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Are you thinking to hire a kotlin developer? If yes, then this article is for you, here is how you can easily hire a Kotlin developer.

Kotlin can be your ideal choice if you are looking for an android/cross-app platform developer. Kotlin app developers are in great demand as it is leading a new era in app development and enhancing a new level of user experience.

Information and technology are continually developing, and so are user expectations. A customer’s expectation of a new range of features with an enhanced experience when choosing an app is quite inevitable with so many available options in the market.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin got selected as one of the top developing android app languages by Google in May 2019. With many benefits like less maintenance, Kotlin often gets preferred over other languages. And according to a survey report, Kotlin was the most loved programming language in 2019.

Benefits of hiring Kotlin developers 

Lets understand the benefits to hire kotlin developers

Offers more security and privacy

Java is one of the most heard and popular programming languages. But, Java is more likely to recur certain types of programming errors as compared to Kotlin. Kotlin developers are known for delivering stable programs. Thus, hiring Kotlin developers ensures protection against misconfigurations and device crashes which are typically caused by programming errors.

Open-source language

Since 2012 Kotlin has been an open-source language and is also getting updated continuously. You can avail the additional benefit of the Kotlin community when you hire Kotlin developers. It was on March 3, 2020, language gained its secured release.

Kotlin Developers exercise minimal efforts in coding

Development is more creative and effective with Kotlin, and the costs are also less. Renowned for compactness and conciseness, Kotlin saves you a lot of developing time and helps you reach the market faster.

What can be Kotlin used for?

In the play store, it is assumed that approximately 70 percent of the top 1000 apps use Kotlin. Kotlin offers several features, allowing efficient coding. Thus, many developers prefer using it.

Parameters for hiring Kotlin App Developer-

Comprehensive knowledge of both Java and Kotlin

You should verify whether your developer has complete knowledge of  Kotlin and Java while hiring a Kotlin developer. The question arises why you should verify your developer’s knowledge of Java while hiring for Kotlin development. Most of the projects incorporate Java minorly. So, your developer should be aware of both of them. Java lacks some notable features like native support for optional and less code to achieve results. So former Java developers are the new Kotlin developers.

Proficiency in XML

XML markup language assists both app layout and parsing data from the server. So, android and web development rely on XML. If your developer is not well-versed with XML, he is of no use.

Experience with android app studio and android tools

When you wish to hire a Kotlin developer to build a mobile application, several tools are available for the development process. So, the developer’s experience with android app studio and android tools gives a better idea of his work.

Expert time management and adaptability

Technical support, new feature development, running tests, and more form a part of the job description. Just coding is not everything in a developer’s job. Several problems might get in your way, so your developer must quickly adapt their plans to fix them in the shortest time. Hiring Kotlin developers tailored for your business could make the development process more effective.

Hire a Kotlin developer can prove to be beneficial. We hope this article about hiring Kotlin developers is helpful for you. Do share this content on social media if you find it useful for you in any manner.








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