Slippers for Kids

When you’re packing for a family vacation, it is important to remember to bring a few different types of footwear for all the places you end up going. A common mistake is to throw on a pair of shoes for the car ride, then forget to pack any extra pairs. The space in your suitcase is more than worth using for the proper footwear. You don’t want kids complaining that their feet hurt, and you don’t want to be stuck in sandals when you’re hiking to the once-in-a-lifetime lookout. For a family vacation that’s both memorable and comfortable, grab the right shoes. You might want some slippers for kids to hit the continental breakfast, boots to hike in, and even a nice sandal for dinner at night. Here’s how you can pack footwear options and be ready for anything on your next family vacation.

Slippers for Kids and Adults to Wear at the Hotel

The hotel is your base camp during your vacation. It is where you start every morning and finish every night. This may be an afterthought when planning for your footwear, but starting and ending your days on the right note is crucial. Otherwise, you won’t look forward to the rest and relaxation the hotel can offer. Take every chance you get to wind down and relax while the kids go for a swim or hit the breakfast bar in the morning. The hotel is the best place to wear slippers for kids and adults. Here’s why.

After a long day on your feet, you get to come back to the hotel, kick off the shoes, and slip into the cozy comfort of a sheepskin footbed. Your feet are sure to love the soft texture and warmth these slippers provide. That way, you can relax and kick your feet up on the bed in your comfy slippers. When you wake up in the morning, your whole family can put on matching pairs of slippers for kids and adults and head down to the breakfast buffet. With high-quality pairs of slippers, you might just be the most comfortable family in the hotel.

Casual Boots You Will Love Wearing in Town

You’re in a new city, so it’s time to explore. Get the lay of the land and find great spots you had never heard of before. You’ll find bookstores, restaurants, shops, and landmarks that will make you fall in love with your vacation destination. What better way to get around than with comfortable, casual boots that can keep up with you?

Don’t make the mistake of wearing shoes that aren’t comfortable on these long adventures in the city. Find something that offers the perfect fit, like wide width womens boots or artisan men’s boots that give you the room you need. Kids especially need comfortable shoes that are easy to take on and off, and boots can be a great option. That way, the whole family can quickly get ready to explore the town.

Wide Width Womens Boots to Get You to the Mountain Top

Almost anywhere you go, there’s that one hiking spot you just have to see. It might be right outside of town and easy enough for the entire family to enjoy. Thank goodness you brought your hikers, or you could be climbing the mountain in nothing but sandals. The best hiking shoes can stand up to the elements and keep your feet supported through the whole journey. Your family will thank you when their feet aren’t sore by the end of the adventure.

When you are on the trail, you want shoes that aren’t too small. A narrow shoe can rub against your feet and cause blisters. If you find regular width sizes too narrow, wide width womens boots and men’s boots can give you a roomier fit and keep your feet comfy. Find a boot treated with water-resistant technology and a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsole so everyone can enjoy the trail no matter what nature brings your way.

Shoes That Easily Slip On and Off for the Beach

When you are headed to the beach, you want shoes that are easy to take on and off. Sandals are a perfect option for you and the kids to wear. Instead of braving the hot sidewalks and sand barefoot, you can slip on a pair of sandals to get to the beachfront in comfort. Plus, a shoe that slips on and off easily means you won’t have to waste any time with laces when you could already be relaxing in the sand. So what makes a good beach sandal?

The perfect pair of beach sandals are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. You also want something sturdy and comfortable to wear. This will definitely help if you are walking to the beach from your hotel. A leather strap can keep your foot locked into place and give you a secure walking experience. Once you’ve found your spot on the beach, slip your sandals into your bag and enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes.

Don’t Forget the All-Important Travel Shoes

Often overlooked on vacation are the all-important travel shoes. The whole family needs footwear for the long car journey or flight to make it to and from your destination. Maybe it’s just a short flight to a bordering state, or you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip. Either way, the best travel shoes can set the tone for the journey ahead. How can you tell if a shoe is good for wearing while traveling?

Slippers for kids and adults make good travel shoes. They can get you in and out of the car for quick stops at gas stations or restaurants. A thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsole gets you where you need to go in comfort. At the same time, a wool blend lining keeps you comfortable during long hours in the car or on the plane. If you want something even more versatile, fuzzy boots are a cozy option, too. Your feet can also stay warm for early morning departure times. Forget putting on clunky sneakers at 6 a.m. for a road trip. Add a little bit of warmth to your morning with slippers or slip-on boots.


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