Nothing beats a fireplace for making a property seem like a home and, when well-designed, adding tremendous elegance to a space.

Of course, because of its prominence as a design element, a fireplace has the potential to date a space back to the 1980s – and not in a good manner. As a result, it is critical to pick your design intelligently and with meaning.

We asked prominent designers from throughout the country to submit their favorite fireplaces from their portfolios. They shared their top fireplace styling recommendations, which are relevant to various room sizes and tastes.

The elegant, contemporary fireplace is made of emerald green marble.

Emerald green marble runs from the floor to the ceiling as the backdrop for this fireplace. The majestic fireplace gives dimension to the area while also complementing the otherwise contemporary design.

Because the furniture in this modern living room is low-profile, designer Samantha Gallacher, co-founder of IG Workshop in Miami, created the dramatic, floor-to-ceiling fireplace to visually balance the space.

“I love using a single color palette with various textures to enhance perspective.” “The floor-to-ceiling fireplace does not add a level,” she explains. “However, it permits the eye to not be level on one plane, bringing the eye up and providing height to the space, curving the wall, and giving the room a bigger sense.”

A minimalist mantle in a neutral color scheme

IG Workshop’s monochrome travertine mantle couldn’t be more lovely. The use of a single hue keeps the design clean and simple, while the selected pottery at the entrance nods to antiquity.

Gallacher notes that putting sconces alongside or above a fireplace may be a terrific way to add depth and beauty to the area, as well as, of course, more light.

“Your electric fireplace should represent your unique taste.” “If you like art, bring something abstract; if you like nature, bring something surprising from the outdoors,” she advises.

This design also exhibits another of Gallacher’s top fireplace design tips: “Try to generate height without being overly symmetrical,” she advises. “You want to attract your attention up and generate height so that the entire wall is shaped.” We adore a mirror on a mantel because it adds a royal touch.”

A strong fireplace with a macho, maximalist feel.

This library, like the rest of the decor in this Winston-Salem property, exudes aggressiveness and maximalism. While the fireplace alone may look conventional, the vibrant, colorful accents contrast and compliment it, calling attention to it while harmonizing its style. Of course, there are the rich green walls that surround this fireplace, as well as the patterned wallpaper on the ceiling above.

“I opt for a maximalist approach to my design, with antiques being a focus, as well as gorgeous stained wood moldings and vibrant paint colors to make it pop,” adds Trouvaille Home designer Anne Rainey Rokahr. “Because this property was a rebuild of a North Carolina home, the fireplaces already existed, and we just renovated them and gave them new, vivid life.”

The clock as a centerpiece on a curated mantel

In these before-and-after photos, Kennedy Reese of Instinct Home Design demonstrates how simple and inexpensive it can be to remodel a fireplace by collecting pieces that inspire you.

This style incorporates a couple of her top fireplace design suggestions. First and foremost, she advises, keep your design basic. “The majority of fireplaces are far too crowded and cluttered. “All of the varied designs and family photographs might be visually distracting, making it harder to relax and appreciate the environment you’re in,” she explains. “As a result, my number one suggestion is to keep everything simple and consistent with your concept.”

Next, vary the heights of your design and include a focal point, such as the clock in this example.

“Aside from being aesthetically engaging, furnishings at different heights may make a space feel complete and balanced,” she says. “Centerpieces provide something for your subconscious to focus on, so don’t be scared to go large. According to studies, witnessing beauty in our surroundings increases our serotonin levels, helping us feel more pleased.”

Include some candles in the mix. “It may seem unnecessary to insert fireplace. But you may not want the fire on in the summer,” she explains. Choose some natural wick-burning candles to provide the pleasing sound of a blazing fire without the heat.

Include some plants on the mantel for an organic touch. Reese explains, “Human beings have a natural urge to connect with nature and other forms of life. She also added that Indoor plants may help you feel grounded and connected to the world around you. In addition to enhancing your air quality and lowering stress.”

Finally, Reese advises that when in doubt, use the less-is-more motto to create space peace. “If you get the impression that the space surrounding your fireplace is excessively crowded, it definitely is,” she suggests. “Don’t be scared to decrease, prioritize, and be patient enough to discover the ideal size for your space’s design!”

A modern fireplace surrounded by storage

When does a fireplace become more than just a fireplace? When flanked by built-in storage, it adds visual appeal as well as a lot of practicality. Cabinets in the lower part house games, books, and other items. While non-utility shelves serve as a canvas for a minimalist or maximalist collection of curated goods – whichever style you like.

Andrea Hysmith of ASH Interiors and Design constructed this fireplace to enhance the room. She also added that addressing an issue for her client. “This was a standard brick fireplace with no storage,” recalls Hysmith. “Our customer wanted to make the area seem new while still celebrating her love of the seaside.”

To do this, the team boxed the original brick fireplace in order to add shiplap neatly around the surround. They built storage cabinets with shelves above to keep a variety of home products as well as framed portraits.

“You can accomplish this yourself by adding cupboards — even from Also, you can add lovely pieces of furniture on each side of the room. Then, add floating shelves in natural wood or white above.


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