Tips for reducing Omicron risk while Flying over the holidays

Are you thinking of moving out with family and friends this year? But COVID is a threat and ruins everything? See, we all need to accept the fact that we all have to live with it now. All we can do is take precautions and all the preventive measures. At the same time, it is true that you just can’t stay back home for all your life now. It’s practically impossible. So we have brought some of the basic tips for reducing Omicron risk while flying over the holidays. We hope that these guidelines will help you maintain your safety when you are outside your home. 

At the same time, we assure you that if you follow these tips and remember them while traveling, your chances of getting affected and infected will reduce a lot. Keep the following points in mind and have an enjoyable and, most importantly, healthy trip with your loved ones.

Risk Awareness

In the first place, before planning any trip or reaching any conclusion, you must be aware of your own area and region. What is the risk of viruses there? And how fast or not the virus is spreading? Travelers should make sure that there are low rates of infection and transmission in their city or town. Only then should they move ahead with their plannings ahead because it’s risky for them as well as for others if they don’t consider this most important before moving out.


Well, before the vaccination came, everyone was like that they just can’t move out. And the situation was worse than ever. Millions of people died all over the world. However, with the arrival of vaccination, people have seen the light of hope for survival. According to WHO, the approved vaccines have proved to protect the body against the virus. And even in the worse cases, the body catches the infection; you will be able to fight it well if you are fully vaccinated.

So don’t step out of houses even for your work, forget about the trip, if you have not taken the vaccines. Remember, this is the only way we can give a tough fight to the pandemic.

COVID testing

It’s very crucial that before going on the trip, you must test yourself. Omicron tends to show very mild symptoms as compared to the other variants of COVID-19. Especially when you are fully vaccinated, the symptoms are even milder, and sometimes it does not even show up. Therefore, you just can’t say that you are infected or not. This causes the risk of easy and higher transmission rates. 

For testing, it’s not necessary that you go for RTPCR directly. Yes, you can buy the COVID-19 rapid Antigen test and do the testing at home first. If it comes positive, then you must not carry on with the trip. If not, you should at least once go for the RTPCR test. Also, to fly with the airlines, you need to present the report testing negative.

For example, if you are traveling with JetBlue airlines, you need to visit the airlines’ website for COVID-19 guidelines. You will come to know what and how latest the test report they are relying on. Also, you can call JetBlue español if you face any issue understanding or following the necessary guidelines. 

Prevention and Precautions

Till now, we were discussing tips to follow when you were inside the house and had not started your journey. So, it is good that you have been tested negative and now can fly to your vacation destination. Now you are out of your comfort zones and in a public area. What now? Worry not. At first, we would say that if possible, consider your private vehicle to reach the airport. Or, even if you hire a taxi, make sure the driver is fully vaccinated. Before sitting in the taxi, remember to sanitize the seat and windows.

Precautions at the airport.

The real game begins when you reach the airport. So, what to do?  Most importantly, don’t forget to keep your masks on and keep using sanitizers. Moreover, avoid gatherings and stay in a non-ventilated or crowded place. Have at least a meter’s distance between you and others. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Precaution in the flight

Well, you are at the highest risk when you are flying with all the people in a closed plane. Moreover, passengers get permission to unmask themselves while eating or drinking. We would suggest you not eat and drink on the plane if you have a short journey. However, it’s not possible if you are taking long flights. 

So, in such cases, what you need to do is wait. Yes, wait for the other passengers to complete their meal and put the masks on. Once they are done with their stuff, only then do you remove your maks and have the food. This reduces the transmission rate very efficiently. 

Precaution after landing

Test and test again. With a long flight, you can’t be sure of what might have happened to you. Yes, as soon as you land, and reach your hotel rooms, buy the antigen test kit and get yourselves tested, along with all the family members traveling with you. In fact, you should keep the kit in your medical box while traveling. These days, it’s a basic necessity, if not for always. 

Also, if you are traveling to any other place, especially an international one, the government is keeping a check on it.  Similarly, the airlines are making sure to take all the necessary actions. For example, if you have booked your tickets with Volaris En Español, they will ensure that you are fit to travel. Before, boarding you can call them and learn about all the necessary guidelines. However, you can get all the information from the confirmation email you receive from the airline after booking the flight tickets. 

So this was all about the Tips for reducing Omicron risk while Flying over the holidays. We hope and pray that you return to your home safely. And you surely will, if you strictly follow the above-mentioned points.


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