With the rise of global warming and air pollution caused by the manufacturing and warehouse industries, many businesses are opting for eco-friendly equipment. Hence, for cooling as well, these organizations are focused on using industrial air cooler instead of traditional air conditioners that leave a huge amount of carbon dioxide footprint in the atmosphere.

The demand for industrial coolers is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% between 2021 and 2027. With this forecast, many HVAC manufacturers are focusing on this market to grow their business.

The Benefits of Industrial Coolers

There are many benefits that these coolers provide, including:

A Cost-cutting tool

If you have an organization with 50–100 or more employees working under you, it is essential for you to provide them with a comfortable and fresh atmosphere, especially in summer. For that, many workplaces use central air conditioners as their go-to cooling product.

However, air conditioners cost more than air coolers, whether it’s for installation, per unit purchase, or electricity bills. Normally, industrial coolers can cost between INR 25000 and 100,000 per piece, and their installation cost is also lower than ACs.

Lower CO2 Emissions

Unlike ACs that use CFC gas as their refrigerant, industrial coolers use water and fresh air for their evaporation mechanism to cool the air. This allows air coolers to be 100% eco-friendly and leave no carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

Easy Maintenance

Air coolers don’t need a lot of maintenance and it is less costly as well. If you need to clean the industrial cooler, then you can ask cleaning workers to do that for you.

For cleaning the coolers, just bring out the cooling pads and wash them with water. Keep the water tank clean as well to stay safe from bacteria that develop in water.

Fresh Air

Air coolers bring fresh air from outside to indoors, which makes them suitable for keeping the air clean and breathable and indoor environments healthy. Coolers don’t recirculate the same air from indoor areas to keep the area cool.

No Airtight Indoors

Another major benefit of air coolers is that you don’t have to shut the doors and windows for them to cool the area. They majorly use outside air to cool the area. Because of that, if you keep the area shut or airtight, it affects their ability to cool effectively.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for the home or for large organizational spaces, air coolers are a great cooling and cost-saving tool. There are many companies that provide industrial coolers. You can choose which suits your budget and needs best.

One economical and trustworthy brand for purchasing HVAC products is Degree Day. The company offers various types of air-cooling products such as desert coolers, industrial coolers, duct coolers, etc. Apart from this, they also manufacture air purifying products as well.

Are they harmful for our health?

Living at a temperature range of 20 to 22 °C is important, according to the WHO (World Health Organization). However, it is impossible to adjust the temperature in a hot summer to meet our body’s needs. We trust air conditioners and evaporative devices like duct and desert cooler for that.

However, a lot of people believe that air conditioners and coolers are bad for people who have asthma. It may be true that air conditioners employ gas as a refrigerant, which is unhealthy, rather than blowing fresh air into the room.

In order to protect asthma patients from airborne dust or mould, it’s critical to keep air cooler vents clean and water-absorbing sheets in place.

Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of air coolers for our health.

The Benefits of Coolers

No Harmful Gases

As we’ve already mentioned, the usage of gases as a refrigerant in air conditioners harms both the atmosphere inside and outside of our homes. Coolers, on the other hand, use water as their refrigerant and chill the air through evaporation.

Everybody wants to live sustainably, therefore businesses are seizing the chance to both assist the world become more sustainable and to expand their own businesses. Instead of the outdated practice of utilizing air conditioners to cool down the office, many businesses now use industrial air coolers.

Let’s now explain how these industrial coolers are both economical and environmentally friendly.


It’s crucial to understand how much energy or power an appliance will use before you purchase it. Industrial coolers are an example of an eco-friendly equipment that uses less electricity overall, resulting in cheap monthly energy costs.

Air coolers use around eight times less electricity than air conditioners do. By doing this, you help the environment and save money.


In comparison to air conditioners, industrial coolers are inexpensive. For the huge space’s AC, you must purchase a central system, which might cost several lakhs of rupees.

Coolers, on the other hand, only cost Rs 30,000 to 50,000 per unit. For as little as Rs 25,000, you can purchase an industrial cooler with a 4-500 liter water tank.

Many air cooler manufacturers offer industrial air cooler services, which is a cost-effective way for them to build coolers that are suitable for your business, your space, and your budget.

Cheap Installation

Air coolers are easier and less expensive to install than air conditioners when it comes to installation time and cost. Industrial air coolers can occasionally be moved around, saving you money on installation costs.

Clean Air

The air is kept clean and fresh using evaporative systems, like duct coolers and industrial coolers. You might be asking now how having clean air will help you save money.

When employees work in a clean environment, they remain healthy and energized, which leads to great work performance. When employees work effectively, the business succeeds. In other words, you should prefer air coolers over air conditioners not just for yourself but also for your staff.

Growth of mosquitoes

Coolers’ water tanks must be filled in order for them to function, which can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes that spread diseases like malaria and other pathogens into the air. As a result, it is essential to regularly replace the water in the cooler and to maintain it clean.

The Disadvantages of Air Coolers

Moisture Levels

Since air coolers employ an evaporative process to chill air, they may result in high humidity levels in enclosed spaces. High humidity can make you feel tired and sleepy and make your body overheat, which can lead to heat strokes. According to some specialists, it can also result in mental disorders like sadness and insomnia.

If you keep your space air-packed, it is advisable to utilize dehumidifiers to maintain proper humidity levels. Simply put the dehumidifier close to your cooler for it to absorb all the moisture generated by the cooler.

Final Remarks

Eco-friendly electric appliances are the finest for both residential and business use if you want to save money or the environment. Don’t be hesitant to purchase industrial coolers for your business, warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any other area with a lot of open space.

The greatest option for you if you’re installing an air-cooling system might be Degree Day. The business creates and produces HVAC equipment, such as industrial coolers, duct coolers, air conditioners, ventilation systems, refrigerators, and more.

In addition, the business offers continual customer support in the event that a product malfunctions.


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