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Regular printers are incapable of meeting all kinds of printing requirements. Thus, people often need specialised printers for serving a few special purposes. For example, you cannot print labels, barcodes, stickers, roll stock, and sheet stock using regular printers. For such purposes, one should use a label printer.

Label printers further have many types and categories. Different kinds of label printing devices can serve different requirements. In the following section, you can find a detailed guide on different types of label printing machines. Knowing different types of printers will help you to choose a suitable label printer as per your requirement.

Types of Label Printers Depending on Printing Mechanism

You will find label printing devices that feature different printing mechanisms. Depending on the printing mechanism, you will find the following types of devices in the marketplace.

  1. Thermal Printing Mechanism

A thermal printer creates permanent images using the controlled heating mechanism. Such printers further have two categories.

  • Direct Thermal Printing: As the name suggests, such a thermal label printer uses a direct heating technique. Direct thermal printers are only compatible with thermal fax paper. For such a printing mechanism, one does not need toner, ribbon, and ink. Applying the device for barcode printing is suitable. One major drawback is that the printed label fades off quickly.
  • Thermal Transfer Printing: Such printing devices apply heat indirectly to create images. The print head emits heat to melt the ribbon’s surface. Resin comes out from the melted ribbon to create images. Labels printed by such devices are long-lasting. But, such a printing technique is costly.
  1. Inkjet Printing Mechanism

For printing labels, you will not find extensive uses of inkjet technology. But, inkjet printing devices have some benefits. First of all, you can print different ranges of labels using such printers. Secondly, the printing process is cost-effective. In a piezoelectric label printer, you can find the use of inkjet technology. However, piezoelectric printers are costly and sophisticated.

  1. Laser Label Printer

A label printer that employs laser printing technology is not hard to find these days. The laser printing mechanism uses dry toner instead of wet ink. Thus, one can create more labels in a short period using the device. Labels printed with a laser printer can withstand UV exposure. However, such labels are not resistant to chemical exposure.

Size and Portability of the Label Printing Devices

One can find label printers featuring different sizes. So, you can also categorise the label printing devices based on their sizes. If you are seeking optimal portability, a handheld label printer is the best option. People running a small business can find such printers suitable. Besides portability, these printers can offer heavy-duty printing services.

You can use a handheld label printer for warehouse labelling, medical laboratory labelling, transportation labelling, post-testing labelling, and many other purposes. Handheld printers come with both direct thermal and thermal transfer mechanisms.

Apart from handheld printers, you can find many other printing devices of different sizes. For example, you will find industrial label printing machines. Such devices are not portable. But, they provide efficient service for generating a high number of labels in a short period.

One can also find a desktop label printer. One should connect such a printer with a desktop computer. You can use the printer for creating labels, tickets, tags, etc. For a low-volume printing requirement, one can purchase such a printer.


There are many other types of label printing devices. For example, you can categorise printers based on the paper feeding mechanism. Some printers work with paper rolls, while some devices work with paper sheets. At the online store of POS Central, you can find different ranges of label printing devices. The company offers services anywhere in Australia.

Vital Things to Think About When Choosing a Label Printer

If you re stepping into the market to get a label printer without any prior experience or knowledge, then the abundance of options available in the market will challenge you for a very uncomfortable experience. The various metrics for sizes, print types, and the cost varies from £200 to £20k, which could get hard for you to comprehend without any reference point.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of vital tips that you must consider when buying a label printer. These tips will effectively assist you in narrowing things down for you.

The Durability of Print –

It’s essential to begin by deciding where your labels will end up post-printing. For instance, if you are developing toiletry products, you will require printers to produce durable labels. As most Inkjet printers rely on water-based ink, they are not UV secure or waterproof. In that case, you must go for alternatives that have pigment-based ink or use laser/LED technology.

Speed of Print –

You must look for printers that can finish the job at hand quickly. The varying speed across all the printer options may pose a threat for you. However, you would surely not want to waste total hours and three sets of ink to print a minimal amount of labels. Your ideal choice must include printers that can guarantee high-speed while retaining quality.

Future Application –

It is essential to mention that when you use a particular form of automation for applying your labels, instead of hand applying, you must ensure your labels rewound onto rolls or cut correctly to fit your product application.

Cost per Print –

Arguably the most crucial aspect, you must always consider cost per print when browsing labels printing options. One rule that will serve you well is that the more you spend on your hardware, the lower you will have to spend on running costs. Admittedly this will not always pay well for you. However, it would help if you made your decision on the sole basis of one model being half the price of another printer.

There’s no denying the fact that one needs to print labels physically to comprehend the costs. You must not take reference from generic samples provided with the printer. The sizes could be identical to what you are printing, but the prices could exceed your expectation. If you get the option to print your artwork as samples, you must immediately act on it.

Label Size –

A first-timer needs to know that label printers typically support either 4 or 8 inches in label width. There are also some middle-class options with 8.6″ (220mm) around the giant label printers. A few industry experts and observers could choose to dismiss some printers straight away. Also, it’s essential to realise that only one of your label dimensions requires to be narrow.

There’s no denying the fact that plenty of other printing options are available in the market. More and more people switch to label printers with options and factors to consider before determining their label printer.

It would be best if you could gather samples, costs per print, and if possible, consider any printers you’re looking to purchase. Having complete information about the printer before purchase will help you to make a sound- informed decision eventually.

If you are still interested in label printers, then you must consider approaching POS Central online. They have an industry-best reputation for providing the best printing solution. Their in-house team will effectively assist you through their comprehensive service catalogue. Visit them online today to check out their various printing options.

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