How much does teeth whitening cost? This depends on whether you have your teeth whitened in the dentist’s office or at the drugstore, and what type of product you choose to use, such as strips, gels, or paint-on products. To help you determine how much teeth whitening will cost you, read on!


Over the counter (OTC)

Over-the-counter teeth whiteners can cost anywhere from $10 to $200 or more, depending on a variety of factors including whether they come in strips, gels or pens. You’ll probably find that each kit contains a bleaching agent that interacts with your saliva to break down plaque and prevent future stains. If you want to try an OTC product first, be sure to shop around and compare prices. A discount drugstore may sell comparable kits for less than traditional retail chains do—and buying at a drugstore is often a good idea if you have certain health conditions. In-office: Going to a dentist for teeth whitening is generally much more expensive than using over-the-counter products. The average price for in-office teeth whitening is about $500, but some dentists charge as much as $1,000 or more per treatment session. Factors such as location (big cities tend to be pricier) and dentist experience will also affect how much you pay. It’s important to look into these details before booking any appointments so you know what to expect when it comes time to pay up.


In-Office Tooth Bleaching

In-office teeth whitening procedures cost on average between $1,500 and $2,000. That’s not an insignificant investment—especially considering that one in-office session can take less than two hours from start to finish. That said, most patients require multiple sessions to get their desired result; having six or more sessions is common for those who want to achieve lighter shades. On top of that, some dental offices require a down payment (usually around 30 percent) before they start treatment so your overall out-of-pocket expense could be substantial. The good news is that several dental insurance plans cover at least part of these expenses as long as you visit a network provider.


Home Teeth Whitening Kits

The most popular method for teeth whitening at home is to use a peroxide based bleaching agent with either trays or strips, depending on your preference. The cost of each depends on how much product you want and what type. For example, a very simple kit can cost as little as $10 but only includes 3 applications, while more expensive kits can range from $50-$100 and come with 12-30 applications. While these numbers are averages that vary based on brand, they’re also simply averages. Some kits may only have 5 applications in them which could be just enough for one session. Other kits may offer up to 30 sessions worth. Be sure to check reviews so you know what you’re getting ahead of time! Most kits will recommend you buy extra if you plan on doing multiple treatments. This is especially true if you choose to go over 10%. You’ll find many brands (including StriVectin) offer complete kits where everything you need comes included. However, some brands (like Perricone MD) prefer that their customers purchase their own cleanser, applicator pad, etc., because they feel those items perform better than what’s included in their own kit offerings. If a brand offers both options, consider whether or not price will play into your decision when choosing between them! Also remember that all bleach products need 24 hours to fully develop before being used again—so always plan accordingly when starting out.



Many people are deterred from getting teeth whitening because they think it’s too expensive. But there is a way to get teeth whitening for almost nothing—and you can still see a dramatic improvement in your smile. Invisalign is a great option for people who want to see significant results without spending thousands of dollars. It’s made with clear, plastic aligners that you wear over your teeth to slowly move them into position so they look even and white. The process takes time, but you won’t have to make regular visits to an orthodontist, which will save you both time and money.



If you’re concerned about how much teeth whitening costs, don’t be. Most people are surprised to learn that teeth whitening cost is far more affordable than they might have thought and that there are several options available for under $100. But if you want to get professional grade results, expect to pay about $500 or more for a visit with a dentist or dental hygienist who offers in-office teeth whitening services.


Zoom! At Home

Take a look at Go Live tooth whitening system. This is our top-selling whitener and will give you that Hollywood smile without any professional assistance required. An affordable price point, great packaging and a truly effective product are what make Go Live so popular. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some customer reviews to see for yourself!


Opalescence Go Live

Most teeth whitening treatments, whether they are at-home products or done in a dentist’s office, cost between $300 and $600. These kits typically contain all you need to safely and effectively whiten your teeth. If you choose to have treatment done by a professional teeth whitening before and after, prices will vary depending on where you live and who is performing the procedure. Dentists that are accredited by their local Better Business Bureau (BBB) will often charge around $200, while non-accredited dentists can cost significantly more. In many cases, though, an accredited dentist will charge more for convenience and be less costly over time due to lower overall expenses. Plus, non-accredited dentists might not follow strict guidelines when treating your teeth.

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