Teeth whitening preparing for a laser teeth whitening procedure
 Teeth whitening preparing for a laser teeth whitening procedure


 Having discolored teeth is more deeming and utterly disgusting than not having any teeth. Your teeth are the first and foremost thing that any person notices when you meet them. one cannot do much to their teeth except for brushing them regularly. The maintenance of oral hygiene is not just sufficient for having whiter teeth. You need to seek some proper teeth whitening treatments if you have fairly discolored and stained teeth. People living in Dubai are very concerned with their teeth and a lot of them go for teeth whitening in Dubai when they want to achieve a perfect smile with a sparkling white look. 

What are the causes of tooth discoloration?

The dentist typically divides or classifies it into intrinsic standing and extrinsic staining.

Intrinsic stains 

Intrinsic stains are those that cause discoloration as a result of any internal disruption occurring in the tooth.

Tetracycline staining

Any woman who has taken tetracycline antibiotics during her pregnancy will cause the gray discoloration in the child when he or she grows up. This basically occurs during the tooth bud formation in intrauterine life. 

Trauma to the tooth

Normally whenever a candidate comes to our dental practice then with the complain of this colour teeth after any history of fall or drama the first and farmers thing we can identify is the exposure of the pulp this exposure causes Grace discoloration because of the accumulation of blood in the pulp. 

Extrinsic staining 

Extrinsic stains are those that adhere to the teeth’s surface as a result of external influences.


Tea, coffee alcohol are certain drinks that consist of added colors. These stains are not easy to remove and require a prompt treatment such as a teeth whitening treatment in Dubai.

 Smoking and betel nut chewing

People who are habitual of smoking and betel nut chewing have the worst staining possible on their teeth. Only teeth whitening procedures may effectively remove the stains and discolouration because they are so severe.

What are the Teeth whitening treatments in Dubai

Scaling and polishing

It entails removing the tartar and plaque that have built up on the teeth. It uses an ultrasonic device known as scalar which gently clears off the plaque along with brushing of the water to the surface to avoid friction. 

Note that scaling will only remove the extrinsic stainings that are present on the tooth and will not whiten it up.

 dental veneers

Dental veneers are a plastic like coating that goes onto the surface of the teeth and then cured. It instantly whitens the teeth, fills up the presence of spaces and hides imperfections present on the teeth. There are three types of dental veneers available are porcelain veneers, Emax dental veneers and composite Veneers. 

Bleaching as teeth whitening treatment

Office bleaching using hydrogen peroxide is a common method in which the dentist applies a 10% layer of hydrogen peroxide diluted all over the surface of the teeth. It is left over for 10 to 15 seconds and is then washed off. The results are instant and highly effective. 

Laser teeth whitening treatment

Laser teeth whitening treatment is considered as the best teeth whitening treatment in Dubai because of its longevity , immediate results and effectiveness. 

How is the procedure for laser teeth whitening treatment carried out?

As far as laser teeth whitening is considered, zoom laser whitening tops the list. This is how the treatment works: 

The dentist first sends the patient for scaling and polishing to remove the stains and plaque. 

Once the area is cleaned and clear 10% of hydrogen peroxide is applied all through the surface.

A laser beam focused device is then shown on to the surfaces of the teeth approximately for 10 to 15 seconds focusing on the target areas.

The hydrogen peroxide layer is washed off and the patient is checked for the results.

What is the mode of action of laser whitening treatment? 

After hydrogen peroxide is applied to the tooth surface, a laser beam is emitted. This light breaks down the oxygen in the hydrogen peroxide and penetrates deeper into the tooth surface, making the tooth whiter and cleaner.

The bottom line: 

Getting a teeth whitening treatment is completely safe and secure. There are no hazards related to it, you just need to follow the aftercare properly. If you are looking for an ideal teeth whitening treatment then the Dynamic Clinic situated in the suburb of Dubai has the lowest cost of teeth whitening treatment in Dubai. Apart from that they have a highly well versed and top-notch dentist that strives to provide best treatments. 



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