Square Shower Bath

If you are the kind of person who loves daily showers with a nice long soak, then installing a square shower bath is a viable solution for you and your compact bathroom. It consists of a straight bath panel designed to fit perfectly in compact spaces and let you fulfill your dream of having a bathtub in your tiny bathroom. Reading this article will educate you about various features of straight shower bats and several benefits associated with them.

What is Square Shower Bath?

Before we discuss the square shape, it is important to understand what a shower bath is. It is a combination of dual functionalities as bath and shower into a single unit. So, you can enjoy both with such a straight shower bath.  While it exists in many different shapes, the one that has square edges from all sides offers incredible benefits. You can find such shapes in both L and I alphabet designs, where one end of this bathtub is straight, and the other has a wider end. This wider end facilitates the spacious bath experience. It is because this end is bigger because of its wider side you can stand easily and independently.

Why You Need Square Shower Bath?

The standard bath size in the UK has decreased over time. While both bathtub and shower have their own distinctive benefits, installing both into a single bathroom requires a lot of space and budget. That makes it practically impossible to have both amenities. However, manufacturers have come with such innovations where you can enjoy both with a single fixture. One of such single fixtures is a square shower bathYou can just install a shower on the wider end where you can simply stand and take a shower experience. That’s why you don’t need separate fixtures resulting incredible space-saving and cost benefits.

What To Expect from Square Shower Bath?

You can expect the following benefits from this bath shower

  • Space-saving design

When you have a compact bathroom, space is always at a premium, and it is desirable to get the most out of the available area. The straight bath panel is designed with full consideration of a compact bathroom. It makes them best suitable for small spaces. You can install these units and still get plenty of space to place various items in the bathroom. The slim design allows plenty of room for easy bathing and does not create hurdles for other tasks. Users can clean their bathrooms hassle-free without bumping into these panels unnecessarily.  

  • Modern Design

Modern art and engineering are perfectly blended to create these shower baths. The straight and edgy design add up to the glamour when these panels are places in the bathroom. It proved a contemporary appeal to the overall bathroom appearance. Having one of the straight shower bath can increase the monetary value of your property, as everyone is attracted to the added features in the bathroom. Overall, your bathroom gets a fresh look after the installation of these bath panels.   

  • Helpful in a healthy lifestyle. 

Not only are these shower baths perfect for a modern look, but they also carry so many health benefits. Hydrotherapy has been followed for centuries where the use of hot and cold water forms plenty of health benefits for your body. These bathtubs assist in carrying such therapies, from improving heart health to relieving muscle tension and aid breathing. Laying in hot water also brings down blood sugar levels. So, with providing a modern look to your bathroom, these straight shower baths also account for improving your health.

  • Cost Savings. 

While having plenty of features and a futuristic design, these straight shower baths are highly affordable. Having premium quality and design, you can buy these bathtubs at very cheap rates. The affordability factor makes them available in the rage of many consumers. However, the affordability always depends on the design and size that you choose. Fancier bathtubs have a higher price tag than the standard ones. It’s up to you that how much money you are willing to spend while getting one of the straight shower baths for your bathroom.  

  • Plenty of Style options

The shower bath comes in a variety of paint options to match your colour preference. You can choose between dark and light shades depending on your bathroom tiles. The standard bath panels come in ceramic white that is versatile in any bathroom theme. However, customers can customize the colour according to their likes. Overall, with the countless options, different designs, and sizes, you get an ocean of options when buying a straight shower bath.

The Square Shower Bath is the need of every home where space is limited due to small bathrooms. The space limitations are the big issue faced by most homeowners when renovating their bathrooms. It is a fact the general households are smallest in the UK in comparison to whole Europe. So, that has the biggest impact on the bathrooms as people try to cut every possible space to include it in other parts. In such a space, standard-size fittings and fixtures may be too big for space. In addition to that, it is always a good idea to save every possible inch to make room for other utilities. Therefore, manufactures have come up with the idea of compact fixtures that not only look stylish but also help you save space in the bathroom. In contrast, the toilet may be the last thing that comes up in your mind when thinking about saving space. But in fact, there are various types of compact-size toilets available in the market. 

Here in this article, we are going to discuss possible space-saving toilet options available for you. 

How does Square Shower Bath UK Help?

You may already know that toilets are available in various styles. However, these are standard bathtubs that are great for an average size bathroom. If you have a small bathroom or cloakroom, then you may want a compact size toilet. The space-saving entirely depends on its design and features. The good news is that all of these standard toilet styles are also available in compact versions. However, not every style offers a similar level of space-saving. You should choose based on your bathroom layout. Because, due to some reasons like no possibility of breaking the wall to fit cistern, you may not be able to install a wall-mounted version. And it may be the same for all other types.

Looking For Square Shower Bath?

In this article, we have a discussion about a square shower bath. It can be a highly practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have all types of fittings and fixtures available at a competitive price. You can visit our website for more details about our latest offering. 


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