An essential need of the new age market is having a website for your business. This is regardless of the industry’s business verticals or the functional expertise. Hire backend developer who can cater to your coding needs. An essential yet complex and tricky task is choosing the correct programming language and technology for backend development. A fair comparison between the five nicest and greatest backend technologies for web app development in 2021 has been discussed below.


A javascript-based solution is what node.js is. Already aware of this language is the majority of the developer’s community. The developers have a good command of this language. This is why hiring a node.js developer is much easier and less time consuming for businesses. 

Ultimate Faster Implementations

Popularly known for high performance is node.js. built on google chrome’s javascript v8 engine, it is allowed to compile the codes directly into the code machine. This results in faster implementation ultimately. Node.js supports the non-blocking input or output operations in addition to this. This, in turn, reduces the response time of the server.

Default Package That Is Free To Access

Npm is the default package for node.js. It has more than 350000 tools that are available in the registry. They are free to access. The developers are given a plethora of options to choose from. One of the most potent frameworks of node.js is express.js. it is the simplest to access and it ensures the fastest yet most opinionated solution.


Faster Backend Development Is Ensured By One Of The Simpler Languages

Python boasts of a simple yet straightforward language for development. This is one of the primary reasons for hiring a python developer. Everyday English language has resembled python’s syntax. This feature makes it easier to read, learn and also use for more advanced levels of work. Therefore, it is widely used for web development, software development and much more.

Abundance Of Libraries And Frameworks Support It

Organizations are picking Python for backend development in 2021 because it is supported by a plethora of frameworks and libraries. This makes ir easier for it to integrate with other languages. Automation garbage collection, GUI support and much more are highly ensured by it.

Trending Technologies Such As AI And ML Have High Compatibility With It

The compatibility of python makes it the latest choice for industry demanding technologies. In other words, it makes it the most preferred amongst Indian developers. Just in case where you are planning well to build a robust application, collaborating with the developers should be a nice decision. Hire a dedicated backend developer today to meet the needs of your robust application.


Has The Compatibility Of Multiple Platforms

A universal programming language is what Kotlin really is. You can hence hire a web developer and leverage a straightforward yet seamless experience in order to transform applications from one platform to the other.

Very Easy To Implement And Learn

Instead of the field of academics, Kotlin has come from the industry. Hence, kotlin is much more straightforward than Java itself. It actually solves the real challenges and problems that programmers face. There are also much fewer requirements for code writing. Also, the language is less prone to errors. It allows the developers to find the errors quickly.

Security And Safety While Usage

Your development project might be really complicated. However, data security is always essential to growing in the modern world of business. In order to add a layer of security, hiring Kotlin developers is a really worthy decision.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on rails has an aim. It intends to simplify the process of website and mobile app development. It further plays a pivotal role in the reduction of time spent. The time is spent in order to standardize the task.

Ror is much slower than python. However, it helps in the reduction of twenty-five percent website development time. This is especially as compared to the other programming languages. In case you are all set to kick off your web development projects, you can surely hire a dedicated backend developer from software outsourcing company.

Ruby on rails has a code that is extremely crisp. Moreover, it is also consistent and clear. This is one of the most time-efficient frameworks in the world. It saves a huge amount of time on development as well. A large community of programmers is boasted by ruby on rails. Developers will have a large number of experts to reply to them instantly if they face any issues during development projects.

Seventy to eighty percent of codes on Ruby on rails can be reused easily for web app development. Also, experts can help you to save a nice amount of time on development.


Another really popular programming language is Java. As a backend web development, it is widely used for developing enterprise-scale web applications. The web applications go along with android app development, desktop app development and other scientific apps. These require object-oriented programming language. 

This programming language is solely based on the write once run anywhere principle. These codes can be executed on any platform. It supports java without the need for recompilation. Around eight million Java developers worldwide have a strong faith in this programming language.

Popularity Of Java

Java is solely based on JavaScript. It has existed for over 15 years for the purpose of web development in the community. This is why leading companies like Adobe, Flipkart and amazon have highly enhanced the functionalities of their app. This is by simply hiring Java developers.

Wrapping up

Every programming language is known to have its own pros and cons. There is absolutely no standard programming language that fits all the requirements of the business. You can definitely hire full-stack developers in order to understand which programming language is better suited for your project.


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