Summary And How To See Today's Popular Football Odds

Football betting has become a familiar form of entertainment for many people. However, to be able to play more effectively and win more easily, you need to grasp and place a bet at 22Bet. Because it is the basis for us to bet, it is the bridge between the player and the house, and it is also the main and most important content of betting activities. These are the most popular and most loved football bets.

Asian Handicap

In the football betting world, Asian rafters have become very familiar with football bets. The Asian ratio has only 2 doors, the upper door, and the lower door. When the upper door team is rated stronger, and when betting, you have to handicap the door team under a certain number of goals.

When betting on Asia, you need to know the odds on this market, such as the ball handicap (bet 0); ½, ¼, 1, 1 ½. Each of these odds has different rules. Once you understand the meaning of each type, you will find the Asian rafters to be extremely attractive and interesting rafts.

Asian Handicap is a popular type of wager among many players

How To See Asian Football Betting Odds

Ball: This is a tie bet, which means that no team is handicapped. If, at the end of the match, both teams tie. If your team wins, you will get money according to the given ratio.

Half left hand: Quite a few people are also interested in this football betting method. In this case, the top team will have to accept ¼ left. If two teams tie, the first team will lose half of the bet, and the last team will receive the bet. Whenever there is a winning team, whoever bets on the winning team will receive the money according to the given ratio.

Handicap left half: How to see these football odds is also quite simple. You need to understand that the top team will draw with the bottom team. If the match goes on and the two teams tie, the top team will lose.

Handicap 1: With this bet, the top team will accept the lower-hand team with 0.75 left. If you are separated from one table, you will get 1/2 of the money. If separated from two tables, you will eat enough.

Handicap 1 left: The team at the top will handicap the team under 1 left. If the top team only wins the last team by 1 left, both teams will return to the money. Only when the top team wins by 2 goals will they win.

European Handicap

European markets often see the symbol 1X2. This is the simplest and easiest type of football bet to understand. You only need to predict 1 of 3 bets, respectively Win-Draw-Loss: choose 1 for the home team to win, 2 for the away team to win, and X to draw.

How To See European Football Odds

European odds have 3 bet levels: Win – draw – lose. Specifically:

1: You bet the home team will win

X: You will bet two teams draw

2: You bet the away team will win

For effective European bookmakers, you need to pay attention to the correlation between the two teams before the match. Usually, the stronger team will usually have a lower payout percentage than the weaker-rated team. A match can only happen in 3 possibilities, as you know, so this type of bet also only has 3 odds for each of those possibilities, nothing more and nothing less.

Over/Under (O/U)

Over/Under football odds are denoted by O/U. With this type of bet, you need to predict how many goals will be scored. Accordingly, the reputable bookie will give you a number, and you will predict whether the total number of goals scored is above or below that number.

How To View Over/Under Bets

When talking about how to bet on football Over and Under, the focus is on the number of goals scored in the match. An example for you to understand is:

If the odds are X, you choose Over; then you will bet that the total number of goals is greater than X. Otherwise if you choose Under, you are betting the total number of goals is less than X. If, in the case of the total number of goals. Target equals X; then your bet will be returned.

Over/Under is a bet on the number of goals

Other Football Bets

From the basic house odds, many other types of football bets have developed, and it is this diversity that has created an attractive playground for you.

Vibration Bets

This is one of the new football bets but is very popular with players. Unlike other types of bets that must be placed before the match, a victor bet is a bet that is placed while the match is in progress and is only placed for a certain time. This bet is often associated with Over & Under and has high odds, so it is very attractive to players.

Corner Kick

It is a type of side bet, but every time the house gives a corner, Accordingly, the player will predict the number of corners for each team. The bookie also offers many attractive corner bets, such as the first team will take the corner, the last team will take the corner, and the corner will be over and over.

Odds Bets

This is also a prevalent type of bet in football betting. When odds bets have a very large payout, you need to spend a small amount of money, but when the prediction is correct, the player can earn a lot of money, many times the original capital. However, predicting this bet is not easy because players need to predict the match’s score accurately.

A corner bet is a new type of bet put on the betting table by the bookie

Penalty Bets

The cornerstone is a new type of rafter put on the betting table by the house.

Very Useful Football Betting Tips For Newbies

Although football betting has results based on guesswork and has an element of chance, you must not bet on emotions. Still, you must approach the betting floor wisely and with strategy, methodology, and analysis. Suitable integration.

After grasping the football odds, to ensure victory, you can refer to the following useful betting tips:

  • Carefully read the football odds and distinguish the types of bets. Carefully check, and pay attention to the rankings of the two teams; the current form, the lineup, and the playing style of the players.
  • Refer to the comment articles and pre-match judgments of experts to make the correct decision.
  • Manage a reasonable football betting budget by dividing the betting capital. For players with a lot of capital, the double bet – the next game doubles the previous game until it wins and loses – is super effective.
  • Monitor and update the bookie’s bets carefully because the house will often change the odds close to the time the match takes place.
  • In addition, it is necessary to know the trick to choosing the football bets; that is, if the stronger team plays away, the house will make a bet from ½ – 1 left. The strength is not much different at this time, so if you choose the bottom team, the probability of winning the bet will be higher. You should bet on the away team to catch the ball if the two sides have equal forces.

Where To Check Football Odds?

For fast betting and the safest football betting, you should skip placing bets through an intermediary (scorer) and create a live account, dealing directly with the bookies to place your bets. There are many bookie options for players to have the best experience.

With common advantages such as long operating time, good player information security, high odds, and easy transactions besides, each bookmaker has different characteristics, so you also need to look for them.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, you have given yourself useful information about popular football bets and how to see the correct odds.


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