Beauty has got some standards these days and everyone wants to chase them. Having perfect butts and thick hips has become a major beauty standard. Women usually opt for this surgery because not everyone has the same figures so they try to get an aesthetic appearance for this first exercise or the diet gets maintained but the results are not always according to the desire. This shifts them from these exercises to surgical procedures. One of the best treatments for butt uplift is the Sculptra Filler in Dubai. This is an effective process that increases the volume of your buttocks and makes them more round and in shape.

What are Sculptra Fillers for Buttocks?

Sculptra fillers for buttocks are used to increase the volume of the butts. This procedure is a non-surgical one and makes your buttocks thicken with just the insertion of injections. The fillers cause the production of collagen in the butts. The treatment will provide immediate outcomes. The main reason for the procedure is to provide curvy and rounded hips that appear properly shaped & lifted. The overall look of the individual changes after receiving the procedure. These fillers are amazing for both men and women. 

How does the Procedure Work?

These sculptural fillers when injected into the hip area give a fuller appearance because of the collagen production stimulation. The injections are injected in the direction of depression & then on the front side of the butts. For having proper results from the Sculptra fillers you should have a healthy body and good mental health. Poly-L-lactic acid present inside the injections causes the production of collagen proteins. Collagen will produce slowly with time as it is a natural process and that is why the buttocks will give a natural glance. 


To carry out the process the patient will first stand in which the hip area will be numbed by the use of numbing cream and then the patient will be asked to lay down on the structure in the direction in which the weight is on the stomach side. After which the fillers are injected into the skin area. The individuals need 2 to 3 sessions in order to achieve the desired results.

Benefits of the Treatment:

There are a lot of benefits that are related to the treatment these are as follows:

  • The skin of your butts will get smooth
  • You will appear more aesthetic and sexy
  • Affordable and reasonable process
  • No downtime
  • The aging phenomena will be reversed
  • The overall texture of the skin will get improved
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • With the painless treatment, you will not feel any pain after the procedure

Ideal Candidate:

  • The person whose butts are flat and the fat is in lesser quantity can get the treatment. 
  • If the person desires to achieve more rounded and volumized bums then the procedure is the cure
  • If you are ready to spend on your cosmetic procedures
  • When you have a realistic approach to the treatment
  • If you are an adult or over 18 
  • When your medical condition is good
  • Have saggy or loose hips and want to give them a lift

How does it Carry on?

First of all, the doctor will examine the patient and then the doctor will tell them to lie down on their stomach. The area of the skin which is treated will be cleaned out with anesthesia. Your doctor may or may not provide the anesthesia and these injections will take some sessions to give the overall outcomes. The patient does not need any kind of specific dress. You can even drive immediately after the treatment.


The outcomes of the Sculptra become visible in some months and the results are not permanent. The butts will be properly contoured and shaped by the treatment. To maintain the results for a long period of time you need to receive the treatment again after two or three years as the outcomes will be only there for almost 3 years.

After Care:

When the treatment is done the doctor will advise you to massage the treated area for almost five days at five times to speed up the recovery rate. Do not lift heavy weights after the procedure is finished as it can disturb your muscles. You can easily sit anywhere and can do all your activities but just take care not to disturb the muscles very much. 

Pre-Care for the Treatment:

When the treatment is on some days you need to quit some things so that the process goes on easily for example you should avoid smoking as it can hurt the healing process. The alcohol is also damaging. Do not utilize any sort of blood thinning medicines as they can cause bleeding. Confirm everything about the treatment and your medical history with the doctor because your doctor should know everything about your condition. Drink plenty of water so that at the time of the procedure you are hydrated. You must try to avoid sunlight exposure and other laser rays. 

Recovery Period:

The bruising will occur after the therapy but this is normal. You will not have much pain, everything there will be bearable and the irritation or the little injury will fade away in almost 7 days. The only way to swift the rehabilitation period is by massaging a patient should do massage when the process is done to recover fast. Some people feel pain even after 10 days but it only depends on the immunity or body type of a person. 

Side Effects:

The risks related to the Sculptra Filler for Buttocks in Dubai are minimal and the patient does not need to take tension. At the maximum you will sense is redness, bumpy skin, or itching. These side effects will fade away swiftly. This is completely a safe procedure as it does not involve any sort of incisions or cutting. 

Fast Facts:

  • Treatment can take four to six months to show up the final results
  • The collagen production in the targeted area will be increased
  • Outcomes of the treatment will be long-lasting but not permanent
  • It is an affordable procedure 
  • Minimal side effects are attached to the treatment
  • Give you an enhanced curvy butts 
  • Wrinkles and lines will be removed

A Major Boost in the Buttocks After the Procedure:

Wrinkles on your butts and lines that make your buttocks saggy as well as loose are treated by Sculptra Filler for Buttocks which is the most effective and impactful procedure giving outcomes according to the desire. Although it is a slow process if we talk about the time in which its overall effect will be visible. Mostly the time in which the consequences get appeared is around 5 to 6, months as the collagen that are the reason behind the lift in butts form in a natural way. The reason for the popularity of Sculptra Filler for Buttocks in Dubai is that it is non-invasive and the side effects of the injections are limited. When the treatment is completed the candidate will achieve a lifted soft skinned bum having a volume of the required size. In order to receive the treatment choose a clinic offering free appointment opportunities!

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