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ReactJS Development – designed by Facebook – spells amazing results in building dynamic, engaging, and edgy mobile and web applications. One of the best perks of using this JavaScript library is that it requires minimum time and coding for web or mobile app development.

Thanks to its cutting-edge features including, virtual DOM, component reusability, server rendering, etc., ReactJS can easily break down complex User Interfaces into very simple components. If you are looking to build any robust, feature-packed, user-friendly, and fully functional mobile or web apps in a shorter time span, you should bank upon the flexibility of ReactJS development.

However, before you delve deeper into the reasons why you should hire ReactJS developer India, let’s give you a glimpse into what it actually is, how it works, etc.

What is ReactJS?

As already mentioned earlier, ReactJS is a JavaScript library, which is built, designed, maintained, and managed by Facebook. As per Jordan Walker, the creator of ReactJS, it’s a highly effective, flexible, and declarative open-source library for developing fast, simple, scalable, and flexible front-ends of mobile or web apps. Since the day when it was launched, ReactJS has made a name for itself in the field of front-end development.

According to one of the most recent surveys made by Stack Overflow, ReactJS is one of the most highly appreciated, loved, and dependable frameworks available in the market today. If statistics and recent surveys are to believe, there are almost 2,220,000 live websites out there, which are using ReactJS. Also, thousands of industry honchos including, PayPal, Netflix, Apple, etc. are using this open-source library to reap better dividends in their software products.

According to the world’s biggest development companies, it’s due to truckloads of benefits spelled by ReactJS, experts and entrepreneurs are increasingly making a switch to it. Some of the most remarkable perks of ReactJS are mentioned down below. Have a look –

ReactJS Development and Its Beneficial Features That Have Taken the World by Storm

  • Agility is Guaranteed

Using React, the web and mobile developers can easily utilize every distinct part of their apps on the server side, as well as, the client-side. To be more precise, the professional developers can easily write different individual parts, without having to worry about the changes impacting the logic of any application. In return, this brings a lot of ease and boost in the overall development procedure.

  • Better Performance Ensured

ReactJS was created and built to offer high performance. The core of this framework provides a completely virtual DOM program besides offering a server-side rendering. Those make the highly complicated applications run and function a lot faster than usual.

  • Easy to Use

Another reason why the popularity of ReactJS is reaching the sky is that it’s comparatively easier to deploy it. One needs to have just a cursory bit of knowledge of JavaScript to be able to work on ReactJS. Someone with basic proficiency in JavaScript can grasp every in and out of this framework within a very shorter time span.

  • Hassle-Free Scripting

Using ReactJS, you can get a free extension. This is most popularly known as JSX. The main contribution of JSX is to simplify the HTML markups on the library. This is done by creating your codes’ short-cuts and transforming HTML mock-ups into the ReactElement Trees. With ReactElement Trees, you can make your apps run a lot faster!

  • Modular Design – Another Boon

Thanks to the modular designs by ReactJS, you can easily make smaller changes without any hassle. Resultantly, most of the web and mobile developers can easily re-use the same objects, thus employing already used assets sans affecting any other component.

  • Components are Reusable

The reusable components provide their codes for almost similar features sans requiring the developers to write it again. Additionally, ReactJS allows developers to utilize individual parts of an application on a server, as well as, the client sides. Owing to such capabilities, a developer can save his/her time. And, the frequency of debugging the already existing codes also reduces to a great extent!

  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly

A key aspect of mobile and web development is search engine optimization. ReactJS can significantly minimize the overall page load timing, and offers a very fast rendering speed compared to other frameworks. Faster rendering speed helps reduce the bounce rate of your websites and pages.

This apart, web pages and apps based on ReactJS become a lot easier to crawl. This improvement gets accomplished by utilizing Server-side rendering, which will allow you to easily run and work on JavaScript codes on the server-side prior to conveying the files to every user, enabling every user to witness the content sans enabling ReactJS to run and function. Additionally, server-side rendering can fasten the page load since Google doesn’t own for running JavaScript to easily crawl the page.

In A Nutshell

So, what are you still waiting for? If you are looking to build a highly robust, scalable, secure and safe web and mobile app, and establish a great presence online at affordable rates, consider banking upon a reputed and reliable React JS development company.



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