Stainless Steel Shaker

If you want to join a gym and live a healthy life, you might know about shaker bottles. If you aim to gain muscle without increasing body fat, you need a stainless steel shaker for the purpose. It is also known as a shaker cup or bottle that helps you improve protein intake. In addition, shaker cups make mixing supplements easy for you. This means you do not have to rely on blenders and ordinary plastic water bottles.

What Is a Shaker Bottle? 

A shaker bottle is a liquid carrier allowing you to store your protein shake before/after the workout. Fitness freaks follow diverse exercise patterns for which they need to consume protein. Some like to use it as a pre-workout drink, while others prefer it after the workout. Therefore, they must use a reliable accessory. Shaker bottles come with a lid, mixing ball, and others.

Place the mixing ball into the shaker bottle, add a spoon of powder, and pour some water. Now close the lid and experience a perfect mixing protein. You can also carry the bottle along with you to the fitness club. 

Are Shaker Bottles Expensive?

A Highly searched question online these days by the youngsters looking to start their fitness journey. Shaker bottles, when compared with plastic water carriers, are expensive. However, countless factors can drive up their unit cost. For instance, a shaker cup is made for long-lasting use. On the other hand, plastic bottles start smelling after 2-4 washes.

In contrast, you can wash your shaker bottle several times after use. You will experience there is no smell of the previous drink. Your bottle will come out like a new one after every single wash. 

Another influencing factor of shaker bottles apart from perfect mixing protein is the material. Steel shakers are constructed through a reliable material that withstands the test of time. At the same time, plastic bottles are relatively inexpensive as they are prepared using lightweight material. That is not environment friendly as well.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Shaker 

There are countless benefits of a steel shaker for a gym-goer, such as being odor free, long-lasting, and offering a proper mixing mechanism. On the other hand, a plastic water bottle is not health friendly as the material is of deficient standard. Moreover, these water carriers are not reliable as they wear down quickly. Below we are going to explore the advantages of a shaker bottle.

Stainless Steel Shaker


New athletes often lack proper knowledge knowing where to start. They need high-quality liquid containers to store their protein shakes. Plastic water bottles are not that reliable for their fitness routine. Some newbies turn toward plastic bottles finding them not used later on. If you are a new gym-goer looking to attain a toned body, a steel shaker bottle will help you to walk through the journey. It is easy to use, as you have to add powder and water to make a healthy protein shake. 

When you pour water into the plastic bottle, follow it by adding powder. There will be leftovers of powders even after minutes of mixing, which will make your drink afresh and not healthy at all. A shaker bottle comes with a dedicated mixing ball, often known as a whisk. Which moves inside the bottle while mixing supplements to ensure no particles are left in your protein shake. As a result, you enjoy a healthy, fresh protein shake that replenishes your muscles. 

No Spillage 

Fitness freaks often like to consume shakers after 30-45 minutes after their workout session. A protein shake after a workout offers countless benefits. It goes down directly into your muscles, repairing them quickly. Moreover, it carries essential amino acids, which help improve your overall athletic performance. 

Therefore, it is necessary to store protein shake in a bottle and carry it to the gym. If you use plastic water bottles for this purpose, you might face spillage problems. The lids of plastic water containers are not strong enough to block the liquid from spilling out.

However, shaker cups come with an airtight lead seal, ensuring no spillage. The outer cap locks perfectly on the top, which prevents the spillage of your shake while you are on the travel. This is a good reason why athletes rely heavily on protein shaker bottles.

Your fitness companion 

 A stainless steel shaker is a perfect fitness companion who stays with you throughout your journey. A gym-goer needs to consume new protein shakes before or after the workout. An unhealthy drink can upset your stomach leading to severe health issues. Therefore, using a shaker bottle becomes compulsory, as plastic carriers are unreliable in this regard.

Shaker bottles come with double wall insulation from the inside. Anything you store in them will remain at the same temperature for hours. However, a plastic bottle can not s


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