Home decor is incomplete without floor rugs. These are huge investments for our homes, but rugs are easy to get dirt. They are required to clean every three to four weeks. But rug cleaning is a tiresome process, and you have to wash it carefully. Nowadays, people are spending money on less time taking products; the same goes for the rugs. People are now investing in machine washable and easy to clean rugs. But the question is,“ are rugs machine washable? The answer is yes. You can wash rugs depending on the material and size. There are many rugs in the market nowadays, which are easy to clean, making them the best investment for your home. 

How To Get The Best Machine-Washable Rug

Nowadays, machine washable rugs are gaining popularity. People refer to buying easy-to-clean material. They are mostly synthetic and low-pile rugs. We here reveal some tips to get the best washable rugs for your dream home.

Check Detail Description

Always check the description of the rug in detail. Read washing instructions carefully. Ask the seller directly. Sometimes we are misled, and we find it hard to clean rugs instead. The label of the rug should contain instructions on how to clean it. Some rugs might need professional cleaning for the best results. To hire a cleaner, find out if there is a service center of your preferred company nearby. Some carpets can be cleaned by vacuuming only, and those cannot be washed in machines, especially hand-knotted rugs.


Machine washable rugs are mostly of synthetic fibers. They are primarily machine-made. Think twice before buying a natural fiber rug, as it is hard to find a machine washable rug of natural fibers. When you are going to buy the machine-washable rug, avoid hand-knotted or jute rugs. The shape or design of the rug does not matter for this purpose, but the quality is important. It must have a good pile density to get clean in the machine easily without causing damage to it. Also, most of the natural fibers are not machine washable.


The price of the rugs varies depending on their quality and design. The softer or silkier ones are more expensive than other types, but they do need less maintenance. Try to avoid buying a very cheap synthetic fiber rug as it will shed lint everywhere after the first wash leaving your washing machine full of fibers which is hard to clean.


Size matters while buying a rug. If you purchase a sizable machine-washable rug, make sure it accommodates easily in your washing machine. A big-size rug cannot move in the washing machine, and you have to wash it by hand then. For a washable machine size, medium or small-sized rugs are ideal. A large size won’t fit in the ordinary washing machines.


You should keep the rug shape and size in mind while buying a machine washable one. You need to buy a large-sized rug if your room is big as the smaller ones won’t fit well at different places of the bedroom or living hall size. Also, square rugs are easier to wash and dry because there won’t be any leftover water.

Best Machine Washable Area Rugs

Rug material plays an essential role in its cleaning process. Here we have discovered some best machine washable rugs material:


Cotton is one of the natural materials which is durable and easy to clean. Cotton rugs are inexpensive and good if you want to change rugs from time to time. They are easy to clean, and one of the leading properties is that cotton rugs are machine washable. They are best for crowded areas and kids’ rooms. You can also dry it in a machine dryer.


Nylon is a synthetic fiber and is mostly machine-knitted. These are durable and easy to wash. Nylon rugs are the best rugs for bedrooms and living rooms. Machine-washing requires gentle cycles, and air drying is the best option for nylon rugs.


Polyester is the inexpensive and the softest rug material. It makes the area warm and cozy. Polyester is a synthetic fiber which makes it the best machine washable rug material. The perfect way to wash it is to wash it alone, don’t burden it with other fabric and colors as polyester is easy to catch colors. Its drying requires care. Air dry polyester rug and don’t keep it directly in sunlight.


Polypropylene is the best synthetic rug. Polypropylene rugs are inexpensive, easy to clean, and best for the crowded area of the house. It is best to use it as an outdoor rug. You can wash it directly in the washing machine but not dry it in the dryer as the heat can damage its fibers.

How To Wash Rug In Washing Machine

Here is the step-by-step guide to clean a rug in the washing machine.

  • Remove the excess dirt and dust from the rug.
  • Brush the stains to make them soften.
  • Clean the spots, if any. If you have a rug with multiple stains, then first clean the top of your list.
  • Fill the sink with lukewarm water and mild soap solution. Immerse the entire rug in it for at least an hour. Drain out all excess water from the sink by turning off its tap slowly.
  • Wash rugs on gentle cycle or quick cycle.
  • Remove the rug from the machine and let it dry on its own before putting them inside the dyer.
  • Do not tumble-dry any wool rugs as they can shrink or get deformed in high heat like a dyer.
  • Let them dry in the sun.
  • Do not use the high heat from the dryer to dry them up, as it may burn or discolor your rugs.
  • You can also get a rug doctor, an industrial-sized machine for deep cleaning carpets, and other fabric surfaces like area rugs. It has many professional-grade tools that make this job hassle-free. 
  • For some rugs, you may want to get a professional clean and if this is the case, make sure that they are dry-cleaned only as other cleaning methods can damage them. You should also check with your area rug dealer or manufacturer on whether it is okay for home washing before deep cleaning by yourself.
  • Once it is dried, vacuum it again to get rid of any debris. Some rugs also benefit from an occasional steam cleaning to remove stains and prevent dirt buildup in the fibers.
  • After completing the clean-up process, brush the fibers gently with a stiff-bristled brush to raise them up and away from the rug’s base.
  • Another good tip is that you should vacuum your area rugs at least twice a week or more, depending on how high traffic it gets to keep dirt buildup at bay. It will also help reduce wear and prolong its life span.

In the End

The rugs available at RugKnots are durable, long-lasting, and last for years. Regular vacuuming can easily be maintained, removing dirt buildup over time, prolonging the rug’s life span. Be sure to test a small part of the fabric before applying any cleaning product or technique to your rug!


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