For printed paper and paper cups for decoration, Gift wrapping, interior decoration, and origami – there are many ways to use printed paper. The main thing is the idea and desire to create a beautiful and original product. Depending on what you want to create, pay attention to the corrugated or Kraft paper from the SM Custom Packaging company.


In our assortment, you will find corrugated, micro-crepe paper with a density of 26.5 g / sq. m of Polish production with different ornaments – from the classic checkered pattern or polka dots to animal print.

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Kraft paper is brown, but for decorative items, it is bleached and given additional properties. Therefore, the choice of shades, patterns, and ornaments is quite broad. There are also some peculiarities regarding quality: products can be tinted (one-sided/two-sided) or not.

Double-sided tinted paper can combine completely different colors or patterns. Our assortment includes products with animal prints, plaid and more. This version of paper packaging looks festive and original. It is especially popular with florists for creating flower arrangements.


Corrugated paper is an elastic material that holds its shape well. Artisans of decorative arts make festive decorations from it, for example, lush pom-poms, appliques, floral or other compositions.

Kraft paper is stiffer and more durable in structure. It is used for festive gift wrapping and flower bouquets. Its functionality and low cost distinguish it; therefore, it has become a popular packaging material. You can also pack food in printed Kraft paper. For low-fat baked goods, for example, it will function as a sub-parchment.

Paper is an environmentally friendly type of material; products made from it do not harm either human health or the environment. Corrugated and Kraft paper has other favorable properties:

  • strength;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • pleasant texture;
  • the ability to pass air (which is very important for antiques);
  • ease of storage and use (sold in rolls);
  • Easy disposal.


Paper cups are a simple but ingenious invention that has been used for over a hundred years worldwide. They are filled with liquid of different consistency and temperature. But most importantly, they are safe for the environment and people.

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To prevent the paper from getting wet and the glass from leaking, it is covered from the inside with a layer of polyethylene a couple of microns thick. Then, cold and hot drinks are poured into a disposable paper cup. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it is comfortable to hold in hand, regardless of the temperature of the contents.

It is profitable to buy the product even in small batches to small establishments or events. In addition, used containers do not take up much space and are easier to dispose of, causing less harm to the environment.


This type of disposable tableware has a vast number of advantages, of which the following should be distinguished:

  • a lightweight;
  • practicality (do not beat);
  • safety (do not emit harmful substances, regardless of the temperature of the contents);
  • hygiene (not reused);
  • environmental friendliness (decompose);
  • have high thermal insulation;
  • the possibility of branding;
  • Ease of disposal.

TYPES OF Printed Paper CUPS

Depending on the required volume, you can buy paper cups for 110 ml, 175 ml, 250 ml, 340 ml, and 500 ml.

By the number of paper layers, ordinary and double cups are distinguished. The latter is used to serve coffee, tea, cocoa, hot chocolate. Two layers of cardboard keep the drink’s temperature inside longer while preventing your hand from getting burned outside. Such dishes do not change the taste and aroma of the drink. It can also be used for cocktails, smoothies, juices, sodas, and other drinks.

A separate type of tableware is Ripple glasses. Their distinctive feature is a layer of corrugated cardboard on the outside of the product. In addition to high thermal insulation, it has increased rigidity and strength. As a result, such a container does not deform when accidentally pressed hard. In addition, the corrugated surface prevents scalding. These glasses are used for coffee and other hot drinks.

There is a separate paper container production facility for ice cream. They differ from tableware for drinks only in volume and shape. This is a lower and broader dish. From such, it is convenient to eat dessert with a spoon or stick. Otherwise, it has the same properties. Double-sided lamination protects the glass from getting wet, prevents the appearance of condensation on the outside of the container.


The SM Custom Packaging company offers to buy a paper cup in bulk in Ukraine. The manufacturer’s assortment includes goods of various sizes and thicknesses. You can buy a batch with a ready-made design or order your own, having received a product with a logo or other image.

Additionally, the company offers the necessary related materials:

  • plastic lids of sizes corresponding to the volume of glasses;
  • cup holders for two or four cells;
  • thermal covers made of corrugated cardboard;
  • wooden stirring sticks;
  • Plastic tubes of various colors.


SM Custom Packaging manufactures cups from cardboard using equipment made in Germany and France. Inside the glass, there is a layer of several microns of polyethylene: the material is applied to the walls so that the cardboard does not get wet.

Paper products are favorably distinguished by:

  • Practicality. Disposable paper cups will not break, unlike glass containers, but weigh less;
  • Versatility. Use at a children’s party, sporting event themed coffee shop, or office;
  • Reliability. When you pour hot coffee into paper cups, there is no sign of deformation or soaking on them;
  • Ease of use. The maximum temperature of the liquid is +85 ºC. However, the low thermal conductivity of the cardboard eliminates the risk of burning the hand;
  • Presentable and environmentally friendly, which cannot be said about plastic cups.


The environmental friendliness of craft glasses deserves special attention. The low price of plastic packaging contributes to its widespread distribution but ultimately costs much more for human health and the planet’s ecology.

Plastic products take over 100 years to decompose, and paper cups are biodegradable, easy to recycle and recycle. Upon contact with boiling water, the cardboard does not emit compounds poisonous to the body and does not give an unpleasant taste or smell. The cup cannot be reused – hence the high hygiene.


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