Questions to answer before you buy packaging materials and machinery
Questions to answer before you buy packaging materials and machinery

There is always a lot of excitement before buying anything new. With the scope of doing research about the reviews and usabilities of a certain product over the internet, most buyers look for a proper guideline before investing into anything. If you are planning to buy from packaging supplies Sydney, there are a number of factors that need to be considered before making a packaging purchase. It is always better to have a thorough understanding of the materials. You can find a number of packaging material supplier who will tell you that their product is the best, however for you to decide on which item to go for, let the following answers guide you –

Is the logo prepared for packaging materials?

As a company or a small entrepreneur, you need to have a logo of your business. If you do not have it yet, make sure to create one before you start buying the packaging materials; but, once you have a logo you, also need to ask if that logo can be printed on the packaging itself or do you need to print a label separately that will be adhered on the packages. This needs to be discussed with the packaging vendor before you purchase the packaging materials. One of the most pertinent questions that you might face is if your logo is available in pdf format. If not, you might need to convert into a pdf file before trying to print it on the packaging. The pdf format is the most flexible one that helps to make the process of getting your logo printed quickly and easily.

How do you want your packaging materials to look like?

It is very important to have the right first impression about your products; so, if you have a vision of what you want of your final product to look like on the shelves of a store, you need to discuss it with the packaging vendor. If you have a very specific idea, you need to discuss it with the supplier. It will be difficult for the packaging vendor to understand unless you give them a clear and concise description of what you have in mind. You can also use a visual aid such as a photo or illustration or a reference image or video to help them understand.

How do you want your products to look?

This helps to simplify the entire packaging purchasing process. Where will the products be packaged? Where are your products manufactured? Will they be in your home or in a warehouse? Do you have a small or a large manufacturing facility? Are they going to come from a different area altogether? Where will your products package? These are all extremely important for you to figure out the right packaging purchase in material and machinery. This is because, not all packaging equipment materials are applicable for all manufacturing areas. For instance, if you have identified a huge volume of products you wish to package in a certain timeline, you need to have the right, specific machinery and materials. But if the appropriate materials are not available, the entire process will get delayed and will also not have an output as per the expectation. If you are looking for a very specific kind of machinery, often the chances are that you will need a decent size portion of a warehouse. So, if you are producing something at your home but looking for a certain type of packaging which needs some machinery, you will need to look for a place like a warehouse where you can get them properly wrapped and packed with professional packaging. There are factors associated such as the available utilities, labour, electrical output etc. Unless all these information is available, your packaging vendor will not be able to help you with the perfect packaging machinery and material.

How fast do you want to complete the packaging work?

Your packaging partner will definitely ask you that if you are on a deadline to complete the packaging work. If you have volumes of items to be packed and sent, then you will be needing a different set of machinery and more labour. It is equally important to note that there is a minimum order requirement for many types of packaging materials. As a general rule, a businessman might not want to work with the packaging distributor when the volume of products package is really low. In that case, you can opt for online purchase and material orders.

Will the packaging be manually or automatic?

Before you go for the packaging machinery and materials, you have to decide if there are human resources involved or you want to make it completely automatically. Full automatic equipment is most definitely costlier than manual packaging. So, when you have to choose from either of the two options, you need to figure out if fully automatic machinery comes under your budget. Once you understand how much you can afford, it is possible to let your packaging vendor know that you will be able to buy at the moment.

Do you have the required labour?

Let’s take for instance that you will not be able to afford the automatic system. In that case, you have to answer yourself if you are ready to invest in the amount of the labour because it is not just the human value but also will involve the cost of packaging machinery, material and the project, if you cannot afford to pay the required number of labours to run the machinery, it is wise not to purchase that particular equipment or material at the moment. So, basically you need to budget for your packaging project and then choose the one that fits your scope.

How will you ship the package products?

What kind of containers will you use to transport your finished goods? Are you going to use cardboard boxes? Is it possible to use stretch film? Strapping? Something different, or a mix of one or more materials? You must inform your packing firm of the answers to the questions above before completing a purchase. How will you ship your products after they’ve been packed for shipping? Railroads? Trucking? You must describe how you will convey your products to your packaging partner before purchasing packaging machines and materials.


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