Shlomo Rechnitz Is An Entrepreneur

Shlomo Rechnitz is an entrepreneur Mario Rechnitz was electe president of the JCC Council of New Jersey. A board that regulates community centers and has been dogged by bribery and kickback

His brother. Isser was also arreste. But claims he was set up by a former executive. The men are also the focus of the new HBO documentary. Corruption which looks into allegations against the Jewish community’s finance director. In September, the U.S.

Attorney’s office in the District of Columbia charged Shmuel Tamir with stealing nearly $150,000 from the non-profit American Friends of Lubavitch, where he was treasurer, authorities said. Tamir allegedly ran up bills of about $10,000 a month over a five-year period.

He served prison time in 2014 after pleading guilty to mail fraud. The Tamir brothers are accused of taking advantage of the JCC community by getting nonprofit funds to renovate the men’s locker room and bathroom at the NBA arena where the Nets play. Lubavitch is the worldwide movement within Chabad. Which has extensive outreach.

Including Chabad centers around the world and a large network of private Jews.Chabad also ran a large gourmet kosher restaurant in Washington called Miller’s Court, which was also run by the brothers.


Last month. The Washington Post reported that Rechnitz was barred from cashing charity checks to renovate his New Jersey apartment which has been featured on an episode of Million Dollar Listing New York.

He had falsely told prospective buyers he had hired a team of world-class designers and photographers, prosecutors said. Chernyk became involved with the Milchan brothers through his work as a film financier. The Czech-born Milchan who is now a U.S. citizen.

Made a fortune producing movies in Israel. Including a string of hits from the 1980s to early 2000s such as “Pretty Woman. Indecent Proposal and Sleepless in Seattle. The elder Milchan has appeared in every one of his movies. Last summer. Milchan was found guilty of bribery and other charges in a joint U.S.

Israeli investigation into the foreign bribery scheme. In return for Milchan paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to an Israeli judge who was supposed to extort favorable treatment from him for Milchan’s former friend, the judge would instruct the jury in the case to acquit Milchan.

The judge accepted the bribes and lied to the jury, according to the prosecution. Shlomo Rechnitz is the owner of the New York Grill, a kosher restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel, that has been described by Haaretz as a top dining destination.


The Grill has been open for eight years, after the businessman received funding from investors from around the world and chose to build the restaurant in Tel Aviv, as opposed to New York. Rechnitz serves as one of the most active investors in the restaurant, said Reuven Telhami, the manager.

In 2011, Rechnitz decided to invest an unspecified sum of money in Jacob Shlomo Enterprises, which owned 16 buildings in Brooklyn, according to two sources in the real estate business.

Through Rechnitz. Rechnitz had built a large portfolio of Brooklyn properties before his indictment one source said. In an email exchange, Shlomo’s brother Yoel Rechnitz, is quoted saying Shlomo had asked him to invest with him though he declined.

When Yoel Rechnitz inquired with Shlomo about the nature of Shlomo’s investments, Shlomo allegedly responded that No business is worth being branded a criminal. Better for my career. Two real estate investors who became friends with.

Unsavory Investments

Shlomo in 2007 through their involvement with a similar group of investment companies told Haaretz they were aware that Rechnitz had made some unsavory investments, including a rental of the building where a restaurant was located and the lease of a shopping plaza.

I never saw Shlomo investing in property I owned, and I’m sure he was careful with whatever funds he did invest,” said one of the sources. I never suspected anything of this nature about Shlomo, and I believe that his business dealings are clean.

Shlomo Rechnitz also bought a two-storey building in Israel, according to Yaron Shurkin, the manager of a real estate company that had a contract to rent space in the building. Rechnitz’s business partner had purchased the building. And Rechnitz had built a basement and installed equipment.

But when Shurkin purchased the lease from Shlomo’s business partner in 2013, he discovered that it had been sold to Rechnitz in 2007 for nearly twice as much as Shurkin had paid for it.

I met Shlomo for the first time when I needed a broker and asked him for help,” said Shlomo Rechnitz’s business partner. “He didn’t know me, but I knew him and trusted him. When the building was sold, he told me that no one in the company was offering any preferential treatment.

Shlomo wasn’t friendly with anyone in the company, even those that worked with him the most,” said another source.Several businessmen said Shlomo Rechnitz was never a member of the private club in New York known as the Press Club.

Business Leaders

Which is reserved for a limited number of business leaders in Manhattan, and also had a rule against members having criminal backgrounds. In 2013, Shlomo Rechnitz paid the owners of the New York Grill a monthly fee of several hundred dollars.

I paid him the fees just like other members. Said Shlomo Rechnitz’s business partner. Shlomo Rechnitz was arrested this month as part of a wide-ranging investigation, referred to by the press as the New York Grill affair that targets top businessmen in New York City.

Among those arrested was Jacob Shlomo, Rechnitz’s close friend. Jacob Shlomo received special treatment from the real estate brokers at New York Grill and Rechnitz used to know that the real estate brokers were in the habit of offering preferential treatment to Shlomo.

