Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Full Guide

A Tight Squeeze is the title of the first chapter in Poppy Playtime. This chapter has you explore an ancient toy factory where a giant toy monster named Huggy Wuggy resides. To finish this chapter, you must navigate the factory’s entrance and assembly areas while evading Huggy Wuggy. We’ve put together a Poppy Playtime chapter 1 A Tight Squeeze guide to help you finish this first chapter.

Notes for Chapter 1:

There are 5 VHS tape collectibles.

It still counts if you die after acquiring a collection.

Depending on ability level, the chapter can be completed in 1-3 hours.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Full Guide

Begin a New Game

When you’re ready, press the start button on the main menu. To begin the first Chapter, select New Game. This chapter is described as follows:

“As an ex-Playtime co. employee, you eventually return to the factory several years after everyone within vanished.”

The monster that will be hunting you throughout the first chapter is described next to this. If you follow this advice, you should be able to finish the chapter in roughly 30 minutes to an hour.

Green duct tape (Optional)

The Green Tape area in Poppy Playtime is depicted in this image.

Green tape is used in the reception area.

You will take control of your character after seeing the opening video about Poppy Playtime. Once you have control, proceed to the front desk and use the interact button to grab the Green Tape from the desk. Move the tape to the television and the Green VCR to the right of the desk. Watch the video by inserting the tape into the VCR.

Unlocking the Security Door Conundrum

After seeing the video, turn right and enter the Gift Shop. Look up at the ceiling at the Gift Shop for a train on a suspended track. Make a mental note of the colours you notice on the train. Return through the reception area to Security after leaving the Gift Shop. A locked door with a coloured keypad can be found here. To open the door, use the colours from the train. The solution is as follows:





When you enter the colours stated above, the door will be unlocked. Enter the Security Office through the front door. We’ll obtain a few key elements here.

Finding Blue Tape and Obtaining Blue Hand

Blue Tape and Blue Hand locations in Poppy Playtime are depicted in this image.

In the Security Office, there is blue tape and blue hands.

Enter the Security Office and proceed to the desk. Interact with the Blue Tape to obtain it and place it in the neighbouring Blue VCR. Look at the footage on the tape. The tape teaches you how to use the hands we’ll be given. These hands are crucial since they are utilised to solve the majority of the challenges faced in Chapter 1.

When the video is finished, the container containing the Blue hand will open. Approach and interact with the hand to equip it on your character. To begin, you are given a blue left hand.

Getting inside the Lobby

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, an image of entering the lobby is seen.

The very first Blue Hand door.

Return to the reception area once you have the Blue hand. To get to a door with a blue hand above it, jump over the turn-style near the front desk. To open the door, aim your blue hand towards the switch. This door leads to the factory and the start of the game’s terrifying part.

Power key in yellow.

There are a few fascinating objects inside the lobby. The first and most noticeable is the giant toy monster in the centre of the room, Huggy Wuggy. Huggy Wuggy is the toy that follows you around the entire chapter. The second thing you’ll notice is that this area has seven doors. These doors lead to various parts of the factory.

Before we travel through any of the doors, we need to use your blue hand to grab the Yellow Power Room Key dangling from the huge toys hand. Shoot the blue hand door on the left to accomplish this. The door will not open because it is powerless. The Yellow Key will fall into the creature’s uplifted hand when you accomplish this. Grab it with your hand.

Once you’ve obtained the Yellow Key, proceed to the Power door. Enter the Power generating area through the doors. We need to get the power back on inside this chamber.

Restart the power.

In the Power room, proceed to the extreme end of the room to find a covered socket. Open the socket cover with the Blue hand. Shoot the Blue hand onto the exposed socket once the socket is open. Walk around the two electricity conducting poles in the room leading back to the front while holding the Blue hand there. When you do this correctly, the power will be restored.

Return to the lobby once the electricity has been restored. Huggy Wuggy is no longer present. You will confront this monster as you explore the other rooms of the building from now on. Our next stop is through the blue hand door, which we attempted to open without power. Now open it and go through it. Continue down the hall and through the door on your left. Continue down the dark corridor into the next section.

Obtain the Red Hand

Continue into this room, past the Yellow VCR, and up the stairs to the catwalk. Walk forwards on the catwalk until you reach a control panel. A Blue Fuse on the ground and a gap in the railing are located next to the control panel. Grab the fuse and insert it into the control panel before dropping down to the floor below via the railing gap.

You must locate three extra fuses in the chamber below. These fuses appear to be thrown into the room at random. Simply search the room thoroughly for them; they are generally on the floor or on the shelves. Return to the control panel and replace the fuses once you have all three. The factory will be activated, and the crane will transport the Red hand to the conveyor belt below. When it becomes available, go down to the item and grab it with your right hand to equip it.

Yellow duct tape (Optional)

In poppy playtime, if you want to collect all of the VHS cassettes, there is one in the industrial room where you obtain the Red hand. Yellow Tape is on the second leaning shelf closest to the door. To get it, go beneath the first shelf. The VCR is close to the steps leading to the catwalk, which you pass on your way up to the control panel.

We can now leave the Factory area once you’ve obtained the Red hand (and VHS video). You won’t be able to return to the Lobby the way we arrived. Instead, we must employ the newly unlocked Red hand. As you may have observed, there is a conveyor belt with a door in the room where we obtained the Red hand. Open this door with both hands, then walk down the belt until you reach a lower level.

Finish the circuit

You will become caught at the bottom of the conveyor belt. To progress, you must finish a circuit. Take a right as you land and go along the conveyor belt until you find a ramp leading up. Ascend this ramp and turn right. Here is a socket. Use one of your hands to shoot the socket (leave it connected). To get around the electrical pole, turn around and walk down the ramp. Return to the entryway and proceed to the door. To complete the circuit, look to the left and fire the socket there. You will automatically advance along the belt. Ride the belt until you reach the final room.

Create a Friendship Room

The room you land in is inoperable until you turn on the power. Go up the stairs to the catwalk above to accomplish this. When you get to the catwalk, use your hand to pull the catwalk closer to you to close the gap.

If you’ve completed chapter 1, don’t forget to check out Poppy playtime chapter 2 and get ready for a whole new horror adventure.


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