new PUBG update

The new PUBG update, the latest version, March 2022

Update the new PUBG Mobile 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone APK and learn about the method and steps to download the PUBG Mobile 2022 update after the global company PUBG Mobile and its developers, Crafton, one of the most famous mobile video games in the world, revealed the release of update 1.9 on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the launch of the exciting and exciting game .

And for everyone who is now looking for a way to download or download the new PUBG 1.9 2022 update Android and iPhone, apk, they can follow the following lines to learn about all the details related to the new 1.9 update for the PUBG Mobile game, which carries with it many, many things Stay tuned for more on the Bitaqaty website.

The new PUBG update 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone comes as part of the game developer’s quest to provide improvements and new developments on Erangel Island and the Livik map, including the update of the Pharaohs mod and amusement parks and a lot of special things that everyone is waiting for PUBG MOBILE | Version 1.9 Bridge Update.

New pubg update

PUBG MOBILE | Version 1.9 Bridge Update Download the new PUBG 1.9 2022 update for Android and iPhone, which is what we are reviewing with you below, in light of everyone’s search now for the new update 1.9 for the game PUBG Mobile apk 2022.

Download the new pubg update

The new PUBG update 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone, and a review of its most important advantages also for all those interested, as the new update 1.9 features an updated floating gameplay style, the introduction of new camps and other great features.

In addition, it gives players the possibility to get a new Suit-X and the opportunity to enjoy a new season of the game in addition to the Royale Pass Month and modern cars which are the Kill Mask cars that all streamers, YouTubers and other professionals have been waiting for.

Therefore, many are now interested in downloading the new PUBG 1.9 2022 update for Android and iPhone to be able to experience the fun that the game offers as part of its new collaboration with the wonderful online multiplayer game Warframe.

details New pubg update

For those who are now asking about the details of the new PUBG update 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone, it gives players who leave Spawn Island “a new island belonging to the new update 1.9” to land on the battlefield the option to face opponents in the sky in the new air battlefield mode.

Which allows them to experience the option of jumping with each match on the battlefield taking place in the air, transforming into brightly colored puppets and acquiring precious radioactive resources.

Time is critical in this new update 1.9 PUBG MOBILE
Time is a crucial factor in this game, as the Aerial Battlefield floating stage lasts only five minutes at the beginning of each match, and there is a Revive tower, and it ends after a period of 5 minutes of the plane’s movement and ends when the island disappears, and the Revive tower disappears with it.

This update also provides a new ground transportation group, which is a set of four-wheel drive vehicles with a quiet and foldable “wheel” that can be used for one passenger and can be placed inside the player’s bag at the same time.

What’s new in the new pubg update

For those who inquire about what’s new in the new PUBG 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone update, it offers players a distinct experience in terms of adventure and entertainment, especially on Spawn Island, where players can find 4 different types of colored balls and then use them to change the colors of some buildings without others, from In order to give a new character to the island.

Choosing the game mode, as decided by each player, then he can use these balls to summon 4 different large statues, which give the game exceptional performance when combined with each other.

New additions in the new PUBG update

Download the new PUBG update 1.9 2022 Android and iPhone, which includes a group of new additions with a new Royale Pass with the name 9: Cosmic Clash, where players can raise the level and unlock the Wukong Prime group, the fluorescent flash group and 19 weapons – PPBizon, Kar98K and QBZ, and unlock these Rewards and a chance to win a Royale Pass Coupon Free voucher (worth 60 UC) during the upcoming Royale Pass month, and Micro Battle by participating in the all-player Golden Chicken event on the servers.

Descent of the sports wheel (where it can be used at any time and added inside the bag).
It is not possible to detonate cars in the fun gathering, as it is not affected by fire.
The possibility of changing the shape of the bridge, as well as adding a ladder next to the bridge and changing the tires.

Availability of a conveyor sled in the assembly, with which it can be moved to any place in the assembly.
Descent of a racing mod in the fun pool where the player can race against friends or
Anyone in the assembly.

The possibility of adding a “shape” face for girls and boys in the update (but it was not clear whether it was free or hard).
The possibility of changing the car housing inside the gym without the need to change the wardrobe.
Safety Scramble mode, as well as Jungle Adventure mode, among many other changes included in the new version.

Free falcon descent with its own food.
The amusement park is back again with a newer style.T
Change the look of the lobby.
The descent of the pharaoh’s mod without events.
Play the new Warehouse ‘Arena’ mod in the Erangel map.
Making a change in the plane parking lot.
Snow Island mod.
The option of self-revival.
New Anniversary mode.
New vehicle bike
New Sniper Lynx AMR
Emergency pickup
new boat
2V2 . mode

New update date 1.9 worldwide

For those who inquire about the date of the launch or release of the new PUBG 1.9 2022 update for Android and iPhone, we review with you the following when the update will be released in each country, the most important of which is the Arab world and the global time of the game PUBG Mobile as follows:

Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and all Arab countries: Tomorrow, March 18, the update will be officially released at 2 pm for all devices.
Indonesia: 7 am
Japan: 9 am
Pakistan: 5 am
Bangladesh: 6 am
Nepal: 5:45 am
United States: 7:00 pm (next day in New York).

How to install PUBG Mobile 1.9 2022 update

PUBG Mobile 1.9 will want to move to the new update 1.9, for everyone who wants to try it once the new update is released, you may get delay in updating when you open the Google Play Store and find that the update has not reached you yet. Here are the steps to overcome it:

It is recommended that you delete the game from the root directory at the beginning so as not to confuse or mix in any way the update and the accumulation of old files on the device, which may occupy the internal space of the phone, causing the phone to become smaller, and cause the phone to slow down, which It should be paid close attention to before anything else.
After that, the new updated PUBG MOBILE game is downloaded through the Play Store.
If the game has not been updated to the latest version 1.9, please follow the step below.
Change your Google Play registered email to another email and search for Pubg Mobile again
You will find the word “Update”, you can click on it and then wait for the new PUBG 2022 update to be installed.
The new PUBG Mobile 1.9 update 2022 and how to discover it for yourself
Many are currently wondering when to download the new PUBG Mobile 2022 update and are constantly waiting for the latest update at the end of each season, here is one way to tell you when the new PUBG Mobile 2022 update is coming soon:

First, you can go to the game’s Royal Pass, which is available on all accounts.
You can go to the list of Royal Pass rewards.
At the bottom of this box on the left, you’ll find the exact date the Royal Pass will expire.
The new PUBG 2022 update date will be 3-5 days before this date.
Another new PUBG update will be released at the beginning of the Royal Pass to update the game’s prizes, gifts and events.

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