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CLEANING SERVICE: how to choose the right professional detergents for cleaning?

  It is always advisable to reduce costs, consequently, you need few quality products, which easily adapt to any surface and can meet the needs of any type of environment. From the shopping center to the company, to the doctor’s office.
This means using the appropriate detergent or disinfectant, capable of acting with adequate cleaning effectiveness, without waste, and without damaging the treated surfaces.
Our professional cleaners in Brampton give of guarantee flawless service.


Ordinary cleaning is an intervention carried out frequently and usually characterized by the treatment of light or medium dirt.

The factors to consider when choosing a product for ordinary cleaning are:


Depending on the type of dirt, a higher or lower concentration of product may require. An innovative system that guarantees effectiveness and savings. A complete range of super-concentrated products for the daily cleaning of floors, surfaces in general, kitchens, hand crockery, and toilets, with the effectiveness of traditional products and a lower “cost in use”.


The essential factor in ordinary cleaning. Some sectors and specific types of companies must comply with certain rules and respect particular criteria.


A sore point, because if we talk about large rooms, the surfaces are different and each requires a specific product that can clean without damaging the material. A good compromise must found between multipurpose products and cleaning effectiveness.


To act correctly, each detergent or disinfectant must use following the instructions on the label, which contain any contact time and the need for rinsing. Obviously, the product and its active ingredients are designed to act correctly and facilitate the operator’s actions.
Let’s take an example, We need a product suitable for quickly cleaning surfaces inside an office. We are looking for a single multifunctional product, with a low cost in use and easy to remove.


The extraordinary cleaning operations are less frequent, consisting of the removal of dirt fat present on professional kitchens grills and griddles, general dirt present on floors that require action by stripping or mineral dirt of commercial dishwashers and various equipment.
Here there are essentially two factors to consider. The specificity of the product and the reference legislation.
To choose the right product it is necessary to make assessments based on the type of activity and the environment to clean.
Riel has a wide range of detergents, which meet specific needs and respond to the different needs of the sector.


The sanitization intervention, to be effectively effective, must carry out with biocidal products after ordinary cleaning of the rooms.
In this case, the factors to take into consideration are those specific to disinfectants which can consult in our “guide to choosing a professional disinfectant”.
Those who work in the cleaning sector need to be able to count on supplies for quality cleaning companies. Robust, resistant, easy to handle when it comes to equipment, effective, and safe when it comes to detergents.
The difference in the success of a business comes from the details. Such as the materials used for cleaning. This is why our company Akkadian Services produces and distributes high-quality cleaning supplies, with a competitive and advantageous quality/price ratio.

Supplies for cleaning and detergent companies

How to remove dirt and ensure the hygiene of very crowded environments? Detergents or detergents used for professional cleaning of public bathrooms, schools, hospitals, offices, kitchens, or restaurant rooms certainly play an important role.
There are many environments that every day and often several times a day need to subjected to a thorough cleaning that can guarantee not only a clean and fragrant environment but also a high level of hygiene.

For effective cleaning, it is necessary to select quality products for:

  • sweep and remove dirt (brooms, rags, etc.)
  • for cleaning and disinfecting (detergents and detergents)
At Akkadian Services professional cleaners in Brampton are engaged to use the detergents and the products for professional cleaning and cleaning rooms. We select the best products and advise on their use.

Our professional detergents guarantee optimal washing and sanitizing results on:

  • floors
  • glass and stained glass windows
  • furnishings
  • Toilet
  • surfaces of all kinds
Obviously, each surface has its own detergent. Our supply includes a wide range of disinfectants, degreasers, rinse aids, multipurpose sprays for cleaning the most common surfaces, detergents with antibacterial function for the deep hygiene of public buildings.
Our supply and production also include specific detergents for fabrics (such as carpet), detergents for furnishings (wood, marble, steel), detergents for particular floors. Such as parquet and marble, or even waxes for polishing ceramic and silver. We also have products for impact interventions. Such as descalers and unblockers.
In other words, we can supply a broad spectrum of professional cleaners in Brampton to clean all types of buildings inside and out.

The accessories

To make cleaning effective, not only good detergents are enough, but you also need valid equipment. Indoor and outdoor brooms, shovels, duvets, but also sponges and rags made of cotton or other materials suitable for different surfaces. Such as microfiber or fiber abrasive, glass cloths, antistatic cloths, and much more. All our sponges and rags are designed for intensive use, so they are quite resistant.
Often the perception of a good cleaning also passes through the sense of smell. This is why we have different types of air fresheners available, to use to give a final touch to cleaning or to welcome those who pleasantly frequent a structure. But also to perfume the house.

Contain dirt: waste bags and bins

To allow quick cleaning and contain the spread of dirt. It is advisable to provide each room with a suitable waste collection container. A dustbin, ashtrays, baskets, and so on.
At Akkadian Services, professional cleaners in Brampton provide containers and deal with the sale of appropriate garbage bags based on the type of use. From the waste bin for the toilet to the containers for separate collection, from the cleaning trolley with dustbin to the steel trolley for waste bags, from black plastic bags of different sizes to compostable bags.


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