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Every student has a dream to get 90%+ marks in board exams. And to achieve this dream, most of the students give their 100%, but most fail. Because only doing 100% is not sufficient to get more than 90% marks in the board exam. You have to do some smart work with your hard work. That’s the only key to scoring good marks in the board examination.

This article will tell you how to score above 90% in your board examination. We will give some best strategies and tips to help every board exam aspirant.

Ten Best Tips to Score above 90% Marks in the Board Exam

1. Manage Your Time Smartly

When you have less time, the first thing you should focus on is time management. “The key to success is not spending time but investing time.” Your fate depends on how well you manage your board exam preparation time. To successfully prepare for your board examination, prepare a study schedule based on your strength and weaknesses. Your study schedule should be realistic. Stick with it religiously. Make sure you give sufficient time to prepare each subject based on your capacity and the vastness of the syllabus. 

2. Give Preference To Your Textbook

If you are a CBSE Board student, do not get distracted by many reference books. For the board exams (Class 10 and Class 12), NCERT books with Ncert solution are enough. Try to solve as many questions as possible from NCERT and NCERT exemplar. NCERT books are suitable for your board exam point of view and are great for competitive exams like JEE Mains and NEET. 

3. Shift Between Different Subjects

No one like study Chemistry or Maths for the whole day. Study two to three subjects every day to reduce the chance of losing interest very quickly.

Don’t pick all easy subjects or topics for the day, and don’t overload yourself with topics that seem difficult. To maximize results, start your day with an easy topic for an hour or so; once you complete it, take a difficult subject.

4. Study in small chunks

It’s one of the most effective study techniques if you have a vast syllabus to cover. Divide your syllabus into small-small chunks. Then prepare each part according to your study schedule. It will help you a better understand each topic. A small-scale study will help you to understand the segment in a short amount of time. This technique will be helpful during revision.

5. Do Not Neglect Language

Usually, students with PCM, PCB, and Commerce background tends to focus on all the subjects other than language. But each subject has equal weightage in your mark sheet.

It has been seen that language subjects like English and Hindi often boost a student’s overall marks in the examination. It would be best if you gave equal importance to all the subjects.

6. Prepare Short Notes

 This is one of the most crucial steps for your board exam preparation. Well-maintained notes will help you achieve above 90% in the board examination. At the time of the revision, notes are beneficial. They let you cover a vast range of topics at the last minute. Short notes help you pinpoint the concept of the topic. 

7. Take Regular Breaks

 So many studies have shown that taking breaks during your study session positively affects your ability to focus. Taking breaks is if you have 2 hours of a study session, divide it into four 30 minutes sessions. Study for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes break. After completing the session, take an extended break of 15 minutes or so.

8. Revise Every day

Revise every day what you have learned. It will help you strengthen your memory more effectively. If you neglect the daily revision, you will easily forget it in the next few days. Research has shown that if you study daily, it will sharpen your learning abilities and give you a clear understanding of such points you may not previously know.

9. Give Mock Tests and Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solve sample papers as often as possible. It will boost your confidence. Solving sample papers and previous year’s questions will help you master topics, boost your confidence, and increase your speed and accuracy. Last year’s exam papers let you familiarize yourself with the repeated questions of the board exam.

Studying by solving sample problems and previous year’s questions papers has more advantages one can think of. It helps you to identify your weaknesses. 

10. Eat Healthily, Sleep Well, and Take Care of   Your Health

Eating healthy and nutritious food is good for your physical health. But do you think it also affects your mental health? Yes, nutritious food is good for body and mind growth. The most important thing during the exam is a healthy mind. It is recommended to save energy during the exam. After a lot of activity, the body also becomes tired. So, you need 6-7 hours of sleep. This will help you achieve efficient functioning of your body and mind at this critical moment.


Getting above 90% marks is difficult, but following these tips can help you achieve this with a lot of ease. Proper planning and strategies are always the best solutions during the examination. Practice more and more, give mock tests, solve previous year’s question papers, revise the curriculum daily, follow your NCERT textbooks and work on your weaknesses.



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