Every business must have a unique model, and each business wants to build a long-term relationship with its prospective buyers. If you are operating the B2B business understanding of buyer’s journey is essential. However, it is because the buyer’s journey is also a critical element for a successful marketing strategy. Once you comprehend this, you are able to target the right audience for your business. B2B marketers will determine what their targeted audience doing and what they want from them. It will help them run a successful business.

What Exactly B2B Buyer’s Journey Is? 

No doubt every individual has their way to buy the product. The buying process of products and services may vary with individuals. For instance, some people make impulse purchases when they have few bucks. On the other hand, when people want to make a bulk purchase, it requires conscious decisions before making a purchase. Whether they make impulsive purchases or making a conscious decision, this is all about the buyer’s journey.

However, the B2B buyer’s journey is distinctive. In this, you need to sell the products to the entire team involved in the purchase decision process. According to blco buyers, the B2B buyer’s decision-making process is more tedious and longer.

How B2B Buyer’s Journey Is Different B2C Buyer’s

When you design the B2B sales process, it is essential to understand the buyer’s journey to improve buyer experience, attract more prospects, and build the value of your products. So, let’s get ready to read about B2B buyer’s journey.

1.      B2B vendors sell to the teams, not individuals

The B2B businesses selling to an entire team, not only to a person like the B2C marketplace. The B2B buyers take time in decisions making process, and these decisions have several stages, and they take time, consciousness, and plan. B2C buyers make impulse or instant decisions based on their likes and dislikes.

2.      B2B transactions are larger

B2B transactions are larger, in terms of order size, deals, and total revenue per customer. However, these deals take lots of time, and they are longer to develop. But when the customer once makes a purchase, it gives a lot of revenue on each site. Whereas B2C companies are often based on small transactions, and customers are choosier at the time of purchase. The purchase journey is small in B2C as compared to B2B.

3.      B2B sales cycle is longer

Selling big deals to the large teams of decision-makers is simply the longer sales cycles. The B2B buying cycle is longer for about 6 to 12 months, and it is typically longer than B2C. It means in B2B, you need much full attention on the purchase decision of your targeted customers.

4.      B2B decision-making is logical

B2b decision-making is more logical. In B2C decisions are emotional because they are made on their likes and dislikes. But, according to various researches, the B2B customers are more emotional, as they connect to their vendors and service providers more than customers.

3 Stages of B2B buyer’s Journey

There are 3 stages in the B2B buying process, and it depends on the type of product and its need. So, below you read the different stages of the B2B buyer’s journey.

·         Awareness phase

This is the first stage when buyers realized their problems and do research about the products and services. They are also looking for the option that helps to solve their problem and meet their needs.

·         Consideration point

The stage is the consideration stage. This is the second stage of the buyer’s journey, where the buyer defines their problems to solve them. At this stage, they do comparisons between various goods and services and takes several things in their consideration before buying process.

·         Decision-making stage

After researching, this is the time when buyers need to justify the decision they are going to make. At this stage, buyers must decide which product and services they are going to avail.

How To Align Your B2B Sales Process For To Attract Buyers?

Here you read some simple steps that tell you how to align the sales process for your buyer’s journey.

  1. First, you need to be aware of the needs of your target customers. Once you identify their problem, you have an opportunity to fulfill their needs efficiently.
  2. Once your buyers realize their pain points, they begin the research. You have a chance to provide educational content to them to grab their attention. Usually, at this stage, they look for the appropriate and reliable information and consider customer feedback. It means, at this stage, they understand which criteria meet their needs.
  3. When they narrow down their needs, you need to create engaging content and discuss the solutions to their problems. You have to create convincing content that motivates them to buy from your brand.
  4. Make sure you set competitive prices. It is because customers start to negotiate the prices to meet their budget.

Reasons to register on a b2b website

When you talk about the many different reasons to use a b2b platform then you need to understand and comprehend the fact that b2b websites are considered as the best way of connecting with buyers and sellers online by a high number of international trading organizations across the globe. When I needed to find moringa powder buyers for my trading business, I also decided to use a b2b website because not only do these platforms provide an increased access to buyers and sellers but in fact, they also help you with your customer services as well. What other reasons can you think of to use b2b websites. When you talk about import and export businesses then you need to keep in mind that these days you cannot beat the competition by simply using the same old traditional methods of international trading. In fact, if you want to keep pace with your competitors then you also need to use the various digital tools and techniques, which they are using as well.

To Wrap Up The Things

Finally, for businesses attracting potential customers is the major aspect to produce more revenue. So, having a complete understanding of the buyer’s journey is important to increase your customer base.


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