The Hit the Roads of Vancouver on your trip to British Columbia

Thinking about where to spend your free time in British? Here’s a list of specially picked destinations just a few minutes away from Vancouver.

Vancouver is a seemingly beautiful city that attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year. It is located in British Columbia’s mainland province and is a popular destination among travelers. You will have the opportunity to meet people of many different nationalities. Sounds good? After all, life is all about traveling to new places and meeting new people. Many places in the city actually confuse tourists. But there are many places outside the city that are the best time for an adventurous road trip. These places near Vancouver are not only beautiful but also offer plenty of activities for you to enjoy. If you are thinking about where to go, here is a list of carefully selected destinations in and near Vancouver and provide some unforgettable experiences.

In the British Get Acquainted with the most beautiful destinations near Vancouver.

Whistler Town 

Whistler is a simple town located about 125 kilometers north of Vancouver, also referred to as the “Four Seasons Resort Town.” Many mountain peaks are covered by 8,000 acres of terrain. Also known as the City of Adventure, this place became the center of attention when it co-hosted the Winter Olympics with the City of Vancouver in 2010. In the past ten years, this small town has become one of the best places in summer near Vancouver

The Victoria City

People think Vancouver is the capital of British Columbia, but in fact, it is Victoria. Victoria is located on the edge of Vancouver Island and is one of the oldest cities in the Pacific Northwest. The city is about 100 kilometers from Vancouver and Seattle and is one of the most amazing places in close boundaries of Vancouver, Canada. Tourists can take ferries from Ferries Terminal Tsawwassen BCl, or people can take a bus from downtown Vancouver. Manage Jetblue booking and enjoy the best vacation of your lifetime.

Horseshoe Bay

In addition to the list of most amazing tourist attractions in British close premises to Vancouver, you can often see Horseshoe Bay topping the charts. It is the gateway to the Sunshine Coast and Howe Bay. It is a small village and pier at the west end of the city. Known to be one of the busiest ferry terminals in British Columbia, this bay has several perks to it. And, you must board the ferry from Horseshoe bay if you wish to reach Vancouver Island, Bowen Island, or the Sunshine Coast. In addition to being a ferry port, this small town is also known as a lively place.

Bowen Island

This island is located 25 kilometers northwest of Vancouver British, a laid-back attraction that allows you to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The island covers an area of ​​6 kilometers and is 12 kilometers long. There are ferry terminals, primary beaches, and hiking trails, making this island ideal for adventure and comfort simultaneously. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to Bowen Island by ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Alternatively, you can take a water taxi from Granville Island, which takes approximately 45 minutes.

Garibaldi National Park

This huge forest park is inhabited between Whistler and Squamish town. This National Park is one of the most sought-after and finest parks near Vancouver city to travel to in the Summer season. This national park covers an area of ​​1,950 square kilometers and is also home to some wonderful hiking trails. In addition, there are many campsites, first come, first served.

Deep Cove

Deep Cove is a heaven for adventure lovers to witness natural beauty and indulge in some exciting activities. This is a quaint community located at the easternmost tip of North Vancouver. Just a 25-minute drive from Vancouver, there is a small village where people can find restaurants, shops, and the infamous honey donuts. In addition, there are activities such as piers and kayaking that make the area important.


It’s decorated with a rustic winery. Chaberton Estate Winery is one of the oldest and largest wineries in the Fraser Valley, where visitors can taste the best-quality wines. You can also attend the wine tasting tours to save your time and trouble driving around the whole town, and you can enjoy fine wine.


Richmond is a unique and culturally rich city located on the west coast of Canada. The town is 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver and has recently become the focus of attention after the 2010 Winter Olympics. The town is bustling and has a rich nightlife to explore, including playing luck games in the casino and exploring the famous Night Market at Richmond, which is a weekend activity. People can enjoy live performances, carnival games, and about 200 retail stalls offering about 500 food choices and other features.

Hot Springs of Harrison’s

These are the best places near Vancouver. After a tiring driving, it would be better to enjoy a soothing hot spring spa in this resort community, about 2.5 hours’ drive east of Vancouver. Circled by a chain of picturesque landscapes and mountain lakes, this place is one of the must-visit places near Vancouver. With five hot spring pools, a healing hot spring spa, and four restaurants, this luxury resort is the perfect choice for a leisurely holiday away from town. In addition, there is a beautiful waterfall in the wilderness, which is a good place to visit.

Chilliwack Lake

Provincial Park Chilliwack Lake is located about 150 kilometers east of Vancouver. It is a magnificent park surrounded by jagged peaks and dense forests. This place is called a paradise for adventure lovers because there are many hiking trails and recreational facilities. People can take the Trans-Canada Highway to reach this place and witness the heavenly beauty of this place with their own eyes.

These places have magnificent scenery, the best hiking trails, and pristine beaches, and have everything for tourists to spend an unforgettable holiday. If you are planning a vacation in Vancouver, with the help of American airlines booking.  Most importantly, don’t miss adding these attractions to your wish list.


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