Car Services

Understanding the limitations of your vehicle is very important for its overall use. When one uses or buys a vehicle of their own, they often believe that it will keep performing very well for a long time. Seldom does this happen? If one does not invest in their vehicle at a regular pace, it starts showing signs of damage. A vehicle, when new, will be able to perform immaculately.

However, as time passes by, different issues start showing up and require an MOT Maidstone test to ensure functionality. This is because persistent performance can lead to wear and tear in different components of the car. When it comes to the important components of the car such as the engine, brakes, tyres, and clutch, one can see a stark difference in performance if there is any possible damage.

Almost all parts of the vehicle can incur damage from time to time. Even though there are different types of damage that can remain out of our control, one must still be proactive in the care of their car. If one regularly follows up with the maintenance and inspection of their car, there is little chance that anything major might happen.

Moreover, the inspector of the car or the mechanic will have a chance to look at and understand the problems with your car. This way he will be able to determine to what extent damage can happen to the car. Even if there is no sign of damages or need for replacement and repairs, a timely check will ensure that no such need ever arises. The expertise and professional advice of a mechanic can help extend the lifespan of your car exponentially.


The multiple components of the car may end up needing replacement and repair from time to time. In order to make sure that one does not have to head to their local garage, again and again, all such repairs and replacements come under-car service. A vehicle that does not receive car service at the right time will be under a lot of pressure. It is important to take note that a vehicle is also a machine, and therefore, requires suitable steps for its overall performance.

It is possible for certain people to ignore the importance of voluntary car service. This is why MOT is a compulsory test for all cars. If your car does not clear the MOT test, it will not have the privilege of driving on the roads. The safety and performance of your car also affect the same as others, which is exactly why a car service Maidstone is extremely important.

Most people decide to get a car service just before their MOT test. This would allow them to fix any damages and they would consequently, clear their MOT Test in one go. Here are a few kinds of car services that are available across all garages:


Not all vehicles deliver the same level of performance. Even though the mileage that a vehicle delivers also depends on the requirements of the vehicle and that of the driver, the performance of a vehicle still differs. When a vehicle drives around persistently for long distances, it will cover more mileage than an average vehicle. If a vehicle simply drives around for short distances and short time, it will cover less mileage.

This initial difference is what sets the prerequisite for the number of car services. If your vehicle covers more mileage or over 20,000 miles in distances, it should ideally receive two-car service. An interim car service happens after every six months and covers all the basic and important checks of a vehicle. The engine oil receives a change, the filter as well. The brake system receives a thorough inspection and as for the tyres, they get an inspection for their tread and sidewall.


A full car service is necessary for vehicles that deliver an adequate amount of mileage and not a lot. So for vehicles that drive around 12,000 miles, they should receive this service. Alternatively, after every twelve months, a car should receive a full car service. This service also includes comprehensive checks of the engine, tyre and brakes. The electrical components of the car such as the battery and the motor receive a thorough check. The radiator and the coolant of the vehicle receive an inspection as well. Finally, the spark plugs of petrol cars get a change.

A vehicle that does not receive a car service will fail to perform brilliantly. Therefore, one should regularly follow up with their car service.


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