These days, planning to do a degree course, the popularizing online mode does come first into our minds. And, along comes a range of questions. Is online a valid mode? Would the degree be real? Would it be good to pursue it online?

And, if it’s a technical subject like MCA, it may come to your mind – which would be better: regular mode or online mode?


MCA is a two-year postgraduate degree course. BCA graduates seek it mostly, while graduates from other streams can also be eligible to do it.

It is a technical and professional degree. MCA interests the students for not only does it hold vast IT career prospects, but also for it offers advanced learning.

Learning programming languages and program development to acquire web designing mastery, MCA makes learners proficient with hardware and software skills.

Once you enrrol in mca of your choice, you may learn about different subjects to gain in-depth knowledge of computer applications. MCA is a two-year course, usually spread across four semesters. In the second year of the course, you can opt for the specialisation in fields like MIS (Management Information System), systems development, Internet, hardware technology, systems engineering, software development and application software.

Scope of MCA

In the Master of Computer Application course, many industrial projects are also given to students to explore their interests. There is a lot of scope and career options after MCA to work in the private and public sectors, which we will be discussing below. As a Masters of Computer Application postgraduate, you can get into various fields depending upon your aptitude, skill set, and interests.

The three year degree course educates students with all potential functionalities of computers and guides them for its most logical implementation which can be further used to regulate a healthy income.

Knowing the difference that a valid MCA degree program can make, here is the all you need to know about it.


Universities open admissions for a set number of seats and hold classes orderly in their campus in a regular mode.

Hence, studying from the campus site and from the educators is doing MCA-regular.

Doing MCA in the regular mode, you:

  • secure a seat with a college passing eligibility criteria,
  • attend classes regularly visiting the college, and
  • interact with the educator studying from them.

Undertaking MCA Regular shall be giving years dedicatedly to your program.


Universities/colleges open admissions with no limits of seats and provide course-learning in the online mode.

In the e-learning mode, students learn from their place with a laptop or computer machine. It does not differ from an MCA regular in course structure and holds the same value.

Studying MCA in the online mode, you –

  • take admission online qualifying basic eligibility criteria,
  • study online through the provided study material (videos, pdfs, recorded or live classes),
  • give semestrial exams online, and
  • achieve your degree online.

Doing MCA online shall be managing study and career or other occupying interests.


Let’s have a look at some of the significant comparable measures present between both the MCA Regular and MCA Online.

MCA Regular

Comparable Measures

MCA Online

Candidates must have at least 60% of marks in aggregate in BCA or equivalent.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have done BCA or equivalent.

On-campus-site classes.

It requires traveling to the college or university.

Place of Learning

No need to visit the campus.

It does not require traveling for studies.

It necessitates the presence of an educator.


It provides study-material online in the form of pdfs, ppts, and videos (recorded or live). Learn while sitting at home or outdoors.

Students learn UGC or AICTE approved syllabus.


Students learn UGC or AICTE approved syllabus.

Learners earn a UGC- accredited degree.


Learners earn a UGC-accredited degree.

It costs a high fee-structure.

Fee Structure

It costs comparatively highly affordable fee-structure.

Students give semestrial exams from the university/college.


Students can give exams from their location, whether home or office or park.

E-learning is a new-age mode. It’s competence building, and offers convenience of accessibility. It suits different learning styles and is cost-efficient. Today, all top universities and colleges are offering it online facilitating the mode of education for the aspiring students.

Cyllabus of MCA degree program

Semester 1

  • Hardcore:
    1. Advanced Data Structures and Indexing
    2. Object Oriented Programming with C++
    3. Advanced Database Management System
  • Softcore:
    1. Java Programming
    2. Linux Programming
    3. E-commerce and E-governance

Semester 2

  • Hardcore:
    1. Data Communication and Networks
    2. Artificial Intelligence
    3. Net with C#
  • Softcore:
    1. Cloud Computing
    2. Data Mining and Data Warehousing
    3. Cryptography and Network Security

Semester 3

  • Hardcore:
    1. Advanced Software Engineering
    2. Python Programming
    3. Machine Learning
  • Softcore:
    1. Digital Image Processing
    2. Internet of Things

Semester 4

  • Hardcore:
    1. Project Work
  • Softcore:
    1. Communication Skills and Professional Management


Now that you are aware of everything you need to know about a Master of Computer Application(MCA), you must have planned a great deal of how to go about in this career. Even if you are still having second thoughts of taking up an MCA degree program, then without wasting any more of your precious time, you must take further guidance from expert career counselors.



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