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What should you do if your payroll service won’t update even after terminating all the errors? Sometimes there is a possibility that even after terminating all the errors from QuickBooks, you won’t be able to update the payroll service and the file data in a situation of loss. But there should be a way to update the payroll so that you can upload the data of the company file and manage the records of employees and the Company.

So this article is all about QuickBooks payroll won’t update errors even after you are not facing any errors and your internet connection is properly working. We will address the proper ways that can be useful for you to update the payroll service. We will also discuss why you have to face such a problem even after having 0 errors available in the QuickBooks application.

The problem with Installing Payroll Update

  • It happens because you still have a corrupted file that was part of a previous error you faced with the payroll updating situation.
  • When you input invalid information in the paycheck, it won’t get to any further process due to the availability of wrong information in the payroll.
  • Over time, multiple new features have been added to the payroll updates. Still, if your QuickBooks version is very much updated, you won’t be able to access the new updates, and when you get the payroll file, you won’t download it and update the data.

What should we possibly do if the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is not updating? 

We will discuss some troubleshooting methods that can help update the Payroll service.

TS Method 1: By using the Rebuild Data feature of QuickBooks desktop.

This is the smartest method to rebuild the original data by resetting the entire QuickBooks program and its permissions.

  • For this, you have to open the Facebook application and then navigate to the file option in the menu bar.
  • Scrolling down into the column, you will find an option of Utilities navigate to verify data and click on it to deactivate all the other active Windows.
  • After the process ends, we will find another option in the Utilities section, I.e., Rebuild Data.
  • Also, backup your company files data before starting the rebuilding process to avoid any loss.
  • Press the Ok button for the tool to run the scan and reset the setting and permissions to the original.
  • After the process ends, you have to reboot your computer and restart the application, and you will be easily able to update the payroll.

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TS Method 2: Cleaning and Repairing QuickBooks Application

This method involves uninstalling and installing the application, cleaning all the junk files available in the QuickBooks folder, and deleting the previous corrupted file in the recycle bin.

Sometimes when you try to delete the corrupted file from QuickBooks manually, that file is temporarily erased from the folder but is available in the recycle bin, which can be restored. To avoid any caution ahead, we will clean all the unnecessary junk

  • Clean your Recycle bin.
  • Create a backup for the company file to prevent any important data loss.
  • Navigate to the control panel by pressing the window button on the keyboard
  • Look for Programs and Feature
  • Open that option, and you will see the QuickBooks application available, and it
  • Use the right mouse to get the uninstall option and continue uninstalling the QuickBooks.
  • After finishing the uninstallation process, hold for a while and restart your computer
  • Now install the authentic QuickBooks desktop version
  • Restore your company file data backup
  • And now try to update the payroll list in QuickBooks. The application will work properly.


When you are trying to update the payroll, but even after eliminating all the errors, you want to be able to update the payroll data, then you can use these troubleshooting methods, which can be useful and crucial for managing the payroll list as well as updating the tax table.

If you do not understand how to manage the payroll updates service, you are most welcome to contact us on the given number 1-800-615-2347 or send information regarding the issue to our QuickBooks payroll error support professionals. Our Company has professionals who have more than 10 years of working experience in the field of Technology, and they are always available to provide you with the quickest and easiest resolution to your problems.


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