and convenient. It allow you to operate all of Popsical’s features with only the touch of your fingertip.

When compared to traveling to a Karaoke venue. You have to sit in front of the touch monitor in order to add songs. Pause, or skip through the songs, it makes singing Karaoke more simpler for you.

Not only that, but the controls can only be operated by a single person. It’s quite cool that you can operate Popsical with numerous devices using the software that it came on.

In conclusion

Popsical is an entertainment system that redefines how a home karaoke system should be. In addition to being lightweight, cost-effective, and changing how karaoke should be performed. There is no longer a requirement to constantly purchase new karaoke boxes. It eliminates the need for a cumbersome karaoke setup. Popsical a practically perfect Karaoke solution in every way.


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