Said the real estate investor who was interviewed. Rechnitz’s indictment also states that Shlomo Rechnitz operated an illegal transportation service, in which Shlomo Rechnitz and others charged thousands of dollars to transport young women from New York City to New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Shlomo Rechnitz Allegedly Arranged

Shlomo Rechnitz allegedly arranged for a bus to leave. New York for New Jersey early one morning and collect four young women, including the sisters of the woman who was paying for Shlomo Rechnitz’s transport.

When the bus arrived in Philadelphia. Several men got off the bus and began beating the women. And rechnitz also got off the bus and was beaten. The passengers in the bus then abandoned it. And the driver took them to a gas station where Rechnitz’s friends gave them a ride back to New York City.

Investors describe Rechnitz as a “typical entrepreneur.” “Shlomo was involved in all aspects of his business,” said Shlomo Rechnitz’s business partner. “He dealt with investors and lawyers. He had a certain reputation among investors, and investors understood what kind of businessman he was.

After Shlomo Rechnitz was arreste. A man who knew him well recounte that Rechnitz was involve in his private business much of the time. Shlomo loved his work he worked long hours and made a lot of money.

Rechnitz was also close to Rechnitz. And often went out together. Shlomo Rechnitz too, was at the nightclub with investors and other men from time to time, drinking. When he drank alcohol. He would get very drunk rechnitz was an entrepreneur for the people said an investor who knew rechnitz.

Successful Company

Shlomo was one of the first people to realize that an entrepreneur could run a successful company for the benefit of all. Had an idea that he wanted to build a business for the benefit of all, and he spent his life trying to do that. Shlomo Rechnitz was close to Shlomo Rechnitz, and often went out together.

Too was at the nightclub with investors and other men from time to time, drinking. Shlomo Rechnitz too was at the nightclub with investors and other men from time to time drinking said Rechnitz’s business partner.

Rechnitz often used a fake name and lied when confronted with his criminal background, investors said. He was always proud of his criminal background. He made it a point to tell me and others that he was going to be able to go back to New York City because he was working on a movie.

Younger Brother

It was an emotional thing for him said Rechnitz business partner. Rechnitz was also proud that his younger brother was an Israeli police officer and that his brother and his friend made up stories about him to maintain a good reputation.

Shlomo Rechnitz was close to Rechnitz. And often went out together. Rechnitz business partner describe Rechnitz as a typical entrepreneur. Shlomo was involve in all aspects of rechnitz business partner. He dealt with investors and lawyers. He had a certain reputation among investors, and investors understood what kind of businessman he was.

Rechnitz’s indictment states that Rechnitz helped an Israeli citizen sell two apartments to Rechnitz and Rechnitz’s business partner. Rechnitz also gave one apartment to Rechnitz and Rechnitz’s business partner.

Shlomo Rechnitz Partner

Rechnitz business partner. Rechnitz’s son and a New Jersey man bought an apartment for Shlomo Rechnitz’s mother and brothers. The three men all claimed to be the owner of the apartment. The real owner was Rechnitz’s partner. Shlomo Rechnitz then lied to his partner that he had paid the apartment for the real owner.

Rechnitz paid the real owner for the apartment, and then gave the real owner $32,000. Rechnitz did not own the apartment, and neither did Rechnitz’s business partner. Shlomo Rechnitz never owned the apartment.

Rechnitz also bought a building in New York City for Rechnitz’s business partner, and Rechnitz lied to the real estate investor that the apartment was worth $1.9 million and was his and his partner’s. Rechnitz’s business partner and Rechnitz’s brother and a.

New Jersey businessman bought an apartment for Rechnitz’s mother and brothers. Rechnitz never owned the apartment.Shlomo Rechnitz purchased the building for his brother and a businessman Rechnitz knew from business. Rechnitz lied to the real estate investor that the apartment was worth $1.8 million.

And Rechnitz and Rechnitz’s business partner bought the apartment for $4.6 million. Rechnitz paid his business partner for the apartment, and Rechnitz’s brother and the businessman Rechnitz knew purchased the apartment for $4.3 million. Rechnitz also bought a single-family house in New York City in Rechnitz’s name and paid $211,000.


Rechnitz lied about the real value of the property to the real estate investor, and Rechnitz. Rechnitz’s business partner and Rechnitz’s brother and a New Jersey businessman bought the apartment. Rechnitz paid his business partner $100,000 and Rechnitz’s brother $65,000 for the

Rechnitz was not the owner of the apartment, and neither was Rechnitz’s business partner. Paid $100,000 for Rechnitz’s mother and brothers. Lied to the real estate investor about the value of the apartment. Rechnitz’s brother did not have the proper business license to deal in real estate.

Rechnitz and Rechnitz’s brother gave the real estate investor $7,000 in cash.Also involved in the real estate transactions were Shlomo Rechnitz, Rechnitz’s business partner and Rechnitz’s


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