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10 health benefits of swimming The health benefits of swimming represent a large list. Everyone can swim without contraindications. This pleasure has been well-known since childhood. How much fun it is to swim a race with friends. The bathing season is short. But the pool allows you to swim in the cold season. It remains only to join the pool and take swimming accessories. Being in the water is good for both physical and mental health. In this article, you will find an additional motivation to go to the pool because of the benefits of swimming. What are the health benefits of swimming? Improve your posture and joints We spend most of the day at the computer. Swimming can significantly improve your posture. The spine experiences fewer gravitational loads, motions stimulate the state of the back muscles, chest, and lower back. Swimming is the best cure for slouching. Water makes your joints more flexible. You can also swim during exacerbations: cooling relieves pain, and smooth movements have the massage effect. Fit figure It seems that during swimming, the legs and arms work the most. The muscles of the press experience tension, too. To pump up your torso, give preference to the butterfly style. One of the evident benefits of swimming in health is fat burning. And the number of calories that you will spend is impressive. Many muscle groups are involved in the work at once. The cold water helps to spend extra energy. Healthy lungs, heart, and blood Professionals started their careers to get rid of asthma attacks. Proper breathing and moist air have a beneficial effect on the lungs. With regular swimming classes, the heart rate decreases (up to 45-50 beats per minute at rest), and the maximum power of the heart increases (up to 200 contractions). Even after a single swim, the blood composition changes: the number of red blood cells and the level of hemoglobin increases. What else can we say about the benefits of swimming every day? Alternative to the gym A swimming pool can be a great alternative when you don’t have the energy to work out in the gym or don’t want to run in the rain. Promise yourself that you will swim at a comfortable pace. After 5-10 minutes of relaxing, you may have the strength for a workout. And if not, don’t criticize yourself: it’s better than nothing. Digital Detox Even in the gym and on the running track, people don’t part with smartphones. In the pool, you will not even be available for calls. You won’t check your email or Instagram likes for at least an hour. Is it the greatest benefit of swimming in relation to mental health? Gentle training Swimming is excellent for recovering from an injury. It perfectly complements running classes, contributing to faster muscle recovery than rest days without any physical activity at all. Relaxing & Increasing intelligence The health benefits of swimming reflect in stress relief. The noise of the water distracts from the problems. Low temperature has a salubrious effect on the nervous system. If you can’t relax after a day, and you can’t sleep for a long time at night, go to the pool. Movement in the water requires special coordination, and vigorous breathing during an intense swim saturates the blood with oxygen. To make your swimming experience more active, swim in different styles at a fast pace. Cold-water hardening Water treatments strengthen the immune system and the body’s protective functions. But it is not so easy to decide on pouring ice water or even on a contrast shower. But in the pool, cold water is perceived quite naturally. Fighting temptation Sometimes in the evening, you just don’t have the strength to fight your bad habits. Swimming can become your faithful assistant. It will take an hour of your time. After swimming, your mood is guaranteed to improve, and there will be no need for an extra cake or a glass of wine. Fun for the whole family Swimming is a sport that is available at any age. From the earliest years, children enjoy being in the pool. There are a dozen health benefits of swimming for kids. And for the elderly, it is a safe way to keep fit. Go to the pool with the whole family! What are the benefits of swimming in our health? Let’s sum up the benefits of swimming for health: Correction of the body shape. Improving the spine and posture. Improving joint health. Increasing the endurance of the cardiovascular system. Beneficial effect on the lungs. Getting rid of excess fat. Release from fatigue, stress, and bad habits.

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