We are living in a data-driven world. Every day, businesses collect massive amounts of data and utilize it to make better decisions. This approach has been applied to various sectors of business, including customer acquisition and project management. When it comes to project management, every business needs a streamlined workflow that helps them in creating and managing projects and related tasks more efficiently. With the numerous features available in project management software, you can get to know important information from it such as completion percentage to how long projects would take to complete. As every business is different in aspects of types of projects and how they are carried out, there are countless data points for everyone to gather data from. So, in this blog, Apptivo brings to you the value that data-driven project management brings to your enterprise and how you can use Apptivo’s Online Project Management Tools to improve your business’s performance. 

To monitor and analyze the performance of their projects, project managers now have access to a wide range of project metrics. The ability to objectively assess a project’s performance and make rational and educated decisions based on the facts can make or break a project’s success. When you employ a data-driven approach to project management, you’ll find that your projects are not only more likely to be delivered on time but also more likely to be completed on budget. With project failure rates still high, many project managers look towards data for assistance. The proper use of data may remove the uncertainty out of decision-making and provide project managers with tangible assistance to direct their teams. Data can also be useful in assisting project managers in scheduling work, allocating resources, increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and managing hazards more effectively. So, data-driven Project Management practices can yield the following benefits for you.

Help in better resource allocation and management

Resource management is a tough topic for project managers to navigate because resources are often scarce and constantly changing, making it difficult to plan and allocate resource utilization in any particular project, let alone when numerous projects compete for the same resources. Data is critical for making informed decisions about resource availability and allocation. Project managers can better allocate resources for current projects and prepare for future ones when they have access to data from previous and current initiatives. Project managers can detect which resources are being underutilized or overutilized by gathering and evaluating data in one location, allowing them to shift resources as needed and schedule accordingly.

Improve efficiency in project tasks

Data analytics can assist project managers in improving time-consuming internal workflows or technology-based efficiency, alerting project managers to adjustments that need to be made to improve how stakeholders and project teams connect, collaborate, and communicate. By identifying and correcting inefficiencies, project teams can focus on higher-value work and complete projects more quickly. Only by gathering data about existing processes and inefficiencies can project managers identify bottlenecks and other process-based hurdles and chart a course for transformation. Data analytics can help businesses is easily identifying ineffective processes that cost wastage of resources and isolate them to improve the final decision-making process.

Help you mitigate project risks

Risks can manifest themselves in a variety of ways and from both internal and external sources. A risk might constitute a slight or severe hazard to businesses and their projects. Risk and compliance management is one of the most critical areas where Data analytics can help spot problems. Data supplies project managers with concrete information that allows them to separate various sorts of hazards from previous and current projects, allowing them to rethink their risk management techniques and move beyond being reactive. Every project comes with its own set of hazards, but introducing data analytics into the project management process may help you identify, classify, and prioritize those risks based on a variety of criteria.

How Apptivo Helps In Project Management

Apptivo’s project management software offers you advanced project management features that help in gathering valuable data from different sources across your organization. Apptivo’s integrated suite features a centralized cloud data storage that results in the consistent presence of data in the whole organization removing the room for any data loss or low-quality data to reside in business records. Apptivo’s project management solution empowers your project managers with features that allow for easy access of data, tracking processes & tasks, easier generation of project documents, and setting project goals. Apptivo’s capabilities enable them to effectively use data for acquiring actionable insights, whether it’s for resource management, risk assessment, or improving procedures and communication. Apptivo’s Projects app and Timesheets app is what organizations need to manage their complete workflow operations without any hassle. The advanced features combined with powerful automation tools makes it the customer’s favorite to manage their business. The reports and dashboards provide real-time data on the status of projects and enable management to monitor the performance of their teams. The Gantt charts available in individual projects and overall projects assist in tracking the milestones and tasks along with the estimated period required to complete them. 

For instance: The Triggers feature of Apptivo helps you to automatically make changes to your projects and timesheets. By setting up the desired criteria, employees can get automatic updates whenever a project or timesheet is created, updated, or deleted. Additionally, the system will automatically send emails, update attributes, create activities like tasks, events, notes, and other miscellaneous actions. The triggers are of two types: Event-Based and Time-Based. 


With the rise of AI in recent years, a data-driven approach has become even more critical to success. Data analytics has the potential to change the way project management is done in the future. It has the potential to revolutionize project management, making project managers’ tasks easier and faster. However, before organizations can fully exploit the technology and its powers, they must first master the data. And in your journey towards being a data-centric business, Apptivo covers all your project management needs in just a single platform. So, with Apptivo, accelerate your growth now.

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