Hoarders accumulate so much stuff that it takes up their entire living space and spills out into other areas of the house. Their social relationships, work performance, and hygiene suffer as a result. Hoarding can make it difficult to keep a place clean. There aren’t just one or two rooms in the hoarder’s house that are completely overrun with clutter. Instead, it’s a mess from top to bottom. There’s no way to clean every corner of a hoarding house, but these 3 cleaning tips can get you started!

Use the Right PPE and Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning a hoarder’s house requires planning. Create a cleaning schedule and follow it. Stay safe by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). Identify the basics of cleaning and stick to them. You will avoid burnout and stay productive. Even if the person you are cleaning for does not want to take part in the clean-up, don’t let that upset you. Take breaks as needed during the cleaning process. You’ll be more productive and saner if you take breaks. If you can, try and work with someone. Besides the benefit of an extra pair of hands reducing your workload, it will be nice to have someone you can talk to as you work.

Take Your Time

If you are cleaning a hoarder’s house, you should focus on being methodical rather than fast. Since you have planned your approach, you’ll have all the cleaning products you’ll need for every task. When you begin to clean, avoid overwhelming yourself by trying to work quickly. Instead, pace yourself and work on one small project at a time in each room. If you get overwhelmed, go outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air.

Remove Mold

Don’t forget to remove mold from a hoarder’s house when scrubbing. Mold removal is necessary to protect the inhabitants of a house from health risks. If left unattended, mold can destroy property, and cause a variety of illnesses, including respiratory issues, allergies, headaches, and other serious health conditions. It is most effective to remove it by noticing where it is growing. Mold usually grows in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other areas that have plumbing. If you do not want to use chemicals, you can kill the mold with a mold-killing spray or bleach solution.


Cleaning a hoarder’s house is no easy task. You will need to work hard and stay positive. You can help a hoarder become socially interactive again by straightening up their house and getting them organized. This cleaning project will be much easier if you plan, avoid rushing, and remove mold when you find it.


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