Indian Railways is more than just a way of transport. It has been evolving throughout the years to better serve travelers and visitors. It has the distinction of having the world’s fourth biggest railway network, with a total length of 119,630 kilometers. Do you realize that Indian railroads carry over 25 million people every day? That is more than other countries’ whole populations. Some people use the railway to get to work, while others use it to reconnect with loved ones after years away. While for others, it’s a walk down memory lane of fun-filled trips spent with family and friends and making friends with people they first met in their train carriage.

Steel Used in Bridges and Coaches

However, what gives railways their strength and longevity? Infrastructure that is safe and long-lasting is the answer. Stainless steel is used in the most critical components of railways. Track renewal, creating ocean bridges, laying new lines, coaches, wagons, toilets, and washbasins, as well as dustbins are all examples. There’s a reason why railroads prefer stainless steel to aluminum or plastic. Stainless steel has the highest withholding capacity and anti-rust properties of any material. During the Covid-19 epidemic, it became easier to clean and sanitize the whole bus because stainless steel is one of the easiest metals to clean. Although stainless steel is suitable for railway bridges, many bridges in corrosive environments require continual repair and maintenance. High salt concentration in maritime settings increases the risk of collapsing. As a result, the railroads chose duplex stainless-steel pipes and tubes for the bridge’s construction.

Stainless Steel Toilets & Wagons

Every day, Indian Railways collect roughly 6000 tons of solid trash from trains. Previously, garbage was dumped straight onto railway lines. With the support of the DRDO, railroads developed stainless steel Bio-Toilets to go along with the Swachh Bharat Mission. Human waste is converted into water and gas in bio toilets. These hazardous by-products can then be simply dispersed without causing a foul odor or track corrosion. But why should stainless steel be used? Although it is a little pricey, the infrastructure benefits from its eco-friendly, user-friendly, and easy-to-clean qualities.The adoption of stainless-steel wagons as an open wagon has resulted in a weight reduction of around 2.5 tons and a carrying capacity improvement of about 3 tones as compared to steel wagons.

Jindal Stainless and SAIL (Steel Authority India Ltd) Official Steel Supplier of Indian Railways

In 2018, Indian Jindal Stainless controlled over 60% of the stainless-steel coach market. They want to collaborate on the construction of foot over-bridges and rail bridges in future years. Converting coaches to stainless steel, according to Jindal Stainless, would help to reinforce train infrastructure. Railways plan to convert and construct more than 100,000 stainless steel coaches each year over the next four to five years.

SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd) and Indian railroads have been working together for six decades. SAIL has provided passenger coaches, wagons, and locomotives over the years. They primarily designed and manufactured rail tracks or rail lines that could safely handle tons of cargo and accommodate both high-speed trains and big freight trains. Needless to say, the partnership between SAIL and Indian Railways has had a significant impact on the country’s transportation sector.


Stainless steel has played an important role in the development of the country’s infrastructure. Stainless steel is robust, sturdy, long-lasting, and anti-corrosive, which is why so many industries rely on it for eternity. The unbreakable and unstoppable framework of railways would not be possible without stainless steel. Santosh Steel & Pipes India Pvt Ltd is a recognized maker of stainless-steel pipes and stainless-steel tubes in India if you want them for any such industrial applications. Automobiles, sugar mills, petrochemicals, power plants, and oil and gas are among the industries we serve. Please contact us or visit our website to place an order for the highest quality steel items.


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