The filter-less auto clean technology of the Kaff Chimney has made these units a favorite among homeowners for their many advantages. They are maintenance-free, noiseless, and filter-less, and use a fan to clear the smoke. Not to mention that they are incredibly affordable. So what’s the catch? Here we take a closer look at some of the advantages of this chimney system. In addition, read on to learn about the filter-less auto clean technology and what it can do for you.


The Filter-less Kaff chimney is a revolutionary type of fireplace that is highly efficient at eliminating smoke and fumes. Its design makes it an excellent choice for those who smoke heavily, but who still want to use their fireplace for other purposes. The chimney comes with a black tempered glass finish, three-speed gesture motion, and a metal oil collector to collect grease and oil. In addition, it is easy to clean and extremely durable.

The new technology of the Filter-less Kaff chimney allows you to cook without the need for filters. The motor sucks the grease and smoke particles directly out of the chimney, which means less cleaning. The Auto Clean button lets you clean the chimney automatically in ten to fifteen minutes. This feature prevents the clogging of the chimney’s air filters. It has an anti-clogging system that can help prevent odors and prevent smoke and fumes from forming in the kitchen.


If you’re looking for a smokeless chimney for your home, the Noiseless Kaff is the perfect solution. With its 1200 m3/hr suction capacity, it’s designed to eliminate foul smells, grime, and smoke. It features two baffle filters that improve airflow by reversing the direction of grease-saturated air. The stainless-steel body is durable and anti-corrosive, and it will stand up to moisture, grease, and impurities.

This modern-looking chimney comes with an easy-to-use three-speed system, a separate button for the lights, and an advanced motion detection system. The noise reduction mechanism is the most impressive feature of this chimney. And it features three-way suction, which means it will not make any whirring or rattling sounds. Unlike some other chimneys, this model won’t cause your house to sound like a barnyard!


If you’re looking for a chimney that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, then the Maintenance-free Kaff is the way to go. This model boasts a flat hood with black glass front panel and touch control buttons. It comes with 3 suction speeds, digital display, and frosted LED lights for extra illumination. The chimney also comes with an integrated air outlet of 150mm. This model comes with a 2-year warranty on both the chimney and the motor.

You can find Kaff products on many online retail stores, including Amazon and Flipkart. The company does not have a service center, but it does have technicians that will come to your home. To book an inspection, you can visit the company’s website or download its app. The app makes it easy to schedule service calls, and you can even book an appointment online! But be careful! It isn’t always easy to remember to contact Kaff for routine upkeep, and the last thing you want is to have a chimney repair emergency.


The affordable Kaff chimney and Elica chimney is a convenient and hassle-free chimney that is designed to be installed on the ceiling or wall. These chimneys feature an auto-clean feature and an automated glass panel that opens when needed. They have a sleek design that is both attractive and functional and feature a touch panel that features digital controls and gestures to control the airflow. These chimneys are easy to clean and come with a lifetime warranty.

The ducts and extended features of the 90cm Kaff chimney make this model a popular choice in Indian kitchens. These chimneys are popular amongst the general public and are an elegant, affordable purchase. The company produces chimneys for all types of kitchens, including modular ones. The 90cm Kaff chimney is made of stainless steel and has ducts for convenience during cooking. It is an excellent choice for anyone with a modular kitchen.


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