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The Most Popular Residential Areas of Karachi

Karachi is not only the biggest city of the country; it is also the biggest metropolis of the country, generating over 70% of Pakistan’s GDP. This very fact brings hundreds of individuals to the city of lights, looking for jobs and various opportunities’ Now house hunting generally, is a difficult and tiring task, which requires a lot of research and patience, especially if the city is unknown to you. Keeping in mind the busy life everyone has nowadays, we have compiled a list of residential areas in Karachi, where you will find all the common amenities. 

You can have accessibility to the best and most amazing job opportunities and good educational system. The people who move towards Karachi can look forward to a top-notch and quality lifestyle for sure. The best part about this place is how it never fails to beat all the other cities in technology and lifestyle. Let’s get started and find out about the top residential areas in Karachi, where you can find plenty of houses for sale and rent.

Top Residential Areas of Karachi

In a city as big as Karachi, there are many residential areas that are not only just worth living but worth investing as well. However, today we will only be discussing some of the areas in Karachi.

  • Bahria Town Karachi
  • DHA Karachi
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Gulistan-e-Johar
  • Scheme 33

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi

Covering an area of almost 46,000 acres, this project can also be called a mini city. Anyone who knows anything about the real estate market of Pakistan, has heard of Bahria Town and its projects. These projects have changed the real estate market of each and every city they have initiated their project.  

The name “Bahria Town” brings with it, the feeling of trust. The management has done so by providing its residents not only with all the modern day to day amenities, but the best facilities known as well. They have also built stylish, well-constructed infrastructure that is set on international standards. 

This mini city has been divided into 31 precincts, all equipped with the day to day amenities that one needs. These precincts are named Bahria Homes, Bahria Apartments Jinnah Commercial Avenue and such. The town is designed with a wide and well connected network of roads; these roads have green belts lining the pathways. 

As mentioned above, this housing scheme has many modern amenities, such as uninterrupted supply of electricity, safe and secure environment as security roams makes rounds of the town 24/7. Apart from these, the town has plenty of facilities that one can find themselves enjoying, such as the Bahria Adventure Land, Raiha CineGold Plex ( a drive-in cinema), Danzoo (the first ever day and night zoo).

The town is located at one of the most in demand and prime locations of Karachi, right beside the Karachi – Hyderabad (M9) Motorway. There are other new up and coming housing societies located near Bahria Town Karachi, such as the ASF housing scheme, DHA City Karachi and the Seven Wonders Housing Scheme. 

DHA Karachi

One of the most in demand and posh areas of the city, DHA Karachi is located at one of the most prime locations, near the sea shore. Managed by the armed forces of Pakistan, the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), the area is also monitored by the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC).

As the entire Defence Housing Authority is spread over a huge area, it is divided into eight phases, which are then further divided into various blocks, such as Khayaban – e- Shahbaz, Khayaban – e – Rahat and so on. The neighborhood is connected by a huge network of vast roads, with green belts lining the sides of the roads. Out of these eight phases, phase 5, 6 and 8 are the most popular when it comes to looking for plots or houses for sale in Karachi

In this housing scheme, you will find some of the biggest and stylish homes that were built keeping in mind the modern trends of the society. Along with green belts, there are multiple monuments erected by the Defence Housing Authority here and there to add to the beauty of the area. You can also find various well maintained parks, to keep the residents entertained and give them a calm and peaceful environment. 

There are high end malls, with all the in demand brands, as well as high end and traditional restaurants. 

Gulshan –e- Iqbal

Not only is Gulshan –e- Iqbal one of the biggest areas of Karachi, it is also one of the most popular residential and commercial areas in Karachi. Covering a huge area, Gulshan –e- Iqbal is divided into multiple blocks and several smaller housing societies. 

The area has almost all of the amenities, as well as many facilities, such as high end and traditional restaurants, as well as traditional and modern shopping malls. There are multiple banks present in the area, as multiple trusted educational institutes so that you don’t have to go far looking for such facilities. 

Not only can you find various houses for sale in Karachi in the area, you can also find many apartments. These houses and apartments come in various sizes, all suiting perfectly to your needs. You can find 2 bedroom apartments to 4 bedroom apartments, in the area, you can also find houses ranging from 120 sq yards to 1000 sq yards.

These are some of the most commonly known and popular residential areas in the city of lights, they are equipped with every amenity and have many luxurious facilities as well to bring comfort to the residents. The blog wouldn’t really be complete without some mentions in this regard, such as scheme 33, Gulistan-e-Johar, North Nazimabad. 

Now that we have answered your question “Where to look for houses for sale in Karachi?” let us answer how you will find a house that perfectly fits your needs. 

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