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Finding 100 virgin human hair wigs online


When it comes to online shopping, two products always make us nervous: jeans and hair. The former is high stakes because you can never be sure if the jeans are too tight on our calves or if they will leave that unflattering gap over our rear. Hair is a unique battleground on its own. Aside from browsing hundreds of websites to find the best virgin hair brands online, quality control is difficult to assess.

You can’t feel the texture in your hands before buying it, so you don’t know if it’ll appear as natural as the brand suggests or if it’ll even be the texture you see on the screen. 

With that in mind, here are the best virgin hair brands with great styles that seem natural and work for all budgets. 

1. The Virgin Hair Fantasy 

virgin hair wigs
The Virgin Hair Fantasy

The Virgin Hair Fantasy exists! TVHF provides high-quality 100% virgin human hair that is real, chemical-free, and unprocessed. Even after curling, straightening, and coloring, the Virgin Hair Fantasy wefts remain luscious, soft, beautiful, sturdy, and attractive. 


These bundles and blonde virgin hair lace wigs are not cheap, but they will survive for a long time with care. They also have a beautiful collection of Peruvians and personalized hair care products.

2. True Glory Hair

best virgin hair brands
True Glory Hair

True Glory Hair is undoubtedly one of the best virgin hair brands online. This virgin hair brand has been Atlanta’s most trusted premium virgin hair extension retailer since 2010. 

True Glory Hair exclusively sells the finest high-quality virgin Remy hair at the best price guaranteed, making it undoubtedly one of the best virgin hair brands to shop online.

One of the best sellers from TGH’s extensive collection of premium virgin hair includes loose curly virgin Brazilian hair and blonde virgin hair lace wigs. 

3. UNice Hair

loose curly virgin brazilian hair
UNice Hair

UNice Hair has a massive assortment of 100% virgin human hair. They have hair extensions and wigs in every texture and style possible. When properly cared for, super silky hair lasts a long time. The bundles are both long and dense. 

UNice has it all: body wave, straight, curly, loose curly virgin Brazilian hair, and deep wave. UNice continues to provide great customer service and hair bundles worth the investment.

4. Queen Hair Bundles

best virgin hair brands
Queen Hair Bundles

Number 4 on our list of the best virgin hair brands is Queen Hair Bundles which offers virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, and Malaysian hair bundles, and 100 virgin human hair wigs discounts. Their hair is unprocessed, un-dyed, and originates from a single donor, and they offer wonderful soft bundles in practically every texture and wave pattern imaginable. 

Thanks to their bundles coming from the same donor, you will have a uniform hair structure, length, and color. Queen Hair dyes wonderfully and holds heat well, retaining a soft medium shine after washing. This hair is never blended with synthetics, animal hair, or other people’s hair. 

Prior to selling, Queen Hair Bundles are subjected to a quality inspection. Also, keep an eye out for their regular freebies, special offers, and discount codes.

5. Bella Dream Hair

100 virgin human hair wigs
Bella Dream Hair

Last but not least on our list of the best virgin hair brands is Bella Dream Hair. It is a hair brand company that offers a stunning range of virgin hair extensions. Hair from Bella Dream Hair can be custom ordered in your desired color.

Their hair bundles are exceptionally soft and silky high-quality hair products in wavy, curly, and straight styles. Bella Dream Hair offers some of the greatest virgin hair products that are super silky, lustrous, and tangle-free.


We hope you found our compilation of the best virgin hair brands helpful. While all hair brands described above have received positive feedback, True Glory Hair is our clear favorite. 

Aside from receiving the best pricing on the finest virgin hair, the hair requires no maintenance and has unrivaled adaptability. Visit True Glory Hair today online or search “True Glory Hair wigs and bundles near me.” to visit this hair brand in-person to begin experiencing true hair bliss!


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