When the season changes, so do the texture and demands that your skin has. The makeup that has worked for you throughout monsoon and summer may wear your skin in winter. The reason is that the moisture levels of your skin in winter can be different, especially those with the skin that gets dry in the winter months. In addition to not using a moisturiser that is heavy-duty It is recommended to choose products with moisturizing properties to stop dry skin even when you wear makeup for the entire day.

Hydrating mousse foundation

Like the name implies, this type of foundation is great for those with skin that tends to the dryer side. Try Lakme’s Absolute Skin Natural Hydrating Mousse which is rich in 34% water and will provide the skin with an jolt of moisture to give you a natural and dewy appearance that is perfect for colder seasons. The foundation hydrates and rejuvenates the skin and doesn’t emphasize the dry areas of your face.

Liquid foundations

Liquid foundations offer more coverage than many other types of foundation however, they also tend to be extremely moisturising and hydrating properties. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation is rich in vitamin E as well as other skin-nourishing ingredients that make it ideal for those whose skin is prone to drying out in the winter months. The formula is water-resistant and oil-free. gives a full-coverage and moisture during the wintery, cold winter days.

Cream foundations

Cream-based foundations are an excellent option for those who have dry and irritated skin in winter. They are typically formulated with oils that don’t make dry skin appear more irritant and provide an even and healthy layer of coverage. This foundation Lakme Absolute Illuminating Foundation has the texture of a light cream which gives your skin an unmistakable glow in the winter months dry skin, which tends to appear dull and dull. The foundation instantly transforms your skin to appear soft and dewy to give you a noticeable brighter look.

Serum-infused foundations

If your foundation is infused with serum, there’s no way to let that goldmine elude you. The foundations contain skincare-friendly ingredients that nourish your skin while offering an amazing coverage foundation. Its Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation with SPF 45 features smooth and fluid texture that melts with the skin with ease and will keep it well-nourished and moisturised throughout winter.



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