Magento platform for eCommerce development

eCommerce has transformed the business environment.  The platform has made it easy to access and convenient to begin a business and operate it efficiently using WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, etc. 

As there are several huge names in eCommerce, but, mostly merchants prefer to  Magento for eCommerce development. The reason is all the effective features or functionalities it provides.

The recent statistics have revealed that approximately, there are 250,000 active Magento online stores. It means, 12% in all. 

Even though its growth rate is unstoppable and many are leveraging its unique yet efficient features, it has some setbacks. 

In this article, we are going to mention the pros and cons of chossing platform like Magento for eCommerce Development. This way, it becomes apparent for you to choose if you want to use Magento for site development or not. So, let’s get started:


Pros of choosing Magento for eCommerce development


1. SEO friendliness

It is essential that SEO should be done accurately for the growth of an online store. Getting the best position in the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are imperative for business growth. 

This way, organic traffic on Walmart, Amazon, and various thriving marketplaces is assured.   Undoubtedly, Magento is known for performing better in the customization section and on the website. It gives the flexibility to shape SEO for various pages, such as meta descriptions, URLs, site maps, and other perspectives.


2. Flexibility

As an open-source platform, Magento allows users to edit or amend the source code according to their desires or needs. Hence, they can customize the themes and get the required functionality.

In addition to that, Magento also enables the integration of third-party for different purposes. It could be product importing or something like that.  The best part of flexibility is that it makes it seamless to find it and examine the site’s performance.  However, getting real-time information is also easy. 


3. Extended user community

Certainly, the described features make this eCommerce platform the most liked and widely accepted.  That is possible because of the huge community of users. 

This implies that getting quick support is probable in an easy manner. Also, you can ask any question in the user’s group; and receive an immediate answer.  The huge community allows the creation of different plugins and extensions. With the support resources on your end, you can get regular answers to your queries from the skilled and experienced community. 


4. Responsiveness

A mobile-friendly configuration is a must. Because it assures the eCommerce platform success. As per the research, almost one-fourth of the buyers prefer to shop from mobile-friendly platforms. 

Henceforth, online retailers cannot avoid it, considering the need to shift towards mobile devices. As a mobile-friendly platform, Magento enables the development of a mobile-friendly online store easily. It, therefore, offers the best mobile-friendly experience for its customers.  It has assisted in the improvement in sales and reduced bounce rate. 


5. Scalability

Many begin the small business so that they can improve with time and expand it later on.  With the growth of the business, there comes a need for an eCommerce platform that can manage extended services, products, or sales. There are few platforms that fail to manage so. And, even, hinder the company’s progress. 

Here, Magento eCommerce site can handle it easily.  It has the capacity to manage hundreds to thousands of products seamlessly. To believe, Magento can bear the number of products or transactions in just an hour.  It is a striking benefit as you can then customize Magento without some liabilities. 


More features than other eCommerce platforms

Magento constitutes several features that enable the users to manage different stores, maintain several locations, different currencies, different languages, and various pricing tiers. 

While comparing it with other platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Volusion, and others, it always stays ahead with unique features. For Example, with the support of Magento, you can change the price of particular products according to the number of customers. Also, you can have a different cost for VIPS and staff members.

Furthermore, its community version enables one to experience several features that different eCommerce platforms fail to. We consider it as one of the biggest advantages of Magento over different eCommerce platforms. 


Cons of using Magento for eCommerce development

1. Time-consuming

Magento takes more time to load.  Hence, it becomes tougher to carry out the customization than varied eCommerce platforms. Also, it is not simple to move to other eCommerce platforms as it migrates the data at less rate. 

The flexible architecture could be the reason for this slow loading of the website. It makes it time-consuming and tough to establish. Nevertheless, this topic has been debated more as its only community version is loading at a slow rate.  Comparatively, the premium and enterprise versions are fast. 

2. Less developers

It is described above as well that Magento holds a large user community, hence, it necessitates the same or more number of developers.   Though, it is complicated to hire Magento developer. It is because of the high experience and the understanding of the complicated software. 

Also, Magento holds a huge system with around two hundred database tables and twenty thousand files.  Developers improve their skills with time and hence, ask a massive amount for their Magento eCommerce development services


3. Demand for hosting

In comparison to Shopify and different eCommerce platforms, there is a need for a dedicated server for Magento hosting.  It must be configured in the server on which you or your team is an expert. 

It gives a halt to Magento hosting. Optimization needs great skill and smart thinking.  It is the biggest disadvantage with Magento, as the site might crash due to the bulkiness.


4. Poor product assistance

Product assistance for Magento is invaluable as the experts and developers ask more as contrasted to WordPress CMS.  Moreover, Magento forum assistance is what you have assumed it to be.  

Magento’s official support forum is overwhelmed with spam; it is only because of the disorganization of monitoring. It is one of the cons of picking Magento. 

Consider an issue regarding Magento and you are unable to get a suitable solution or help to get rid of scams. Here, the situation became devastating. 


5. It’s non-economical

Magento comes in several versions. Its community version is free whereas the enterprise version is costlier (approximately fifteen thousand dollars).  Additionally, with its premium enterprise version, you can only target the huge business cost of around fifty thousand dollars a year. Also, a third party could be added if you are unable to install the extension on your own.

Yes, Magento eCommerce development is an expensive deal. So, the cost it demands is the major drawback of this platform. And, could be the reason for users switching to other eCommerce platforms.


6. Spamming when looking for product support

This eCommerce platform is more expensive than WordPress CMS. The developers and the consultant ask for more charges.  Official assistance forum hosts spam as of the absence of monitoring. 

When there is an issue with Magento, there are chances that you cannot have the right support, however, could become a victim of spamming. It gives a negative appearance of the Magento platform, which contrarily has demand in the online market. 



This article is about making the audience more acquainted with Magento.  Everything comes up with some good and bad elements, so does this eCommerce platform.  Managing the site to the best and being mindful regarding the minuses is essential to maintain the growth rate.  

Let us know how you like this article. If you are using it lately or for a long time, then, share your thoughts with us. Do you find this platform helpful? Or, are you a sufferer of regular problems? Comment below. Thanks for reading!


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