Finding the greatest digital marketing agency isn’t exactly a stroll in the park, as anybody who has tried will attest to. Who do you believe when everyone claims to be the best? You can conduct a Google search, but there will likely be 100 million results on average.

I’ve sorted through the best of the best and compiled a list of the top digital marketing businesses you can hire right now to spare you the bother. I’ve included some information about each company, including what it does best, how much it charges, and who it’s best suited for.

You may need to work with the top digital marketing service if you want to scale up quickly and expand your local, online, or blogging business to its maximum potential.

OMR digital

A digital marketing company called OMR digital focuses on sophisticated SEO operations. The team collaborates with customers to create a strategy that starts with locating and removing issues. Before working to establish a recognisable brand by combining the appropriate techniques.

OMR Digital generally works with a small number of specialised industries, such as dentist offices, HVAC businesses, landscaping businesses, legal offices, roofers, pest control businesses, and plumbers. A customised dashboard that displays plans in action is provided to clients, and specialists provide a variety of services, such as content marketing, SEO, design, development, and more.

SEO, web design and development, content strategy, data analytics, local SEO, sponsored search, and social media are among the services offered.

OMR Digital serves as the research engine for all innovative marketing plans used by multinational corporations. To help their clients reach their goals, they provide specialised services. OMR Group is run by the most seasoned and qualified professionals that provide specialised solutions to propel your organisation.

Digital Growth Hackers

Because Digital Growth Hackers balances targeted traffic, branding, client acquisition, conversion, and customer retention, it is the ideal location to expand your online business. The organisation has assisted several startups, well-known brands, and businesses all over the world in finding success thanks to a strong team of digital professionals and a focus on return on investment (ROI).

Services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App Store Optimization (ASO), Content Marketing, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Ads, as well as Analytics and Reports, Creatives, and Messaging.

Mumbai and Bengaluru are the places which they serve.


WATConsult is a one-stop shop for companies looking to leave an impression on their target market. It provides media innovations, programmatic and e-commerce consultancy, website and app development, among other things. It also provides digital marketing service and consulting services.

Digital marketing and consultancy, mobile marketing, digital video creation, digital and social content, e-commerce consulting, reputation management online, development of websites and apps, search engine optimization (SEO), and other services are provided.

Mumbai, Haryana, and Bangalore are the places they serve.


Leading digital marketing firm Performics places a strong emphasis on providing its customers with individualised, interactive media and content experiences. The agency’s methods correspond to how people think through an intelligent optimization loop and real-time experience management in the market.

Performics is organised internationally to provide extensive customer service across several markets. By identifying novel uses for data, consumer intent signals, technology, media, and content, it seeks to redefine performance.

Performance Media Planning, Consultative Services, Voice Benchmarking, Affiliate Program Management, Mass Acquisition Media Services, Content Strategy, Conversion Optimization & User Experience, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Planning & Insights Services, including Behavioural Analysis, Consumer Demand Analysis, etc., Analytics & Technology Services, Conversation to Commerce (C2C), and PFX Consulting are some of the services offered.

Places they serve: Bangalore, Mumbai, and Gurgaon

2022 Popular Trends in Digital Marketing

A Metaverse

The idea of a virtual, 3D universe that combines several virtual places is known as the metaverse. It enables users to interact with one another, play games, collaborate, and socialise in 3D environments including virtual reality, augmented reality, and video. There is a lot more to it than those online games. Although the metaverse is not yet fully developed, people can interact with it on various platforms that have metaverse-like features.

Targeted Marketing

It is essentially marketing to a certain group of people. Targeting one good or service to build a stronger relationship with a certain group of audiences is the basis of niche marketing.

Dealing in a niche market helps you have a deeper understanding of the wants, needs, and expectations of your clients. Additionally, making direct connections with your target market creates your authority, which eventually serves as a brand magnet.

Augmented and virtual reality

A technology called augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to improve experiences in the real world. These interactive experiences are made possible by using digital sound, visual, and other sensory aspects. One of the biggest technological trends today is augmented reality (AR). Which is only expected to grow as more and more devices with augmented reality capabilities become available worldwide.

On the other hand, virtual reality has received a lot of attention in technology, which has stoked people’s fantasies about fantastical worlds. However, because of its stronger integration into everyday activities, augmented reality still prevails.

Video marketing

One of the most well-liked digital marketing trends in 2022 will be video marketing, and this is likely to be the case for many years to come.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We must not neglect Search Engine Optimization, which comes in last. It is a marketing fad that is invincible. In order to improve their website’s rating on search engines and eventually get long-lasting results, website owners must use SEO. However, we no longer view SEO as a fad and instead view it as a tactic used by digital marketers to drive steady traffic to their websites.

With experts at your side, stay one step ahead of the competition

You need experts, the top digital marketing agency in India, if you are a product- or service-based business hoping to keep up with the current digital marketing trends. The most crucial item to deal with is the services associated with both current and forthcoming trends. The top digital marketing company in India steps in at this point to provide you the finest possible answers


Brands must be adept at using targeted marketing and social media platforms, as well as producing in-depth, compelling content and gaining a thorough grasp of their target market. Even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable in SEO, social media, and PPC, it’s understandably difficult to master all of this internally.

Nowadays, a lot of industries are expanding quickly. In India, a profession in digital marketing like OMR Digital may carry a lot of responsibility for both general marketing and advertising. In India, advertising is a crucial task that has a lot of weight in terms of marketing in general.

Many companies in India employ people to work in marketing and self-promotion. In the modern world, it doesn’t matter if your company is profitable or not—you need to employ digital marketing.

As organisations and markets expand and evolve, developing a marketing platform is now essential. As a result, businesses that provide digital marketing service in India and throughout the world are now more profitable. There were just 50 digital marketing companies in India previously, but there are currently more than 1000 of them there.


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