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Digital marketing agencies have taken the business world by storm. Their team, that primarily consists of one or various digital marketers, helps companies survive the marketplace. Almost all companies, whether big or small, prefer to hire a top digital agency to improve their digital marketing approach. From social media to search engines, a digital marketer helps businesses conquer the digital world.


A digital marketer is an individual that helps businesses set up their online presence. It employs various digital channels to not only reach potential customers, but to amplify brand awareness and promote its products or services. Their contributions assist businesses digitize their marketing strategies, while their expertise facilitate the latter to live up to its consumer’s expectations. A digital marketing plans, strategies, and adds a creative touch to existing online marketing services for tailored solutions. They’re the key component of any digital marketing agency and the pillar behind companies that excel in the cyber-world.


To begin with, a digital marketer assists businesses navigate their way through the ever-saturated marketplace. Their services encompass recent startups, small to medium businesses, as well as well-established enterprises. They are in charge of driving global traffic, increasing brand awareness, and lead generation through all digital channels – both free and paid. The channels include social media platforms, company’s own website or blogs, email, and search engine rankings. A digital marketing plans, strategies, and adds a creative touch to existing digital marketing services for tailored solutions.


The role of a digital marketer is multifold. Following is how they make an impact in the digital world:

  • He also develop, implement, and monitor digital marketing campaigns for all relevant platforms.
  • They conceptualize, build, and maintain a social media presence
  • Both measure and document performance of all running campaigns.
  • They identify the latest market trend and determine ways to incorporate it in the existing campaigns.
  • He also plan, execute, and monitor various conversion strategies.
  • Both collaborate with the company’s internal teams to improve user experience and create landing pages.
  • He leverage robust analytical skills to monitor end-to-end customer experience across all relevant channels and customer touch points.

Each of their contributions diligently focuses on optimizing lead generation and to drive better return-on-investment to a business.


The responsibilities that fall upon a digital marketer are multi-disciplinary. From optimizing ranking on search engines to advocating brand narrative across social media – they encourage far-reaching brand promotion. However, that’s not the end of their responsibilities. Following are the disciplinaries where a digital marketer executes its expertise:

As a content strategist?

Content is the core of a company’s brand identity. It lays the foundation of every discipline of digital marketing, without which, it would be difficult to execute it. SEO, one of the imperative aspects of promotion, requires content to be optimized in a way that it ranks better. Similarly, search media marketing leverages quality, highly-engaging content to capture the audience and bring them to the website. Even the website requires detailed information regarding the company’s mission, vision, and values.

Content marketing is strategically employed to generate high click through rates (CTR) and backlinks. A website that exhibits well-written and well-optimized content will be favored by Google to appear on its first page. A digital marketer strategizes the content that would be then written and optimized accordingly. They study the target demographics and create content that would mimic the brand’s narrative.

As SEO and SEM expert

Search engine optimization is crucial for a brand to reach its target audience. It is the practice of optimizing the website’s structure and content. By doing so, it is favored by search engine crawlers to evaluate the site and allow it to rank better on SERPs. When a website ranks well, it immediately catches the eye of customers that are searching for related products/services. What happens next is a series of events characterized by high web traffic, lead generation and its conversion into lifelong customers. A digital marketer executes SEO strategies to ensure that a website revels in stupendous online traffic and generates substantial ROI.

Social media has garnered significant attention from people all around the world. A digital marketer leverages the presence of these social media users to promote the brand’s narrative to them. Social media management creates a schedule to organize the company’s posts on their social media channels. They strategize the content which is developed by a content writer and is posted on suitable time and days.

For E-commerce

The role of a digital marketer for an eCommerce brand is crucial. It is because the latter relies on its web sales to generate income and revenue. Therefore, the right strategies ensure better ROI and help businesses sustain themselves. A digital marketer is responsible for driving traffic to the E-commerce website and converting these visitors into consumers. They ensure a seamless and bug-free shopping experience that increases customer loyalty. All of their strategies concentrate on advertising the brand to a global audience to improve its reach and revenue.

For Social Networking

A digital marketer offers social networking services to measure the success of the campaigns across various social channels. They manage the brand’s online existence by using tools like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Google My Business. They leverage key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate how well their approach is delivering the results.


Following are the skills and qualifications that are required from a digital marketer:

  • BS/MS degree in marketing or related fields
  • Previous working experience in digital marketing
  • Previous experience in managing SEO/SEM, SMM, marketing database, and advertising campaigns
  • Expertise in A/B and multivariate experiments
  • Sound knowledge of website analytics tools such as Google Analytics and other)
  • Knowledge of setting up and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns
  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development
  • Knowledge of latest trends of online marketing and measurement.


A digital marketer lets you focus on what you do best. It takes the burden of worrying about attracting customers while you concentrate on serving them. A digital marketer devises marketing strategies according to your brand’s target customer. They design campaigns within the company’s budget and monitor its progress to eradicate the need of trial and error.

While running various campaigns on social media channels, a digital marketer also comes across the audience’s sentiment. They then inform the companies of how their customers regard their services. As a result, businesses are able to improve or retain the quality of their services and products.

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The digital world can be intimidating for many new startups and established businesses alike. Having gained humongous attention in a short span of time, digitalization needs robust strategies and approach to benefit from its phenomena. While it can be hard for businesses to navigate their way through the ever-crowded online world, a digital marketer simplifies it. Their services solely concentrate on establishing a robust digital presence that garners attention. With the right team or agency, even the smallest companies can make their way to the very top of the stratosphere.


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