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Custom Pillow Boxes are truly famous among gifting style boxes. People will always find these boxes attractive in their outlook. Moreover, they serve the purpose of gifting in an outstanding way. You can beautifully modify this box style according to certain specifications and can imprint any printing features you desire.

Elegant Typography for Pillow Boxes

Typography matters a lot in branding so, you can utilize the typography tool for your kraft pillow boxes wholesale. It will enhance the image of your brand as well. Moreover, ensure that your brand carries a unique font style that can create you popular among the market crowd. Create your brand logo attractive.

The following listed are four essential types of typography:

Serif fonts

Serif fonts comprises of Times New Roman and Garamond font forms. However, this font style is perfect if you really want to make your brand image, traditional or trustworthy. It provides a kind of ancient feel.

If serif contains foot and sans serif is without the foot. Therefore, the font forms such as Helvetica and franklin gothic comprise of smooth edges. Moreover, they don’t contain the anchor or feet.

You should go for having this font embossed on your small pillow boxes wholesale as this font gives a sleek and modern feel regarding the brand.

Script Typography

Script typography is a cursive handwriting. You can go for inserting this font style to show the delicacy of your products. When your customers will get the window pillow boxes they will have the luxurious feel by the help of this font.

Display Fonts

Display fonts have their own significance. However, each display font includes an attractive component. For instance, it can be a shape, letters, outlines, shadowing, or can be artistic with hand-drawn corners like bold font.

Are you ready to create a bold statement regarding your brand identity that people always remember your brand?  Then go for having large pillow boxes in sustainable material.

Shape of the Artwork Matters

Don’t forget to decide the shape and form of the graphical imprint. The forms and shapes imprinted on the small pillow boxes look outstanding. However, carefully choose the design and the shape of the elements.

For instance, if you create a logo in a circle form with soft edges as compared to the logo in square form with sharp edges, these both scenarios will catch different kind of reactions from the customers.

Read below to know how shapes and designs can influence your wholesale pillow boxes:

Straight edges shapes

The straight edges forms include squares, triangles, and rectangles. For custom pillow packaging, you can simply use these shapes by adding attractive dynamics and colors. This will make you to get connected with your customers.

Round shape Artwork

The round shapes comprise of circles, ellipses, and ovals. These circular shapes provide a warm feel. Therefore, while incorporating round shapes for your brand, you will rise the feeling of love and unity.

Straight Lines

The straight lines are the vertical lines that provide abstract vibes. The pillow box with the addition of straight lines will look outstanding. For this you can select the dark base color and satin colors for the embellishment of lines on the pillow boxes.

Lines are Valuable too

Go for adding lines to create a beautiful outlook of the box. Your created lines will look awesome on the custom kraft pillow boxes. Simply go for selecting eco-friendly packaging as they adopt the artwork beautifully.

You can also add the floral and handmade drawings as they work well with the pillow custom box’s outer look. Therefore, if you really want to inscribe something inspiring but still focusing on raising the elegance and depth of the box, then go for selecting the geometric and ravishing drawing style.

Therefore, adding a drawing style will be best for you if you are running brands such as fragrance, cosmetics, etc. For instance, lip gloss will look wonderful enclosed within straight lines printed pillow packaging.

There are various brands out there who follow the boring trend of adding repeated kind of graphical features, but you can go for creating your own new trends.

Focus on the Base Color

The boxes in black and white color looks attractive in every era. However, people never get tired of having boxes in these two colors.

You can utilize attractive patterns in these two colors to embrace the pillow box’s outlook. Moreover, focus on adding a pop of colors to make them eye-captivating.

The black is an monochrome color. The black color pillow box gives a luxurious and cool feel. Be sure that your packaging will never go out of style while selecting a monochrome design.

Additionally, you can avail of both colors for your pillow boxes. Further, you can decorate your pillow boxes by the means of following add ons:

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Perforation Designs
  • Attractive Foiling Methods
  • Outclass printing techniques

Moreover, do care for the environment while selecting pillow boxes. As there are non-sustainable materials available in the market which can really harm the environment. But by having following materials you can care for the environment:

  • Kraft
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated

These above listed materials are environment friendly and durable as well.

How to achieve such great Pillow Boxes?

In order to have great pillow boxes just hire a good packaging company. However, the custom pillow packaging boxes plays a superb role in keeping delicate products protected. So, select a smart box type.

Further, you can get various packaging styles for different themes. Try to create your pillow boxes look outclass so they can appeal more than the product. For instance, if you offer products in great boxes, people will buy them in no time. By hiring a good packaging company the experts can implement outstanding artwork for you.

Like this your products will stay prominent over the shelf. The Kwick Packaging company gives quality plus error-free packaging services with free shipping in all parts of the USA. So, if you want to make your custom pillow boxes look eye-captivating, then avail of their incredible printing and packaging services.


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