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Italian dinner drinks are an important part of the best Italian restaurant dining experience. Whether it’s a drink at the legendary Harry’s Barry in Venice or just sitting around a table enjoying a drink with friends, food and wine (and other Italian drinks) simply go hand in hand.

Signor Cyprian

Signor Giuseppe Cipriani, former owner of the famous Harry’s Bar, is credited with much. One is the invention of carpaccio, thinly sliced ​​raw beef that has become a popular delicacy in many fine restaurants. One of the popular Italian dinner drinks, Bellini, is also credited to him. This champagne cocktail is designed to make guests feel comfortable while they wait for their food to be prepared. Although the usual description is “champagne cocktail”, this drink contains a sparkling wine, preferably an Italian prosecco. Then the bartender mixes up a puree of white peaches.

Order a drink

The Italian dinner drink order is like in other places in the world. The meal begins with an appetizer to whet your appetite. When the food arrives, wine is served to complement the various dishes. The clever host has red and white on hand to complement the various dishes served. Of course, water must be readily available. You can use bottled or sparkling water if you wish, but in many cases tap water serves its purpose just as well: cleansing the palate and keeping the person hydrated so they don’t feel the effects of alcohol as strongly. After dinner, the coffee and digestif are designed to help calm the stomach and ease digestion.

Other famous drinks

Some of the most famous drinks in the world are actually Italian dinner drinks, which come from the Italian high society. For example, Martini and Cinzano vermouths both come from the city of Turin. Martini has been around since the 19th century, while Cinzano has been around since the 18th century. Another 19th century invention, this time from Milan, is Campari, an infusion of herbs and fruits in alcohol and water.

Make the evening last longer

If you’re looking for a short finish to your Italian dinner, one of the popular Italian dinner drinks is a cup of espresso. This can bring the proceedings to a halt at the table if you are looking for other evening entertainment. If you prefer your guests to sit around the table a little longer, a digestivi is another option. Popular choices include vecchio amaro from Calabria, limoncello from Campania, flamed sambuca and other grappas for guests to sip while chatting.

Another option for after-meal is to combine the digestives. This creates a caffe corretto, which literally means coffee corrected with alcohol. If you prefer a more elegant ending to your dinner, many Tuscans prefer a glass of vin santo accompanied by an almond cookie.

Italian drinks, of many different types, play an important role in Italy. Everyone, all over the world, knows and loves italian restaurant. After all, who can resist a hot, crispy crostini, a sinfully creamy plate of plain, unsliced ​​Alfredo-style fettuccini, or a generous slice of fresh-baked pizza? Not to mention the ice cream! But what about Italy’s signature drinks? If you haven’t been, it can be hard to think of anything other than wine, but anyone who’s spent any time in “the trunk” knows that Italians take their drinks just as seriously as their entrees. And their starters and desserts.


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