Introduction: What Are Online Practice Exams for JEE / NEET?

Online practice exams are a great way to prepare for JEE and NEET. There are many online practice tests available for students who are preparing for JEE and NEET. These tests have the same questions as the ones in the actual exam, which makes them a great way to prepare for these exams. The best thing about these online practice tests is that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. This means that you don’t have to wait until you get home to start studying – you can study at your school or college library or even while waiting at the bus stop!

Why Is Practice the Most Important Factor to Crack JEE or NEET?

Practice is important to crack any exam because it helps in improving skills and knowledge. It also helps in strengthening memory and making learning more effective. Practice is the key to success. It is what separates the good from the bad and the great. Practice not only helps you get better at your skills but also helps you build a strong foundation for it. Practice is important because it helps us build a strong foundation for our skills, as well as getting better at them. Practice not only improves our skills but also builds up our confidence in them – which is essential when we are faced with a difficult exam or situation. We should always remember that practice makes perfect!

What Is the Difference Between Chapter Wise Mock Tests & Full-Length Mock Tests?

Chapter wise mock tests are a way to test your knowledge on a chapter-by-chapter basis. These tests are usually shorter and have less questions than full length mock tests. You can use these to see how well you know each of the chapters, or if you need to go back and review them more. Full length mock tests are longer and cover more content than chapter wise mock tests. They also have more questions than chapter wise mock tests. You can use these to see how well you know the whole book, or if you need to go back and review it more.

Which Are the Best Platforms For JEE / NEET Online Practice Exams?

Online platforms for JEE / NEET Practice Exams are a boon for aspirants. They can practice their skills and get a feel of what the exam will be like. The online platforms for JEE / NEET Practice Exams provide mock exams that are similar to the real exam. These exams have questions from all subjects, with topics from past year papers and questions that are likely to come up in the upcoming years. This way, one can prepare thoroughly before appearing for the actual exam. Below are some of the best online platforms for JEE / NEET practice exams

  1. Edulete
  2. Sarthaks
  3. Edugorilla
  4. Unacademy
  5. Byjus

What Are the Key Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Mock Tests For JEE / NEET?

It is very important to keep in mind the following points while giving a mock test for JEE or NEET:

  1. The student should be given a break after every two hours of test to avoid mental exhaustion.
  2. The student should be given a short break between each section of the test, so that they can retain information better and not forget anything.
  3. The student should be told that they are taking a practice test, so that they don’t feel like it’s the real thing and get nervous or discouraged if they do poorly on it.
  4. If the student gets stuck on an explanation, then he/she should ask for help immediately instead of wasting time trying to solve it themselves because there is no penalty for wrong answers in these exams and there is

How Many Mock Tests Should Students Give to Succeed in JEE / NEET?

Giving many mock tests is the best way to prepare for competitive exams. Mock tests are a great way to prepare for competitive exams. They help you get used to the exam environment and they also give you an idea of how well you are doing. While there is no magic number of mock tests students should give, we recommend at least 1-chapter wise mock test per day and 2 full length mock tests per week 5-6 months prior to the exam. Such volume of tests will prepare aspirants for the real exam and given them a lot of confidence while attempting real JEE / NEET questions

Reward based mock tests, also known as gamified mocks, are a way to motivate students by awarding them points or prizes for correct answers. This type of testing is done in a classroom setting and is usually administered by the teacher. The idea behind reward-based mocks is that they can be more motivating than traditional tests and can help to increase student’s scores. They are also less time-consuming for teachers to administer than regular tests. Edulete is a pioneer of the concept and has seen significant traction from the student community due to the magnitude of rewards being given (INR 20-30K per day)


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